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Dane Jackson was toast 😬


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5 hours ago, Miyagi-Do Karate said:

I thought he did okay. That TD he gave up was obscene. Perfect position and hand right by the ball. Just a great throw.  The Lions receivers are good, and the Bills left their corners on islands more today. 

I’d love to know what technique they teach to PBI while in phase. Dane can’t make a play on the ball, but can he at least hammer an arm or something? 

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5 hours ago, streetkings01 said:

Romo has been the most overrated announcer ever. His announcing has been like his playing career…….inconsistent and all over the place.

Romo's not bad but definitely gets too much credit. I think it stems from his initial year where he was calling plays before they happened and everyone gushed over him. Since then he's gone downhill a bit

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16 hours ago, Bangarang said:

That’s budding superstar Dane Jackson to you

In Romo’s defense Dane Jackson out played Wallace by a significant margin the back half of last year and has been lights out until the last few weeks. A couple weeks ago he was allowing so thing like 48% completion rate, a 50 passer rating, and 1 TD. 

I am just sort of baffled as to WTF is going on with him two weeks in a row. He’s getting abused out there. At his current rate  he needs to be replaced. But I’m really hoping he finds his game again.


He’s not the only one though. It just feels like so many players on the team have lost their mojo. This team feels like the movie “Rookie of the Year”. We are just at the point where the kids arm goes back to normal. 


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15 hours ago, NickelCity said:


I think this is right. Jackson hasn't been playing well but with the injuries to the defense it's not unexpected.

I feel like both Dane Jackson and Tyron Johnson are struggling with a primary role in coverage.  Both have underwhelmed.  Buffalo going more 4-3 is not only scheme but production based decision. Once White is on a regular snap count I expect Jackson splits his snaps. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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