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  1. Right, a cletus trumper telling me to grasp the concept of independent thought. Makes total sense. Wear that red hat and go drag those knuckles some more.
  2. ask Trumps wife how much she likes Trudeau, she'll tell you.
  3. Canada is better than the USA, period. USA isn't great anymore. We're falling behind constantly. It's sad to see. Make America Great Britain Again
  4. the same place you sign up to be paid $5 per post to mention key buzzwords like "ANTIFA" "communism" "socialism" narf. please go drag your knuckles elsewhere, cletus, you're getting embarrassed just like trump did last night. time to log out
  5. WATCH: TRUMP CAN'T NAME A SINGLE COMPANY THAT HE HASN'T DEFRAUDED. Original Article Narf narf narf narf narf narf narf narf.
  6. cletus, if this doesn't bother you, we have bigger problems at hand.
  7. Biden should have just sat there silently. Trump is his own worst enemy. He lies so much he forgets what he says. Adios Donny, it's been real..real bad, that is.
  8. This, THS THIS. Pegs needs to layeth down the smacketh. This is absurd.
  9. Guys, it's really simple. Vegas line was around 2.5-3.5. Bills ended up winning by 3.
  10. Kroft scores the GW TD and then headbutts a helmetless Dion Dawkins, savage!
  11. oh look! They used the word "hoax" again! Jesus Christ. Basically if they don't agree with it, it's a hoax, makes total sense, right? Cletus syndrome is strong.
  12. This. 100% this. That officiating team should lose their jobs over this. Period.
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