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  1. Who is tense? Seems to me that he was coming after me, if he doesn't like it or me he or she can choose not to respond, its not hard.
  2. Smh, keep talking newbie, I like it just fine over here. Seems I struck a nerve?
  3. Enjoy my stay? Hmm, guess you don't post often, I like talking to the vets of the board better, you new Bills fans seem to be lacking in something.
  4. We were out of the running, if you saw how the Jags have been playing then you would have known that. Shocking that you would eve think the Jags would win one of the last two, nice try though.
  5. We were out of the chase for him after the win last week.
  6. I will take the win! No draft pick is guaranteed to pan out!
  7. You root for your QB to be the best, plain and simple. The Jets are so bad that they could play backups and still beat the Jets.
  8. Coaching, coaching, coaching! You guys hit a homerun with your staff! I am envious of you guys, but also glad that things are shaping up with the other teams in the AFCE. I just hope the Jets can get back to being competitive and the Pats sit in last place for many years!
  9. Sir, i love you on that comment about the Pats!!!!
  10. Why? Isnt it the worst team that gets the first pick? I guess every number one pick should do that every year then right? Next time state that is your personal opinion. Dude, been suffering since 1969!!! Looks like your time is now! Allen is coming into his own and its exciting!
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