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  1. Hoping to see the offense get back on track tonight. A 3rd straight no punt game vs the Pats* would be amazing but I'll take 30 points in a blowout as well
  2. Right. You are making the same points as me. I simply provided the counter point to everyone praising a situation that ended with a physical altercation. It's never good if it gets to that point and can almost always be avoided. Too many things can go wrong when you engage in a physical way and thankfully everyone was able to walk away from this and go on with the rest of their lives. It often happens where they do not. How much death and violence in this world could be avoided if people didn't let someone "disrespecting" them escalate further?
  3. And you also know nothing of the situation. My response was to the people that said TO did the right thing. We don't know if he did the right thing and fighting someone is almost always the wrong thing unless there's no other option and your back is against the wall. In the video it clearly shows they are outside and could have just gone to their car but they continued arguing with this guy. For what? Who cares what he thinks? Just get in your car and leave, why even engage with him?
  4. Interesting quote here by Josh: “Believe it or not, really the only thing that's going through my head is don't get hit." So his instinct is to jump to avoid getting hit. I guess it makes sense if you consider that by sliding he might be putting himself in an unfavorable position to take a cheap shot to the head. Interesting take that I had not previously considered
  5. I don't wish injury on anyone but if someone destroys Watson's kneecaps I wouldn't be upset by it. It will be interesting to see if the refs were told to keep their flags in their pockets if there are any roughing penalties. Hopefully he puts up a stinker and there are calls for Brissett to take back over
  6. The point is everyone involved could have just ignored the nutjob rather than combat him verbally or physically, so to praise TO like he saved the day is silly. He's lucky it ended there and didn't end up any worse than it was. Fighting in public with a stranger is not "cool" and doesn't make you tough. You don't know that person's story or what they are going through or if they want to take your life. There are usually other options.
  7. You made my point for me. I was replying to people saying TO is some kind of hero. We don't know. I presented the counterpoint. You said we don't know if that's how it went down. Exactly, we don't know. We don't know who was a bully and who has mental issues. That's why the answer is who cares if someone says something mean to you. It has no bearing on your life so walk away. Either side probably had a dozen opportunities to get out of that situation. The result to me is sad, not something that should be praised
  8. Or maybe he has mental health problems and needs treatment? We don't know that's why the right thing to do is to not engage. Let's say TO punches this tiny man and he dies? Or the man pulls out a gun and shoots TO? Is it worth it? Because he said the 49ers suck or whatever they were arguing about? It's insignificant
  9. The point is everyone could have walked away. I'm sure both sides were talking crap to each other. The guy was also much smaller and probably has a mental health condition. So who is the bully?
  10. It's not that he can't get open, he's so small that if any defender gets near him he drops the ball. Not sure-handed and doesn't have the size you need as an every down player. And they clearly don't trust Shakir enough at this point. They are still warming up to Cook too
  11. Crazy concept here, but it appears everyone could have just walked away. I don't punch homeless guys on the street when they yell nonsense at me. Clearly this guy had some mental problems. It was necessary to confront a much smaller crazy person and then punch him? And that makes him a hero? You guys have an interesting view on reality. "But he disrespected me." Oh no, how will you be able to go on living the rest of your life knowing a crazy insignificant person called you a name?
  12. Oh God how embarrassing. It's going to be like TO all over again. We better not give him the key to the city
  13. They've been trying for years. Apparently he didn't break any laws though otherwise they would have gotten him by now don't you think? If they do get him I think they would be doing us a favor. I think more people would vote against Trump than for him or for whoever the Dems run. It's basically Trump vs Trump and enough people don't like him where they will send in those mail in ballots against him so I don't think he has a chance to win. Desantis on the other hand is probably our best bet to bring some sanity back to the world
  14. So what's stopping folks in the black community now? Most families in my previous neighborhood were from various Asian countries and spoke very little English and came here with absolutely nothing and are all prospering. Is the world only racist against 1 race? My neighbors succeeded by having good family structure, high value placed on education, and owning businesses. That's the American dream and it's obtainable for everyone. Racism is not an excuse. Everyone I know is 2-3 generations removed from being immigrants themselves. We need to stop with the excuses and hold people accountable for their actions.
  15. If there was a "white lives matter" it would be called a white supremacist hate group.
  16. No turkey leg and no game ball. This really is an offensive league
  17. Yes I agree. I don't agree with racism on either side of the aisle. Identifying a person by the skin color is the most racist thing you can do. We are all humans
  18. I thought protesting was an important part of democracy? That's what they were saying all of 2020 when whole cities were burning and small businesses looted
  19. These guys with plastic helmets and tacticool pants were going to overthrow the entire United States of America government with no weapons just flags? Or were they just protestsing what they thought was an illegal election? The Feds made a statement with this. If you don't like what the government is doing too bad we will squash you like a bug
  20. I'd definitely buy a Tesla phone. All of the whiney liberals hate Musk but gladly drive his cars because global warming and blah blah blah. Telsa makes good products, more in regards to the tech than the fit and finish, but definitely nice cars when you factor in the total package
  21. "China is a country in Asia. It exists near another country called Russia. Russia decided to invade Ukraine and that's just wrong."
  22. And that is a very likely explanation. What is not likely is how the lawyer summarized it. They kicked him off the plane for no reason because the flight attendant was on a power trip? Uhhh riiiiiight
  23. There's a lot of naive comments in this thread. The guy was clearly on drugs or intoxicated. Witnesses said they were physically smacking his face trying to get him to stay alert. If you think this has anything to do with power then you have never owned a business or worked with the public. If someone is slipping in and out of consciousness then there is a very good chance they may need medical attention and if you don't try and help them then you are being neglectful. The guy was partying in Miami and was probably drunk out of his mind, it's pretty obvious
  24. That's his account. I remember when this entire board was saying he was the MVP of the league like a month ago lol
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