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Lamar Jackson wants guarantees that exceed Watson contract


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This has hit a whole new level of stupid.  Pretty sure an agent would not have cost you near as much as not getting a damn deal done right after Allen did.  Josh has banked almost 70M in the last two years, what ya got Lamar?  You got time you won’t ever get back and you sure as hell will never make that money up.  It’s kinda sad honestly.  

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2 hours ago, DrDawkinstein said:


I guess technically it isnt considered "negotiating" if it's just demanding $270M fully guaranteed and telling teams take it or leave it. 🤷‍♂️


Oh my god, this moron needs an agent. He's just so dumb.

It's becoming a Coen brothers movie plot.  Maybe Lamar can make some money off of it unless he demands to be the director.

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Unfortunately you can almost see this coming down the line.  Lamar sits out the year because 133m fully guaranteed wasn’t enough money.  

He then gets injured or something causing him to miss another year or worse and misses his window 


maybe he becomes a cautionary tale that everyone is replaceable-especially those in the entertainment industry whose desire for 100s of millions is paid for by most people making 60k/yr



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On 3/21/2023 at 11:02 AM, KingBoots8 said:

Came here to say this. Other players include Bobby Wagner, DeAndre Hopkins and Jacoby Brissett. Last year there were 17 players who repped themselves. I’m not saying they are all going to be as successful as Tunsil was, but they’ve done pretty well all things considered.

I think in each of these cases, they were aware of their market value. Lamar for a variety of reasons sees his value significantly higher than the market. He’s been offered a great deal that for some reason he’s not good with.

Had he taken that offer I would have agreed not having an agent would have worked. But QB is the highest paying position by far and encompasses a certain “face of the franchise” aspect to it. It’s more $, more term, and generally more complex contracts. While the average agent typically gets 3%, he could have demanded 1% and I think someone viable would have taken it. 1% of 150m is a fair amount at $1.5m but keeps the high profile leader of the team out of the stress of negotiating. Unfortunately a lot has come out with respect to Lamar not being a leader. No further evidence is needed other than comparing him to JA. The two top franchise QB’s in the same draft year. JA hires an agent keeps out of it and continues to be a leader. Lamar does the opposite. JA signs a win win contract and Lamar wants significantly more than that (based on the idiot Browns). Most recently Lamar refutes any and all reporting about what he and his mom and non agent Francis are up to. If your a potential team what about this entices you to offer him a contract ? That’s generously assuming they are of equal talent. It’s crazy and really unfortunate. 

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1 minute ago, aristocrat said:

credit to you for never watching porn or following satire twitter accounts. 




"Ballsack Sports


Parody/Satire • established 2021 • Featured Worldwide• IG: BallsackSportsHQ • Sack Family IG: BallsackSport"



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8 hours ago, BillsShredder83 said:

3% kept and promoting some crackhead gym >> 3% less and having, I dunno, actual advertisements. 


Dudes gunna end up sitting out the year. He should call up Leveon, then again he clearly refuses advice from everyone


And a lot of these "big names" get discounts on their representation. Like Lamar could find someone certified and professional willing to take 1%.


But at this point, no one is touching this kid.


A few weeks ago when all the team came out and went out of their way to say they were not pursuing him, I figured they were all lying. Now, I'm certain teams arent pursuing him because they dont want to waste their time dealing with Lamar and his camp.


What a clown.

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This product is like some kind of bootleg thing you would see being sold in NYC in a back alley. Someone walks up to you in the fitness section at a sporting goods store and is like "you don't want just that. I know a guy. He can get you the ENTIRE GYM for a good price. Go to this address and tell them I sent you. Bring cash." Then you get it home and it falls apart the first time you use it 

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31 minutes ago, wppete said:



12 minutes ago, wppete said:


It's like all of this is unfolding in one of those C-Rate movies that a bunch of people filmed with an IPhone. Lamar and this whole situation helps you to understand that 13 on the Wonderlic. Nothing he (or his "team") is doing right now will lead towards the desired end. He'll have to certainly play out this year on the FT, and hopefully he's smart enough by next year to have signed up with a REAL agent. 

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First and foremost, that tweet and meme is hilarious from Lamar. Great meme'ing.


But bruh... That's not what we're here for and we're talking about MILLIONS of dollars in the balance.


Some of my favorite comments on this one:


  • "Lamar tweets like a WR"
  • "“People claim to care about mental health and yet i’m not allowed to break league rules? Smh”
  • "How long before he freezes his foot?"
23 minutes ago, wppete said:



His resposnse to this memo:


My man! The LEAGUE SENT OUT A MEMO! This isnt just some story made up by a clickbait reporter.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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