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  1. All true. Also, Beane failed to improve the OL and now Allen had panic feet behind it. Also, let’s be honest, Allen has never been consistent and always prone to erratic turnovers.
  2. May as well get power puffy!  1. Chiefs 2. Eagles 3. Dolphins 4. Cowboys 5. Vikings 6. Bills 7. Bengals 8. 49ers 9. Titans 10. Ravens 11. Jets 12. Commanders 13. Chargers 14. Giants 15. Patriots 16. Seahawks 17. Bucs 18. Browns 19. Raiders 20. Jaguars 21. Falcons 22. Steelers 23. Panthers 24. Colts 25. Packers 26. Cardinals 27. Lions 28. Bears 29. Saints 30. Rams 31. Broncos 32. Texans
  3. So what. And the Bills defensive stats last year were compiled against backup QBs. Dolphins are in first place, beat the Bills, and that’s what matters.
  4. You mean, Keim is the one who got a do-over after Rosen and then committed prematurely to Murray to force a “franchise QB.” He pulls off decent trades occasionally, but continues to reach for skill positions and linebackers in the draft. Cardinals OL may be even worse than the Bills OL. Yes, it seems Bidwell develops relationships that shield certain managers from real performance evaluations.
  5. That’s a great comparison. Watching the Eagles makes me wish Beane would use every single draft pick on OL next year.
  6. To be fair, Hughes wasn’t getting many offers in free agency and he took the money (that could only be offered by a team trying to fill the worst roster in football). Can’t blame him for going to the highest bidder in twilight of his career. That being said, he’s had a good year but is in no position to complain. Appreciate your payday.
  7. I keep waiting for the Eagles to implode, but dang, they are really good. Hurts an MVP?!? Eagles/Chiefs would be a toss up.
  8. Chiefs are the #1 seed. Bills need to worry about the division.
  9. Murray is an immature, chuck-n-duck, water bug. His speed is his only above-average asset, but he fears contact so even that can’t be maximized. Also, the study clause was in his new contract until it became a public distraction and the team supposedly removed it.
  10. This board has been salivating about him for months. Knowing the risk but weirdly not caring. Just craving the hype.
  11. Hughes chose to sign with the worst team in the NFL.
  12. Cheer up. It can’t be more gut wrenching than last year. This year is a slow, inevitable decline but at least you’re prepared for it.
  13. You’ve said that since the start of the season. You rejoiced when Tua got hurt. Admit it.
  14. Epenesa is a bust. He’s too small for the NFL and lacks the athleticism to compensate.
  15. He can’t run. Has to be one of Beane’s worst and most perplexing picks.
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