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Aside from Tom Brady, name a player in the NFL that you just can't stand/don't like...

Special K

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1 hour ago, MJS said:

Tyreek Hill and anyone else who has abused women and/or children. He is also just a total me-first player. He refused to restructure his contract to help the team, even though it would give him MORE money. Just not a smart or likeable guy at all.


Aside from that, Aaron Rodgers is becoming pretty unlikable. Honestly, Mahomes and his constant stink faces throughout games is getting unlikable too. Kelce. Chris Jones. The Chiefs are just an unlikable team with a lot of bad actors.


I know Bills fans have been leaning towards him lately, but OBJ and his early career antics, trying to spear players in the head and injure them. That rubbed me the wrong way big time.


Mac Jones the giant baby / dirty player.



Hadn't thought of Rodgers till you said this, but yeah. I don't like him at all.


Other than that the guys who've been violent off the field and then it gets few and far between for me. Marshawn Lynch for forcing himself out of Buffalo.


Really dirty players like Vontaze Burfict. When not taking guys heads off, a really good player, but just dirty. Suh, for stomping. Again, a good player but dirty.


Hate's too strong, but I don't like Beasley. And for his first couple of years he was one of my two favorites. But he just wouldn't shut up, even during the season, or follow team rules.


And Billy Joe Hobert, my #1 most hated guy.


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3 hours ago, Doc Brown said:

Tyreek Hill - wife/child abuser


Taylor Lewan - complete prick

Forgot Lewan. He is a very annoying player. Really full of himself.

2 hours ago, Shake_My_Head said:

Deshaun Watson

Kyler Murray

Myles Garrett

Garrett put a bad taste in my mouth with the helmet smash and the bull crap racial slur allegation to try to justify it. But that was really the only incident. He doesn't bother me normally, although I'll admit that I don't watch the Browns much. Are there other reasons?

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Rodgers is obnoxious, but tolerable. For me, I basically don’t like the Miami Dolphins. They joined us & the Jets in 2+ decades of Patriot* futility which diminished my contempt, but didn’t douse it. They’re back on top of my S#it list and stronger than ever. A horrible POS owner who’s incapable of hiring, supporting and keeping coaches & staff, and the players they eye for are degenerates and dirty players. 

Not enough bad things can happen to that team to satisfy my dislike for them.
May they be Josh Allen’s beotch throughout his career. 

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19 minutes ago, muppy said:

Travis Kelce.  Because he is a thorn in our side when we play the chiefs Always.

It would be nice if Leslie Frazier called for a double team of Kelce.  Not only do they not do that, they just let him run down the middle of the field.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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