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  1. not a chance. They're good, but not the best ever. Not even close. a bunch of poorly thrown interceptions don't make a defense great. They've played absolute hot garbage these first 7 games (excluding ourselves)so there's that.
  2. but we still lost, so there's that. He's owned us for 2 decades, as sad as it is for me to say it. I hate him, but it's the truth.
  3. Oh yeah? The Rock says know your role and shut your mouth!
  4. Green Bay is literal garbage, they're not even a top 15 team. The refs gifted them the game last night, they would have lost by 2 scores+ had the idiotic refs not intervened.
  5. Personally from what I have seen this season, you want Brady ON the field. His arm looks like it's weakened significantly, he doesn't look nearly as sharp. Their offense is absolutely NOTHING..NOTHING to be feared. Their defense on the other hand looks outstanding. You need to headshot Edelman next time and we win the game easily. Brady is a shell of what he used to be.
  6. That damn hamburgler of an official was pissing me off on Sunday. I wanted to strangle him
  7. I read Bray Wyatt for a split second and recoiled in horror.
  8. No, no, he means when the coach would call out the opposing teams plays into their helmet audio well after the cut-off period.
  9. I didn't get a chance to see him play, I was too busy WINNING!
  10. Should have done a shooting star through that table. Bad form.
  11. He's a fat, out of shape, loser, who relied on roids, that, in fact, didn't work. His body looked like sludge today and we embarrassed him.
  12. That was a weak hit, the defender weighs like 12 pounds and is a loser, Allen will be playing Sunday. Next question
  13. I am sure Kraft is SO EXCITED about this workout after he read the name.
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