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  1. Elam struggling as expected by a lot of people. Can't count on him to start the season.
  2. Glad it happened before they overpaid to extend him.
  3. Suspension is fine for a non-criminal, off-field, personal perv matter. Watson should take his money, shut up, and move on. Of course ESPN is wall-to-wall methodically interjecting their political lean.
  4. Bills not addressing the OL this off-season is already becoming an issue.
  5. 1 - Patrick Mahomes 2 - Aaron Rodgers 3 - Tom Brady 4 - Joe Burrow 5 - Josh Allen 6 - Matthew Stafford 7 - Justin Herbert 8 - Dak Prescott 9 - Lamar Jackson 10 - Russell Wilson 11 - Deshaun Watson 12 - Derek Carr 13 - Kyler Murray 14 - Kirk Cousins 15 - Ryan Tannehill 16 - Matt Ryan 17 - Jalen Hurts 18 - Jimmy Garoppolo/Trey Lance 19 - Carson Wentz 20 - Daniel Jones 21 - Trevor Lawrence 22 - Jared Goff 23 - Jameis Winston/Taysom Hill 24 - Tua Tagovailoa 25 - Mitch Trubisky/Kenny Pickett 26 - Mac Jones 27 - Zach Wilson 28 - Drew Lock 29 - Justin Fields 30 - Davis Mills 31 - Marcus Mariota/Desmond Ridder 32 - Sam Darnold/Matt Corral That's it. That's the list.
  6. Respect he "deserves"...yawn. Allen has elite traits, elite upside, perhaps elite scariness. Top 3, arguably could be #1 in those particular categories. As far as "best" current QB is concerned, Allen has been wildly inconsistent. Slot him at #5 right now.
  7. Allen was so inconsistent last year. Couldn’t complete a pass against Jags, Jets. May be the most overrated player in the league.
  8. My guess is no new contract. One more year and done. Best for both parties.
  9. Diggs Davis Crowder McKenzie Kumerow Shakir That’s it. That’s the list.
  10. The OL situation is tenuous - could undercut the season with one injury. How that Bernard pick wasn't Parham, Burford, Rhyan, etc. is amazing if not borderline criminal.
  11. Can he play OL?? Had to. Good camp depth especially assuming they’re already giving up on Stevenson.
  12. Why does anyone pay attention to, much less care, about video game ratings? I like Madden being on the cover in theory. But that cover is awful.
  13. Kaepernick isn't good enough to be worth the distraction. He cashed in on his choices years ago. Good for him. Now go away.
  14. Don't care to listen to the clip, but the Bills deserve any and all criticism. Fans act like the Super Bowl was somehow stolen from them last year. No, the team was inconsistent all year (Allen included), played a wildly entertaining game against KC, and blew it in inexplicable and historic fashion...as the Bills often find a way to do.
  15. Kumerow is a ST player. They’re not aiming to knock him off the roster with a guy like Edwards. If you’re simply ranking WR talent then fine, make sense. If you’re building a roster, silly silly.
  16. I would've thought 3-pt underdogs. Bills are getting overhyped. They were very inconsistent last season, both Allen and the defense. And it's not like last year's Super Bowl was stolen from them - they choked it away in all-time embarrassing & incompetent (and Billsy) fashion. Besides, home teams get a bump so it's essentially a toss up.
  17. He should've been the fourth round pick. 😑
  18. Hate Thursday night games and tired of the Thanksgiving games.
  19. So so SO tired of Bills playing at Arrowhead! 😖 Titans coming to Buffalo is a welcomed change.
  20. Basham has value in that he can play multiple positions and is sort of a safety net as the 9th DL. Of course, that means he won't dress every game which would be disappointing (if not unsurprising) in his soph season. I have zero interest in ever seeing Lawson and Phillips in Bills unis again. Pulling for Ankou to steal a roster spot which may bump Basham closer to the regular rotation.
  21. Small marketers always crave national attention. Recognition can alleviate thin-skinned self-consciousness. Raiders @ Rams is a good opener.
  22. And I recall a lot of optimism about Epenesa last summer..
  23. They would’ve taken McDuffie 100% over Elam. The reason they wasted the 4th round pick is because McDuffie was just taken and they were at the very end of their first round grades. Elam was a contingency pick.
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