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  1. Wow that's great. Can you imagine being dumb enough to use your actual work email for a burner account? That alone is a fire-able offense, plus he has a fire-able offense!
  2. I agree that they will be super cautious. I think they will want him 100% by Cincinnati so they will ramp him up starting with Pats game. Maybe he plays a handful of snaps just to get his legs under him. Then a little more vs Bucs. And personally I think he wants to play vs Denver so there's that too.
  3. Mahomes and Kelce probably each #2 at their position ALL TIME. Only duo better was Brady and Gronk, arguably. Oh but let's pick Allen Diggs because we are going to say it's only for the first 4 weeks of the season and Kelce was out week 1 lol ok. Whatever fits your narrative. It's like when they say Allen is the only player in history with 2 rushing TD's, 2 passing TD's, 50 yards rushing and 300 yards passing in a game or something weird like that. That's pretty specific lol. Not sure other QBs are trying to do that but ok.
  4. History tells us he is guaranteed to have another brain fart Jets type game this year. He goes off the rails at least a couple times per year. That's why he doesn't win MVP. But the only MVP we should care about is Superbowl MVP!
  5. Best wishes for Tre, he's the kind of guy that does everything right so this is tough. But (hate to say it) when he comes back, there's no way he's worth what they are paying him. Should the Bills part ways and go after a younger/better CB? I say yes
  6. I hope for this argument's sake that the Dolphins sign Fields as Tua's backup and then when he gets concussed for the eleventyeth time Fields will go in and the rest will be history lol! Except the downside of that would be the Dolphins would actually have a good QB who can get away from pressure and the arm to throw it down the field. They are doing all of this in spite of Tua!
  7. I'm assuming he should be fine by November 5 for instance. I'm not talking any crap about the Bengals until we prove it on the field. But it's fun to watch them suffer in the meantime!
  8. He would be if he was on the Dolphins, yes. Much better arm and waaaay more athletic
  9. Fields tries to do too much because his team is crap. Maybe one of the worst teams in the past decade. Arizona is tanking and the Bears are still worse. Historically, Fields has played very efficient football like Tua or Hurts when he doesn't have to do it all on his own. He has been consistently a 70%+ passer with very high TD to almost zero int ratio. He can do whatever they do in the right situation. Tua is 🗑️
  10. Yes Fields can do whatever Tua or Hurts do. Plug him into either of those teams and don't ask him to do much and he's just as good. I don't think that's as much of a leap as you are making it out to be.
  11. Doesn't matter at the end of the year when the stats are compiled what coulda woulda shoulda. If you graphed their output, Tua would look consistently good and level with not too much deviance. Josh's would be all over the place, way too much volatility. Higher highs and lower lows. I don't think Tua is better, in fact I think he's crap. He's a noodle arm 1-read QB and there's absolutely nothing special about him. He's successful because of McDaniel and was absolute dog doo doo before him and Hill got there. But he plays consistently above average football in that system because they don't ask him to do too much and the result is efficient.
  12. Uhh what? Tua completed 71% of his passes for almost 300 yards and a TD. You think that's bad? Wake me up when he has a mental collapse with 4 turnovers and tries to jump over 2 people 7 yards short of a 1st down. Josh has at least 2 more games like that in him for the season starting this week with Jax.
  13. You guys are missing the best part. Britney Mahomes is probably going nuts now that she's not the center of attention at the Chiefs games. And Jackson Mahomes is going to be on the sex offender list.
  14. If he played like this every week he might have a chance at MVP but he's too hot or cold. The MVP is good every game, not just good one game then crap the next. We are on to the Jags where he couldn't complete a pass last year so let's not too ahead of ourselves
  15. It's the better than Mahomes comments that make me gag. He better be the best QB in this division. Tua is garbage, Mac Jones got benched, Wilson shouldn't even be in the NFL
  16. If it's an Achilles it's pretty easy to diagnose. They must already know
  17. Did they show the injury to know for sure? I assumed knee
  18. Dorsey must have bet on the Fins. 1st down run up the middle EVERY TIME
  19. Good thing we used a first round pick on a 3rd string CB just in case!
  20. Equally obnoxious as the Bills are amazing crew unfortunately. I think it's a pretty evenly matched game. Bills need to stop the big plays. Dolphins need to stop Josh from rolling right and extending plays. Similar to the Jets game, I don't think either fan group can feel confident in this one
  21. Lol it absolutely happened. Beane tried all off-season to get CHANDLER JONES not Von Miller. Then Jones picked Vegas so he offered the same contract to Von and didn't think he would get him either and was shocked when he said yes. Von wanted to go to Dallas but they didn't offer as much as the Bills
  22. Your boy Beane who you guys think walks on water... 1. Traded for Antonio Brown who luckily nixed the deal at the last moment then proceeded to get kicked off of 3 teams in like a year. 2. Offered the Von deal to Chandler Jones but he chose to go to Vegas instead. So he then pivoted to Von.
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