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  1. And that is a very likely explanation. What is not likely is how the lawyer summarized it. They kicked him off the plane for no reason because the flight attendant was on a power trip? Uhhh riiiiiight
  2. There's a lot of naive comments in this thread. The guy was clearly on drugs or intoxicated. Witnesses said they were physically smacking his face trying to get him to stay alert. If you think this has anything to do with power then you have never owned a business or worked with the public. If someone is slipping in and out of consciousness then there is a very good chance they may need medical attention and if you don't try and help them then you are being neglectful. The guy was partying in Miami and was probably drunk out of his mind, it's pretty obvious
  3. That's his account. I remember when this entire board was saying he was the MVP of the league like a month ago lol
  4. These are the nicest protesters I've ever seen. Even wearing masks outside while protesting COVID restrictions
  5. Bills were the favorites going into the season by a long shot. Anything short of winning the Super Bowl would be a disappointment. However I voted "win the AFC championship game" as I think the season is an absolute disaster and a waste of time if they lose to KC again in the playoffs.
  6. Edmunds haters getting a first hand look at the defense without him. Poyer has been the most important piece as we've lost every game without him. But either Edmunds or Milano has to be next on that list. When either is out it's noticeable
  7. They don't tackle at all in practice. It forms bad habits for when they actually do need to get the guy on the ground. Although every team is in the same position so I don't know if it's a league-wide problem or just our team but I can imagine other fanbases feel the same way about their team too
  8. Dane Jackson gave more hugs to receivers today than my aunt at Thanksgiving. Someone tell Dane the goal is to try and stop them from catching the ball, not hanging 10 yards back and then hugging them once they catch it
  9. How many 4th downs has this team given up? Can they make even 1 of these stops? They ran it from shotgun from their own 30 yard line. They passed it from the 1. Two terrible play calls that worked
  10. Absolutely embarrassing how we can't get the Lions to punt. What happened to this team after the bye? This is not the same team
  11. Is he actually playing? I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of those "we wanted him to dress and go through the pregame routine to get mentally prepared"
  12. Did this story really just go from "it's hateful to attack men dressed as women" to "we don't agree that this man is a woman"?? Oh my what a twist lol. The Left is going to do more backpedaling than Tre White on his repaired ACL. Going forward I am considering myself non-binary so please address me as they/them. I am female whenever it's convenient for me to be and male at other times. I'm just so fluid. I'm like liquid. Call me Mr./Mrs. H2o.
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