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The Super Bowl Halftime Performer Is ...

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You knew this thread would go this way:

Who cares? This is the point in the game where we’ll all run and pee waiting for the Bills to finish their beat down to bring the championship home!!!!!

I LOVE Blinding Lights!    

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4 hours ago, Tisker A Tasker said:

I'm 46 and think the Weeknd is fantastic.  He's going to win people over. 

Its not anything id listen to and i think so too.  Bruno Mars kinda had the same mehhhh response with most age groups, and i think his SB changed his career trajectory, everyones mother liked him all the sudden.  think this could do the same, we could def do worse

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1 hour ago, BillsfaninChicago said:

I actually think I saw them live at Lollapalooza a couple years back but let’s just say I was not in the state of mind that will give you the most accurate reporting on if they were any good or not.


That you thought he was multiple people kinda testifies to that. 

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6 hours ago, Don Otreply said:

Christ I’m old, never heard of them, anyone know what style of music they do? Thanks, 


thanks for the vid, kinda soft sounding without the car scene vid, but you kids like what you like 👍


Go Bills!!!

LOL thank you for making me feel like I'm not alone!!  Had to crack up @ "what style of music they do?"  😄  I'm pretty sure the weekend is a solo act....at least I think 

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4 hours ago, JohnNord said:

Damn I was really hoping they’d wheel out 70 year dinosaurs like Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne or AC/DC.

AC/DC would be awesome. They could pull the Ryan twins onstage for a rendition of “Whole Lotta Rosie”.

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10 hours ago, Real McNasty said:

It's cool, I know due to kids and prob one of the only newer music I can stand in all honesty. 


I'd say If you like/d Prince you would like Weeknd



Not only have I never heard of him, I haven't even heard the name. Living in Japan really isolates me in many ways but I read about half the Uncut and Mojo magazines that get published. Well, there are worse things than being out of it.


Me likey some Prince, though, so I should give him a try.


EDIT: the Blinding Light video above is really nice. Good toonz.

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I've never heard him, nor heard OF him.


I like what people are writing about him, though.  As a personal experiment, I'm going to avoid hearing him (will not be difficult) and just wait till the Super Bowl.  I am intrigued.

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Never heard of the weekand before but it sounded just like every 80's song.


And the guy even looks like he could be Billy Ocean's son (or grandson).


Meh... could be worse. Better than rolling out washed up Madonna, Maroon 5, etc... And on first listen it's better than current top 40, country, or rap/hip-hop.


But idk who really cares that much. It the part of the game when you piss, grab another beer, and re-heat the nacho cheese. The halftime show is for the people that go to SB parties and say "I'm just watching for the commercials".

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