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  1. Hope you're right. Would be nice to have an "easy" game.
  2. Ross Tucker did on his podcast today. That usually is the kiss of death.
  3. Iggles - 26 Billz - 20 philly is desperate and based on what I saw last weekend, we are not.
  4. The last Bills game I watched in BUF was in 2012 vs. TEN. Fitz failed to get a first down with 2:00 left and 1 TO just needing a FG. I knew at that moment that Fitz was not our answer at QB. Well, I will be back to BUF this weekend only to watch Fitz again. As much as I like the guy, I hope we drive him out of the game. I'm nervous though as a normal Bills fan would be. The last 20 years have done that. Can't tell you how pissed I will be if we lose to Fitz/Fish.
  5. Yeah as soon as I put him in my fantasy lineup, this happens. My bad.
  6. Getting ready and pumped to come to he Fish game next week!
  7. Great article. Simply an amazing back.
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