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  1. Lots of people had the same sentiment about the Bucs last week.
  2. Downplaying that performance from Jackson as a “Tyrod Taylor game” is beast message-boarding. I have to admit.
  3. So this is Jackson’s first AFCCG? I’m kind of surprised by that. But you can’t argue with 2 All Pros and 2(?) MVPs. He’s one win away from flirting with Mahomes tier.
  4. According to this message board a couple weeks ago, the Ravens were going to struggle in the divisional round because they didn’t play all out to beat the Steelers in week 18. It’s all good.
  5. No risk, low upside. But I like the name recognition factor.
  6. The “team game/blame the defense or coach” stuff is perspective. One could also say Allen didn’t do enough in the first half of :13 to help the team win. Keep in mind the standard boasted around here is that Allen is a generational player, best QB in the game, and future HOFer. His team needs to appear on the big stage for any of that to ring true. No one debates he’s a consensus top 5/franchise QB and fantastic fit in Buffalo.
  7. Most of these comparisons and records rely on his rushing. The rushing proves he’s an elite athlete. We know he’s an elite athlete. But I don’t think the rushing distinguishes him as an elite QB…or better than Mahomes.
  8. Your points don’t matter. They’re window dressing to make hometown fans feel good. Two more wins (not necessarily three) and all the stats and fringe records slot into place to bolster a QB who finally ascended.
  9. Nor is it the same Chiefs defense. Bills need to take advantage of their opportunities without a drastic shift in field position or momentum.
  10. Tomlin's comments yesterday about a "collective" mindset following the game and now being a more appropriate time to address his contract was total class.
  11. I’m sure it’ll be noted in the Buffalo sports hall of fame.
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