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  1. How many strip sacks of Allen? o/u 2
  2. It's a complementary process. May I suggest both the OL and RBs stink. I'm not sure there's a more potentially impactful, semi-realistic upgrade across the board than acquiring Barkley.
  3. No. You have to roll dice with the FG scenario every time. It leaves more room for error and flexibility with play-calling and clock management. Bottom line - I'd rather attempt a 60-yard boot than a hail mary.
  4. Probably a simple calculation that Lewis and even Neal are better options, knowing the scheme, than any available PS player or washed vet at this point. That being said, how about Josh Thomas over Murray if we're poaching the Cardinals?!?
  5. Claiming victimhood is celebrated these days. JA would probably get another endorsement deal out of it.
  6. All this goes into the "old news, who cares, nothing will come of it" bucket.
  7. I'm in if: 1) 3rd rd pick is absolute best offer; and 2) there's fruitful engagement on a reasonable extension. I'm out if: 1) asking price exceeds 3rd rd pick; and 2) it's a rental scenario. Singletary is gone after this season. Moss and Cook will never be more than rotational pieces. Bills will have to address RB in 2023 and the top couple draft picks need to go toward OL/S at this point.
  8. 1. Eagles 2. Dolphins 3. Chiefs 4. Bills 5. Ravens 6. Packers 7. Rams 8. Bucs 9. Vikings 10. Jaguars 11. Colts 12. Chargers 13. Cowboys 14. Bengals 15. Broncos 16. Giants 17. Browns 18. Bears 19. Patriots 20. 49ers 21. Cardinals 22. Lions 23. Steelers 24. Titans 25. Commanders 26. Raiders 27. Panthers 28. Falcons 29. Saints 30. Jets 31. Seahawks 32. Texans
  9. Morse is the lynchpin partly because everyone else has struggled mightily. That being said, I thought Morse was washed two years ago. He’s done an impressive job overcoming age and injuries.
  10. If you’re forced to pick from the scrap heap then I guess he isn’t the worst choice. The guy is washed but the realistic standard is to outplay Cam Lewis. 🤷‍♂️
  11. The context here is that Cardinals OL is banged up and awful regardless.
  12. Well obviously that’s a silly, petulant reason to hate the loss. I hate it because it shows Allen is still capable of rookie-year, fumbling, bumbling, Panic-Allen and that these bizarre, Billsy mistakes under pressure never truly go away.
  13. All that is fair. And it carries weight since Cowherd usually praises the Bills. The sloppiness at the end of games happens without fail. Allen presses. Also, he fumbles nearly every time he’s touched in the pocket but that’s a separate issue.
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