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  1. This is a slap in the face to OJ. Is he a terrible person? Yes But he's a HOF running back and his # should be retired, not given to some scrub who will be cut before the regular season.
  2. Easy workaround is to stream it via the app either with Roku or AppleTv or Firestick, whatever platform you use. I do it yearly, and I use a shared account that costs around $35-40.
  3. Agreed, any of those guys next to Kroft will certainly be as effective, I'd like to think.
  4. haha yeah!!! What made you bet on Country House? He was not on my radar other than being in the exotics.
  5. AB is a complete ***** for this. I hope to see him on the IR very very soon.
  6. insanity that Barry Sanders and Thurman were both in the same backfield in college. Horrifying, actually. #1 all time for me? OJ. Nobody was better. Period.
  7. I mean, I haven't heard a word about it since the day it happened, so maybe overhyped isn't the term. However, he's a very good player, who just had his body rest for a year, in the prime of his career, I'd certainly say that he upgrades their offense as an explosive playmaker....but is he going to turn the team around? Absolutely not.
  8. We likely would never have know who Brady was if that was the case. If Bledsoe never was injured, who knows, Tom may have just bounced around from team to team as a perennial backup/practice squadder.
  9. Trump is such a ***** idiot, literally no idea how he was elected into office. He'll get impeached soon enough, though. About time. He's a complete joke. Every word that comes out of his mouth is utter BS. And yes, I'm a registered republican, ***** with me.
  10. what???? They never seen us? Oh, you meant saw. Please correct that and never say that again moving forward.
  11. Spring Training? Get real. Nobody watches that. I'm a big baseball fan, but it's much better enjoyed in person, rather than watching on TV. Baseball postseason? Sure. Anything else, ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. *fart noise inserted here*
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