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(Perhaps) Unpopular Take: I have no expectations for the Bills going forward, and I’m ok with it.


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Whatever the Bills want to do I am behind them. If that means they play as normal for Hamlin then I'm cool with it. If that means they forfeit the Pats game and get ready for the playoffs then so be it. If that means they simply shut it down for this season completely, then that's what they do.



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It feels like this has been such a season of turmoil, with injuries, the snowstorms, the ups & downs, and now Hamlin's health.


I'm where the OP is at. I'm ready for whatever comes, and I'm okay w/ it.  Whatever happens the rest of the way, this will probably be the defining moment for it. The team could kind of fade away at this point, where the setbacks have hit critical mass, and it might be hard if not impossible for them to play the kind of inspired football needed for the next month+. 


Or, it could be that kind of rallying moment that leads to a big run.


At this point, the season is a success for me if Hamlin recovers and gets back to good health. Anything else will be gravy.


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14 minutes ago, Royale with Cheese said:

I hope we win it all and ESPN creates the greatest documentary of all time.


Hamlin may never play again and I say get him a ring.

This is where I'm at.


Despite what happened last night, I believe that this will bring the team together even more. I don't see them throwing in the towel.

Did no one see Stefon Diggs doing what he could to rally the team before they postponed the game?


The Bills are not going away. I don't care what all the naysayers on this board have said throughout the season, this is a damn good team, and they have what it takes to win it all. 

Yeah, the season may not be playing out the way we all hoped it would, but so what?!

Josh Allen is playing hard for us and is getting us wins. Yes, it sucks that we lost Micah Hyde & Von Miller, but injuries happen, and you have to find a way to deal with it and improve from it.


Sean McDermott will find a way to keep this team focused and motivated, and they will be ready come the post season. 

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I have not felt up to posting anything after the events that we endured last night. 


I have never met Damar nor do I know anything about him as a person. 

Obviously, all my thoughts and prayers are centered around him and his family.   That is all that matters. 

However,  my thoughts and prayers go out to the team, staff, and entire organization.   His teammates have to be shredded emotionally.  I hope that they are able to receive encouraging news as soon as possible.   At which point, they will collectively decide as to how they want to approach the remaining balance of the season. 


As a career soldier with 8 combat deployments,  I do know what it takes to stay mentally and emotionally focused on my mission after taking casualties.  However, that was war,  these men are playing a game.  The game is suddenly not important. 

 As many have pointed out, this team has endured so much already this season.  I would be shocked if  they have the motivation to strive to obtain their goals at this time. 


I am so proud of everything they have already achieved.   We know that they are unquestionably the best team in the league.   They have nothing to prove to me.  They will be even better next season.  


IMO,  they deserve a Superbowl type of parade at the end of their season with or without a Lombardi.  I am proud of this team.   


Get well soon Damar.  A full recovery is all that matters to your team.  


Go Bills

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19 minutes ago, gonzo1105 said:

This honestly strikes me as one of those NFL fantasy seasons. Patriots winning after 9/11. Saints winning after Katrina. Bills winning it after this. 

This, the deadly blizzard, the injuries and the shootings.  It's been a lot.  The Bills have been an outlet for so many people. 

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9 minutes ago, Einstein said:


I do understand how you feel though. It feels as if the season is over. But I don’t think it has to be.

You're right.  It doesn't have to be over.  I'm more worried about everyone being able to recover from this.


I know I was like that in my 20s were I would just dismiss or toss stuff aside that hurt me.  Now as an adult with kids, this stuff feels different to me. 

For all I know, it could end up being something that galvanizes this team into and unstoppable force or could turn every player into a shell of their former self.


I just want ALL players to be healthy from this awful situation.

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1 hour ago, LABILLBACKER said:

There's an element in the air that just doesn't want Buffalo to succeed this season. With this game likely being a "no contest" we'll lose the #1 seed to KC.  Hope they don't reschedule the Cincy game and as some have suggested let's just rest starters v NE.  We still have a ton of players injured. With all the crap and bad luck this team has endured, they have to be physically and emotionally exhausted. 

Element in the air that doesn’t want the Bills to EVER succeed.


4 straight Super Bowl losses, wide right, 13 seconds, the trauma this year…this damn organization is cursed and I’ve been saying that for years. It’s beyond fkn ridiculous and pisses me off.


prayers for Hamlin..his recovery is all that matters. 

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8 minutes ago, billybob71 said:

If Hamlin recovers and the bills take the field again I am just going to  feel grateful to be able to watch them, whether they win or lose won't really matter for the rest of this season,  just to be able to watch our team with my family will be enough for me.

I’m really hoping to see Hamlin record a video that’s played before the game on Sunday 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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