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Will a win over the Jets to get to 6-5 bring everyone back in?!?!


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18 minutes ago, Dablitzkrieg said:

I hope the Bills lose out.   The coach needs to go

Yeah right. TP won't fire him. They'll lose out, Beane will draft D in 1st round. McClappy will not only keep Dorsey, but name him Assistant Head Coach and have Brady calling plays. 

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1 hour ago, DBilz2500 said:

I mean we’re still alive… 

Back in?  I'm doing what I've done since the '70s...watching every game and hoping for the best.


But no, I won't be "back in" if that means thinking we are going anywhere this year.

We're not.



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The post-Jets stretch is too tough. I can't talk myself into thinking we can make the kind of run we did after the Hail Murray, or after we went 7-6.


And the AFC is tougher this year.


I spent the whole summer pushing back on people saying that the Bills were taking a step back this year, or saying that our window was closing.  But they were right.  Feels like we may be in for a tough road to get back to the position we thought we'd be in for years.


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1 hour ago, Mantis said:

If we can put up 40+ against a good Jets D, then there is a LITTLE bit of hope that the offense is back; and if the offense is back, then anything is possible.  


Except that the Bills have averaged less than 18 points per game the last 3 times they have played the Saleh led Jets?

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