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  1. The real issue here is why Beane committed to him going into his age 33 season and after said injuries.
  2. Really hoping either Edwards or Shell surprises. The possibility is there. These are quality additions as far as upside and competition.
  3. The failure would be throwing money at Hopkins in order to prevent the Chiefs from adding another weapon. Of course, the Bills wouldn’t do it for that reason alone, but it seems a lot of fans have devolved to that mindset.
  4. True. But he’s beginning to slow and has never been a precise route runner. That combo forecasts a steep decline into his 30s. Also not a locker room guy and wants the payday. The negatives tip the scales.
  5. McDermott reminds me of the Monty Williams situation with the Phoenix Suns. He was the right guy to change a culture and to build a team back to national relevance. A good guy, competitor, stabilizer. But he’s not the right guy to push a team over the top once the standard elevates and peers become the best coaches and players in the sport. He gets outclassed.
  6. Feels like a reset year coupled with a rough schedule. 10-7 is a fair expectation.
  7. Quite the fiasco. Bills should stay away from Hopkins.
  8. That’s a good point (despite not noting the turnovers were in close games). It seems his ceiling is solidifying. Can he achieve a level of composure and consistency to beat the best when it counts? Not sure.
  9. How in the world does that group remain along the OL? Beane has had years to invest properly and yet continues to shuffle middling talent. It’s baffling.
  10. No other upper echelon QB panics and presses quite like Allen. His implosion factor is part of the reason why, despite obvious physical ability, he hasn’t achieved anything.
  11. In fairness, Allen is probably more comfortable with an extra second while the OL blows up.
  12. @ NYJ - L vs LVR - W @ WAS - W vs MIA - W JAX - L vs NYG - W @ NE - W vs TB - W @ CIN - L vs DEN - L vs NYJ - W @ PHI - L @ KC - L vs DAL - L @ LAC - W vs NE - W @ MIA - L (9-8)
  13. And so easy to put the “Ws” next to the mediocre teams. True.
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