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  1. Rosen or Darnold? Who's your pick?

    And that's why teams miss because you can't predict the future. Just get the best player. As long as there's no red flags like he likes to do drugs or slack off or murder people then it's all good
  2. Rosen or Darnold? Who's your pick?

    Also consider this. We aren't getting Darnold unless we trade up to pick 2. The cost to get to 2 will likely be 12, 22, 53, 65, next year's 1st. Compare that to the cost to get to 5-7 for Rosen and it is likely to be 12, 22, 65. Not only is Rosen a better QB but he's MUCH cheaper. Think of what kind of player you can get with the extra picks. At pick 53 maybe you get a great deep threat receiver like DJ Chark. And next year's 1st is likely to be a top 10 pick! We can get a pro bowl type player. All of this in addition to Rosen who is already better than Darnold! Even the Darnold people will admit Rosen is better right now but they guess that something could change that in the future. Well if you know the future please let me know the lottery numbers. Thank you
  3. Rosen or Darnold? Who's your pick?

    Everyone who wants Darnold, consider this. He would have been on the bench and this would be his first season as a starter in college if Rosen had gone to USC instead of UCLA. Rosen was the #1 QB in the country and the top recruit in California. A 5 star recruit. At the Elite 11 camp, Rosen is selected and Darnold is not. Ricky Town is also selected and he is the USC Trojan's top QB recruit. Darnold is the other QB in the class and a lot wasn't expected of him. He might have sat behind Town but Town decided to leave USC because Cody Kesller was the starter and he wanted to play. Darnold redshirted and waited for his turn. Then he had 1 good season and 1 not as good season and now he's NFL ready? I don't buy it. He might have been on the bench at USC if things didn't fall his way.
  4. Rosen or Darnold? Who's your pick?

    Chosen Rosen. Darnold exists only because Rosen chose UCLA over USC.
  5. That's how I feel about Rosen. It very well could go Allen at 1 then Darnold. But Mayfield and Rosen are most likely to be the best of the draft. If we are the ones picking Darnold at 2 we are going to be kicking ourselves possibly for the rest of our lives knowing we could have picked one of those other guys! I just hope Rosen goes to a team I don't care about like Arizona so it doesn't get rubbed in our faces for years and years if we pass on him. Not only pass on him but trade up and give up extra picks and go out of our way to pass on him! Now that will hurt
  6. Rosen, Darnold or Mayfield, and 1 other person picked later. So 50% shot with top 4 guys and then who knows who else out of the rest so like a less than 10% chance if you don't go for one of the top picks. Much better odds if we can get a guy at the top. Must trade up
  7. Bills the worst team in the NFL this season?

    They must be assuming we are trading all of our picks to get Josh Allen
  8. It could happen but very unlikely. Giants are loading up to win now with Eli (maybe adding Dez). I think they want Barkley or Chubb no matter what QB is there. Last thing they need is a QB controversy. Plus Davis Webb might be pretty good. They haven't even seen what he can do yet
  9. ***Speculation from Brownsboard.com***

    What are they saying? Can you summarize? @PIZ
  10. Hand size

    You know what they say about a QB with big hands...
  11. Front office guys and scouts thinking they are psychologists rather than just a bunch of dumb former jocks. Aaron Rodgers fell for similar reasons. You can't predict the future and you can't get inside someone's mind so drafting someone based on what could happen is silly.
  12. Sounds like some deliberate thought was put into that quote. 8 players, likelihood of only 2 taken before 6, dropping to 12 gets you in range. Miami another possible candidate to trade up from 11