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  1. This. X1000. It's not IF but WHEN. You can book it. It's happened to every running QB in the history of the league. He will be no different.
  2. stream from your computer at your hotel room, that's what I do every time I am abroad. Couldn't find a place in Berlin last year, HOWEVER, have a million other recs for Berlin if you are looking for any.
  3. I relate to this so much. I did the same with Singletary. Nabbed him with my last pick in the draft and he's never started a single day for me haha.
  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but we didn't hand select our schedule, did we? We beat the teams we were supposed to beat, and even dropped one to the lowly Browns, the same Browns that waxed Baltimores ass somehow. It happens. The "easy schedule" means nothing. Good luck on Sunday.
  5. You can count on me waiting for you in the parking lot!
  6. It's their only talking point that they can hang onto. While we're at it, let's talk about Lamars performance last year in the playoffs? He really blew it away, didn't he!. ahhh yes. Everything comes to an end.
  7. There are about 17 Ravens fans in total, so I don't expect many in attendance. If there are any more than that in attendance, I'm sure they'll be wearing their new Lamar Jackson chinese jerseys.
  8. "can he be stopped?" SURE. Really easy, just drive him into the ground and knock him out, it's really quite simple. He's not a pocket passer, he's like Vick used to be, except without the super strong arm (he still has a strong arm). Can't run forever, he'll get obliterated soon enough. It's not if, it's when. I never wish ill on any player, mind you, just stating an absolute fact. He'll get crushed one day, it's just a matter of time.
  9. Where was that 40 points? Looked a lot more like 9 points to me! 22 if you count those 2 garbage time TD's when Houston just wanted to get the ball back to run the clock out. Here's a plate of crow, munch away big boy.
  10. what kind of comment is this? time for you to shut up, permanently.
  11. Send Brady out to the pasture with the rest of the fossils
  12. jesus christ, RT means retweet. AB is a complete and utter moron, but this wasn't one of his worst grammatical blunders.
  13. the answer is "not". They're not good. Boring team with Tannehill at the helm, YAWN. Would love to see them in the wildcard playoffs. Guaranteed win and a divisional round game!
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