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  1. Non issue, 95% of the population would have a DWI/DUI if everyone got caught. He will still be drafted high.
  2. I would take that ass on the Jets in a heartbeat, he produces.
  3. He just needs to be released, bad pick by JD. I want to draft a QB this draft, we cannot rely on Arod. If? No sir, its when he gets hurt.
  4. I hope the Jets dont sign him.
  5. I’m rooting for the Pats the rest of the season, don’t need them in a position to get a good qb this draft
  6. Crazy thing is that this game could go either way
  7. At least you guys have been successful recently, the Jets just suck. I definitely chose wrong as a kid.
  8. The run game is going to determine who wins this game. I lean towards the Jets having the better rushing day, but with our O-line i wouldnt hold my breath.
  9. Problem is that the Jets offense is worse than the Bills. The defense cannot sustain what it has been doing, they are spending too much time on the field.
  10. Trust me, you guys are going to walk all over the Jets. Zach is horrible.
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