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Will a win over the Jets to get to 6-5 bring everyone back in?!?!


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23 minutes ago, dgrochester55 said:

Had they won yesterday and then beaten the Jets, I may have had a sliver of hope.   Not now.   The regime needs to go.  They lost a game because of a penalty that a pop warner team should  not make.  


There is no "well they shouldn't have been in the position to begin with" or "It takes more than one play to blow a game" this time.   Buffalo literally is walking off the field 6-4 if they execute a special teams play in a manner that any team at any age level no matter how bad they are is capable of doing.  


Between that and the reaction of the players after the game, it is clear that McDermott has lost the players.   We are now the laughing stock of the league again.  Enough is enough.  I'll take a 5-12 season if it means a mini rebuild and getting someone in that can make the most of out talent.  


Far worse, not equivalent to ‘13 Seconds’ because of the relative significance of the game, but McClapper blew through his idiotic Defensive Time Outs to get to the point where HE HAD TWELVE MEN ON THE FIELD! 

What type of clueless buffoon does that in STOP TIME or can he not ***** count up to 12?

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This team is a horrible joke and they will find another way to embarrass themselves and the fans. Now we can add to our own stupidity.


-Losing 4 straight Super bowls - Check!

- Giving away a game in 13 seconds with stupid decisions! - Check Check!!!

- Blowing a game where your OC cannot call a simple run game against a poor run defense and your head coach trots 12 people onto the game winning FG after taking a couple of timeouts to freeze the kicker! Check Check Check!!!!


What a bunch of idiots, We need to just lose out and have a good draft next year. Dorsey is plain stupid and does not understand how to make changes, and our HC is also nothing more than a glorified defensive coordinator.


TY Bills for giving me part of my life back and not waste time watching them!!! Go Sabres


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Hey, I know it's all gloom and doom right now. But yes a W against the Jets  would help, and the season is NOT over. Even if players can't stand each other right now or the coaches, winning solves everything. Well, almost everything. I'm in the group that think McD has been a good coach but is not elite, has not that extra gear that can have the team win the SuperBowl.


But you finish the year with him. If it all crumbles, he's gone. As of today,  he can use Dorsey as a scapegoat to save his skin. If the season tanks, he can't. And if the Bills do make the playoffs, then coaches will have deserved their stay. 


Fans always want to tear it all down. Hell, some want to trade Diggs and some, Josh, for "1st round picks". WTH. Firing and trading are only good if you get something better in exchange!

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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