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  1. seriously just flick the officer a few grand and this problem would have gone away ASAP. The officer is a tool, so is OBJ, they should be friends.
  2. Seriously? Flick the cops their annual salary out of 1 of his pockets and move on with life. This is stupid. The cop was on a major power trip. Didn't belong in there. OBJ is a moron, sure, but seriously, the cops didn't need to be there. Here's your $20k and ***** off, pops.
  3. mailing my $1 in pennies to the NFL today with the note "for Cody Fords fine, GTFO"
  4. you can't call a "sleeper pick" when there's a literal 50% chance they go to the super bowl.
  5. 28000 bills fans should send in $1 in pennies to the NFL on behalf of him. Seriously, ***** the NFL in the face. The league is such a ***** joke.
  6. to be fair, we beat ourselves and the refs kicked us in the balls. He had little or nothing to do with us losing. He's a loser headcoach and zero to be feared.
  7. Guys, It was Houston -2.5. Houston wins by 3. C'mon now, you can't all be that blind, can you? Two words for you (no, not S*ck it!!!)--Sports Entertainment.
  8. The refs should have needed a police escort to get to their cars on Saturday. We, as fans, didn't express our disapproval enough, IMO. The fans should have rioted. 3rd and 18. it should have been 3rd and 23 with the delay of game penalty that wasn't called. notice half of our players were pointing at the play clock at ZERO before the ball was snapped, then caught off guard, the play began a second later. hosed. the refs should be held accountable and FIRED for this travesty.
  9. I sent Goodell a scathing email. If we win next year, don't say I didn't do anything.
  10. why is this board obsessed with speaking latin
  11. you realize it's categorized as sports entertainment, right? The same categorization as WWE.
  12. He's not worthy of a draft pick, from any team. He should go undrafted. He's just not good.
  13. well, this about wraps it up, you can go home now.
  14. why are we talking about something that happened 31 years ago?
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