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  1. what if he shot you in the face?
  2. does if affect you personally? No? move on. Really simple.
  3. lets have another laugh at this, shall we? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Dante.
  4. quick, someone call Aaron Schobel
  5. MTG is a ***** nutbag, man. She doesn't belong as a representative, she belongs in an institution.
  6. should have chopped him at the knees and sent him home after that weak ass punch.
  7. Defensive Holding is how they got away with it. That's not the only reason we lost, but that's why our receivers weren't getting open. "sticky coverage" AKA defensive holding AKA pass interference.
  8. There were like 12 people there, these guys are used to playing with 70,000+ weekly. I don't think the few fans at the stadium made much of a difference. We were beaten by a better team with a better gameplan. Periodt
  9. Hard to cover the Wife Beatah, I mean Cheetah--Tyreek Hill. While a complete waste of life and POS as a human being, the guy is an incredible football player.
  10. Allen lost himself some $ with those playoff performances, IMO.
  11. This, so much this. That's an auto ejection, I believe? If the refs didn't handle it (which they looked the other way countless times last night), should have taken it into our own hands. Wanna play dirty? Oops just snapped your ankle, sorry.
  12. absolutely right. Was hoping someone would snap him. He's a HUGE POS.
  13. not sure why they didn't crack him at the knees a couple of times.
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