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  1. Cam Newton suddenly opens a performance center in Massachusetts.
  2. too short. We need a WR that is at least 6'5"
  3. I would imagine his current girlfriend (who has been with countless other athletes and rappers) has probably sucked the last remaining brain cells out of his body.
  4. sounds unbelievably lame to me. What's the point of going to the super bowl? Someone else in here said it, but if the Bills go again, I'll just fly to Buffalo and watch it with my fellow fans and get annihlated at 1/15th of the cost of 1 ticket.
  5. What are they gonna do? Shoot all of us? GTFO. If every single fan just ignored the rules and tailgated like any other game, there's nothing these gun wielding douche-wads could do. NADA.!!!!
  6. ***** that, if I'm shelling out X amount for those tickets, good luck stopping me from tailgating. If people by the thousands just ignored this ruling, the NFL could not stop them. The NFL is so lame, it's beyond belief. If I wanna have fun, ***** it, I'm doing what I want. Flick the parking lot attendant $100 and say look elsewhere. They will.
  7. Draft a WR with every. single. pick! I've said it on other threads. We're bound to get a stud or two, right? Then we can fill all other holes with free agency.
  8. That's why I suggested taking WR's with every single pick! 1 is bound to hit, right? haha
  9. We should draft ALL Wide Receivers in the draft. Every. Single. Pick.
  10. seriously just flick the officer a few grand and this problem would have gone away ASAP. The officer is a tool, so is OBJ, they should be friends.
  11. Seriously? Flick the cops their annual salary out of 1 of his pockets and move on with life. This is stupid. The cop was on a major power trip. Didn't belong in there. OBJ is a moron, sure, but seriously, the cops didn't need to be there. Here's your $20k and ***** off, pops.
  12. mailing my $1 in pennies to the NFL today with the note "for Cody Fords fine, GTFO"
  13. you can't call a "sleeper pick" when there's a literal 50% chance they go to the super bowl.
  14. 28000 bills fans should send in $1 in pennies to the NFL on behalf of him. Seriously, ***** the NFL in the face. The league is such a ***** joke.
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