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  1. They said Shakir can play all WR positions on the field. I think Hodgins is playing himself into the rotation too assuming he can play special teams. TD Jesus might be available again in a few weeks if the Packers want him back
  2. Araiza hates being called Punt God but i don't see how he gets away from it now. Most people don't even know his real name at this point
  3. This times infinity. This is the answer to any of the why questions regarding carrying on the daily No, his brother is. Hardly a suspect, more like we have you on video and 100 witnesses that saw you do it, enjoy prison for the rest of your life
  4. A lot of people online giving crap about it being a touchback. The guy kicked it from inside his own 10 yard line! Are you expecting a punter to pin the other team deep when you are punting from inside your own 10? If you are punting in that situation then your team screwed up so if you can force a touchback and no return then that is a huge win!
  5. Keenum looked terrible. If this is a real QB competition then he would get cut in favor of Barkley but I think they would need to take into account their entire resume first because I don't know if they want to roll into the season with just Allen and Barkley a la Peterman and Allen 2018
  6. I heard Tre White won't be ready until week 2 or 3 at this rate. So yes, Elam might be starting but it won't be because he's ready. Dane Jackson has been getting torched on the daily in camp and he's currently our #1 corner. Yikes
  7. Jets fans went from Zack Wilson is the best young QB in the NFL to "Mike White is better anyhow" pretty quickly. Jets fans and Dolphins fans are in QB denial and if the Pats had anything worthwhile in Mac Jones they sure are going out of their way to screw it up by having no OC or any offensive talent to speak of. The AFC East is in shambles
  8. This is the only quote you need to know about the draft evaluation of Josh Allen: "If Josh Allen succeeds, the Bills will have outsmarted basically all regular humans and the entirety of math itself." https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2018/4/24/17271686/josh-allen-nfl-draft-2018-stats-analysis-comparisons The Bills won the lottery essentially. It's never happened before and it might never happen again. Only a crazy person would have drafted Josh Allen.
  9. Doesn't the NFL have to approve every trade? Why would they approve it only to complain about the contract later on? The way Cleveland structured it was obvious in trying to reduce a financial hit due to suspension. The NFL should have not approved it from the start
  10. That CB depth chart looks pretty bleak, especially if Tre can't go. I think they need to add a veteran on the cheap
  11. what blue collar jobs are in Buffalo? they don't make anything here anymore
  12. Disgusting. Ban them all for life. I hope whoever threw that football at Josh got taken care of
  13. Yes, I agree. Anyone thinking of sexually assaulting someone (or 27+ people) just take some hallucinagenics instead please. Are these transgressions supposed to be comparable in some way? I've seen a lot of people arguing online saying Watson is only in trouble because he is black but white QB's can do drugs and it's ok. Not sure those 2 things are comparable in even the slightest. One question I did have is if Watson is suspended 17 games, does that mean he's eligible to return if by some miracle the Browns do make the playoffs? And how does that impact his contract situation if he does end up playing 1 wild card game? Maybe the Browns would decide not to activate him for that game if it would have a negative impact on his contract?
  14. They were running a lot of 2 TE's and power I on Fri. Dorsey installing some plays from the U i see My only gripe would be that it seems like a lot to pay for a FB, you would think he would be on the league min
  15. Knock down ECC south and you have tons of room for hotel, restaurants, brewery, museum, etc
  16. Alternate uniform needs to be Red Helmet with Royal Blue 90's jersey and white pants. I hate the red on red color rush uniform. It's too "much"
  17. Great looking dog there! We all love our pets. The fact of the matter remains that certain breeds are higher risk categories. 40 lbs might not be big to you but I have an 17 lb dog that would probably look like a chew toy by comparison. Good responsible ownership is definitely a good start. Whether she was rude or you took it personal or a mix of both, I think you will encounter people with concerns and hopefully they communicate them politely and you accept them openly and hopefully don't take it too personal. There are a lot of bad owners out there that give good owners like yourself a bad name!
  18. Doesn't matter. It's a big dog with aggressive tendencies. For instance, insurance companies charge way more or prohibit you from owning certain types of dogs under their policies. They don't come to your house to see if she's a "good girl." You are taking something personal that wasn't meant to be. If you have a big dog, especially a pit, expect people to be nervous around you
  19. I've had annoying neighbors everywhere I've lived. From the Karen's (nosey neighbors, know-it-alls) to the TO's (speeding, not maintaining the yard, etc). It should never lead to an altercation like this. Everyone just needs to mind their own business and be neighborly. If it gets so bad that you are swearing at each other and calling the cops then maybe it's time to move?
  20. Oops so he just admitted to taking banned substances? "Random" drug test time NFL's best player: "I played well because I did a ton of drugs!" Commissioner: "Step into my office..."
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