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  1. I think the bottom line is we need to score points. No getting a lead and then playing conservatively. FOOT ON THE THROAT, MCDERMOTT. If your guys are charging and scoring, do not slow down, I don't care if the score is 63-7, CRUSH THEM.
  2. ive never heard the term "mea culpa" used as much anywhere else in the world
  3. the defenders were afraid of child abuse charges.
  4. Here's the thing. Now that Brady is gone, Edelman will prove he is nothing but a 3rd or 4th option at best and fade into the bowels of iniquity.
  5. literally not true at all, but thanks for playing.
  6. Ravens won't make the playoffs this year, you heard it here first!
  7. Can they postpone and not cancel? That would be better. Postponing at least gives hope there will be football.
  8. Don't mind him, he's also intimidated.
  9. Are you intimidated by her? Sure sounds like it
  10. It's really not even worth discussing since the season isn't even going to happen.
  11. I thought the rookie deals were basically set in stone these days? Did something change?
  12. You were called down for being a twatnozzle in the first place, and you follow up with en even douchier comment than your first. Settle down, Cletus, it'll be okay.
  13. hey, if Belicheat can make Brady look good in that system....think of what he can do with a real athlete back there!
  14. I can't argue with that. The reliability is less than stellar, that's for sure. I think we're just rolling with the best possible "guesses" at this point, which is absolutely frustrating. Hoping for a bigtime breakthrough coming soon. This has to end.
  15. Witch Hunt? Who exactly is the witch being hunted? This is global
  16. theyre cutting cam newton in order to free up space
  17. my mistake, I was not aware. I rarely watch ESPN, I was misinformed. Thank you for the clarification.
  18. you realize that is...more money, right? 4 years at the same rate you'd get for 5 years? 4 years @full rate=more money annually 5 years@full rate=less money annually
  19. I'll say it again. DAK IS NOT GOOD. Dallas is the laughing stock of the NFL for even entertaining his "demands" and offering him this. He is also a complete moron for turning this down. Especially in this time, when he likely isn't even going to play this year, can get paid to sit at home at this crazy rate. But nah, he's going to turn it down and expect better elsewhere. GTFO
  20. calm yourself cletus, you can still kiss your cousin, since after all, you are married to her.
  21. LOL he sucks he is not worth this money, for the last time. He's worth about 50k and an unlimited car wash package.
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