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Bills Stadium naming rights, a deal is close **IT'S OFFICIAL: Highmark Blue cross Blushield Stadium

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35 minutes ago, TheFunPolice said:


If the cost of stadium materials is anything like buying lumber at Lowes or Home Depot this might not be the time

Oh it's not happening any time soon, but the planning, oh the planning 

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Allen Town


I'll just keep calling it Rich Stadium!   Sometimes I call it "Ralph Wilson Stadium" too.   Either of those works fine for me    

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3 hours ago, thenorthremembers said:

Do any other football teams share their stadium with Hockey teams?  Serious question because I have no clue.   But the overlap of the season (up to four months) and the amount of games the Sabres would play a week seems like it would be a nightmare to have them share a place.


2 hours ago, Bferra13 said:

Yeah, that's crazy talk. Infeasible. The sitelines would be terrible too for hockey. No other teams do this either. 


While the size of a basketball court is smaller than a hockey rink, relative to a football field they are somewhat similar as is why hockey and basketball often due share facilities.


I had been a few times to games at the Carrier Dome,  I often stated that I had great seats for a football game (40 yard line) except they were playing basketball and I had great seats for a basketball game (mid court) except they were playing football (upper endzone)

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4 hours ago, TBBills said:

Stopping in to see how much closer it is...

Soon, very soon.. 

1 hour ago, RiotAct said:

So close

Closer still...

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26 minutes ago, Mike in Horseheads said:

We're this close

I am hearing that the proximity is in question. We may be further than ever. The closer we get, the further away we become.

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On 1/7/2021 at 3:10 PM, saundena said:

Personally, I think Josh's Nuts Stadium would be great (Per Wikipedia, josh invested in his family farm and plans to plant and eventually sell pistachio's.  One brand name that Josh joked about would be calling it Josh's Nuts).


In all seriousness, I really like the sound of Mighty Stadium.  Wegman Stadium would also be great.

As in Mighty Taco Stadium?  That would be cool.....they could rotate names like Might Taco - Al Pastor Stadium or Mighty Taco - Carne Asada Stadium....


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23 hours ago, PrimeTime101 said:

month later.. getting close..


Each month we will get half of way left there meaning we will never get there.

46 minutes ago, beerme1 said:

For whatever reason, I have a feeling from nowhere it will be called Labatt Blue Stadium


Will match my free hat.  Labatt Blue had a partnership with Bills for a free hat if you bought a 12 pack of more of Labatt Blue and sent in UPC code and receipt. 

Unfortunately you do not find out that your shipping address needs to be in NYS and 75 or less miles from stadium until AFTER you fill out form. It does not state where you need to PURCHASE it so I just used a relative in Buffalo to mail it to.  It was deceitful for them to do that for they were advertising it in twitter and other forums without mentioning this detail.

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  • Process changed the title to Bills Stadium naming rights, a deal is close **IT'S OFFICIAL: Highmark Blue cross Blushield Stadium

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