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  1. So signing good veteran players is ok unless it's at QB? Would it hurt Josh's feelings? Best player should play. If Cam came in and beat him out (does anyone doubt that he would?) then he deserves to play. We should always be looking to improve at all positions. If Josh is the franchise QB then he should have no problem beating out a washed up Cam Newton right? Not sure why it should be any different than any other position/player. Tom Brady would be the first to say he succeeded because he didn't take his spot for granted for one second. He knew if he didn't perform that Belichick would have no problem replacing him. They drafted QB's all the time, always looking to improve. Not sure why other teams feel the need to baby their QB and are scared to hurt their feelings. If a good player is available and he wants to come in on a prove it deal then why wouldn't we be looking to improve at all positions?
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