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  1. Equally obnoxious as the Bills are amazing crew unfortunately. I think it's a pretty evenly matched game. Bills need to stop the big plays. Dolphins need to stop Josh from rolling right and extending plays. Similar to the Jets game, I don't think either fan group can feel confident in this one
  2. Lol it absolutely happened. Beane tried all off-season to get CHANDLER JONES not Von Miller. Then Jones picked Vegas so he offered the same contract to Von and didn't think he would get him either and was shocked when he said yes. Von wanted to go to Dallas but they didn't offer as much as the Bills
  3. Your boy Beane who you guys think walks on water... 1. Traded for Antonio Brown who luckily nixed the deal at the last moment then proceeded to get kicked off of 3 teams in like a year. 2. Offered the Von deal to Chandler Jones but he chose to go to Vegas instead. So he then pivoted to Von.
  4. Lol at first round TE! "But he's like a big Beasley!" Derp
  5. Could this be our first actual regular season defeat in a very long time where we just get flat out beat and it wasn't because of some weird fluke? Dolphins 31 Bills 27 I'm 3-0 on the season with my picks by the way. This should hopefully be a close one
  6. Because it gives incentives to illegal migrants to sneak over the border to have their baby so they can be citizens. He explains that if they come over LEGALLY then they are citizens. Need to close that loophole
  7. That's right but that's not the way to consistently win. You can't expect 1 player to always make big plays. If Josh has a bad day (Jets) then we can't do anything on offense. This offense requires Josh to be Superman and make ridiculous plays every single game. Would be nice to have an OC that could scheme wide open receivers like KC or Dolphins. Nice little underhand throws etc. Something that doesn't require your QB to out-scramble ultra athletic pass rushers every play and then jump over the safety to get the first down!
  8. Yep and these posters don't want to admit it. Just because Josh is able to turn nothing into something doesn't mean the offense is clicking. All of our big plays come from Josh scrambling and making something happen. That's not the way to consistently win in this league. The OC is calling a trash game and Josh is covering up his inadequacies.
  9. He just put up the 2nd best QB rushing season in NFL history. Better than Hurts and Tua at that, that's a given. As a soph in college he put up 41 TD's to only 3 ints. He can play the super efficient game like those guys. He's also super accurate. His pro stats don't reflect that because his receivers are trash and can't catch. He's always been consistently a 70% completion percentage guy every step of the way. He's on a trash team, it's pretty obvious what's going on here.
  10. The point is Fields has been better than Hurts and Tua at every level. He was thrown into a crappy pro situation and now you think he's not good. Tua was in a crappy situation too and was also not good and now he's in a good situation and all of a sudden he's good. Think about that.
  11. Matt Barkley's career stats aren't as good as Fields stats last year alone. Matt Barkley was a 4th round pick not #11 overall. I don't get the comparison
  12. Eagles tried to trade for Deshaun Watson and if he didn't hate Philly then Hurts would have been cut. Fields rushed for over 1000 yards last year. You are acting like he's never been a good Pro
  13. No just Fields specifically. He was the #1 recruit in the country for a reason. He's more athletic than those guys and a bigger arm. If before last season someone would have said Tua was going to be the best QB in the NFL by 2023 you would have the same opinion as you do now about Fields. Fields is a very very good player and he will have 2nd life once he gets out of Chicago
  14. Fields was better in HS, better in college, and now as a pro he's on the worst team and Hurts is on the best team. Simple as that
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