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  1. This. If they stay at 30 and nothing weird happens with players dropping I think it is Asante Samuel Jr. McDermott was the D coordinator and secondary coach for his dad when he was making pro bowls. FSU plays zone. If McDermott has his way they will go CB and go with a familiar name he feels he can trust
  2. I told you guys Josh Allen wasn't any good. Let the Money Mitch era begin!!
  3. We just had an election where almost half of the country thinks it was rigged. If you want to legitimatize the results and shut the conspiracy people up then you shouldn't have any problem with a common sense law that says you have to show ID before voting. Technology is also available for biometric, iris, facial recognition. ID would be the least invasive. You can't go to a Bills game without them scanning your ticket. It's common sense. If you want to have another election where half of the country is rioting then don't change anything.
  4. I don't know anybody who wouldn't have empathy for a father stuck in jail. That's absolutely tragic. Hopefully he can get out soon and get back to his family. If he's saying that a specific law is impacting certain people more than others then maybe gun law education is the answer and he can help spread the word using his platform. What is his proposed solution? Bills fans want to support him and his family
  5. Not even a playoff team. I guess it was all about the $ afterall. At least he didn't just join KC or TB like all of the other ring chasers. I would have taken less $ to play for the local team in GB. Oh well, enjoy watching January football on the couch again 👍
  6. I like those first 2 picks a lot but you would have to trade up in both cases to make that happen. Collins gone by 15-20 once they see how big and athletic he is (a more active and instinctual Edmunds type) and Samuel gone by top of 2nd (small but proven, good pedigree). This is a draft where we need more guys at the top and less depth guys at the back. Those guys are both day 1 starters so I like it. Not sure what 6th or 7th round pick can even make this team this year or next anyhow so trade up!
  7. Of the teams reportedly interested, only Cleveland has that kind of cash. He will get to play his brothers twice a year. I don't consider them a legit Super Bowl contender but others might. Beane has not been one to get into bidding wars. I think Bills should focus on cheaper option like 1 year prove it deal for Clowney
  8. He's going to the Packers. He grew up there, it was his favorite team growing up, he played at Wisconsin, he has expressed a desire to stay in the Midwest, and they have the best chance to get to the super bowl next to Tampa
  9. Better to not have a strong pass rush vs Lamar. Make him beat you from the pocket. Set the edge and keep contain and maintain your lanes. That's why Shaq and Trent Murphy had such a strong game last year as that is their strength. Someone like Hughes or Addison, they are always losing contain trying to pass rush up the field or dip inside the block. Very frustrating. Hopefully they have Murphy active and I could also see the rookie doing well if he stays disciplined
  10. Telesco will be hiring Daboll. Both St Francis grads. He will do well with Herbert who has similar intangibles as Josh Allen. Bills OC would be a highly coveted opening but I think the Bills will look internally at Dorsey and Hall to keep continuity.
  11. In basketball you don't stand there and wait for the ball to come to you. A shot goes up and you find a player and box him out. Nobody puts a body on the WR's they just stood there and waited for the ball to fall into their lap. Terrible technique. When the ball is in the air, get your elbow and put it in the WR's chest and box him out. As the ball comes down, high point it and knock it down into the ground. Don't try and catch it. Horrible defense and they clearly have not addressed this or practiced it, if so then yikes
  12. Which QB is the one that people are saying is completely washed up and which one is the one you gave an A to today? 15/25 174 yards, 54 rushing, 0 int 11/18 154 yards, 23 rushing, 1 int
  13. I think Edmunds will be an all pro level player...at OLB in a 3-4 defense. If he leaves he will be a Marshawn Lynch or Steph Gilmore level star on another team. He's playing out of position and it's really tough to watch. Zero MLB instincts and next to no physicality. But he's young and athletic and could have a bright future...elsewhere.
  14. Their business model was flawed from the start. They offered these sports writers unheard of salaries to try and obtain top talent. How were they ever going to reach profitability? Or did they know they never would and just hoped to appear to be successful/popular in hopes of making a name for themselves and then taking on more investors before cashing out? Either way, I'm not sure where these writers expect to work once the house of cards comes crashing down. Newspapers not hiring, magazines don't exist, their jobs at news stations have been filled. It's a dying industry. A more s
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