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  1. The testament about a good coach who can’t win the big ones applies here. McDermott’s overtime record and playoff road record speaks more than his overall winning percentage.
  2. Needed to force the Eagles to settle for OT and not go for the win.
  3. The applicable phrase in that instance is “same old Jets.”
  4. Harty is quintessential Beane. Perhaps the only player who could make me miss McKenzie.
  5. The notion that the Bears would give away Jaylen Johnson at the deadline was insane.
  6. I’m not sure what throwing more money at these busted vets is going to accomplish at this point.
  7. For a 6-6 team, it's wild that fans still post the "top 5" fluff. It seems that hill will be littered with bodies.
  8. I was confident until Allen's INT. Even still, game had me engaged and I thought there was a chance. All hope was lost once it went into OT.
  9. Bills are on a linear regression from conference championship loss to divisional implosion to divisional blowout to missing the playoffs. They’re back in cap jail with nothing to show for it. Litany of pending free agents and other major question marks heading into next season such as Poyer, Hyde, White, Miller, Dawkins, Brown, Morse, Davis, etc. When and if McDermott gets fired, Beane goes too.
  10. I remember this guy’s posts heading into the season. Can’t fool me.
  11. Great kick, but yesterday’s game is rather meaningless for the Eagles. The stage wasn’t big enough.
  12. A more worthwhile conversation is whether they can finish above .500
  13. He’s a quality depth/rotational piece. But Beane injected him into the lead role.
  14. Coaches are stuck having to somehow mitigate Cook’s gaffes. Ducking out of bounds one yard short of the first down a couple plays before the drop was maddening.
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