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  1. Safe travels and a Merry Christmas to everyone
  2. I know it's not the point but give me a Cowboys win. I think it will give the team some confidence winning a primetime game moving forward. Which will hopefully lead to wins over the other two in the poll.
  3. Gronks hit was to the back of the neck of a guy that was lying on the ground while wearing an arm brace. It could've seriously hurt Tre and luckily it didnt. The Garrett hit isnt much better but the fact that Gronk got suspended one game for that hit was ridiculous.
  4. Dont know if it has been mentioned but I feel that the Gronk hit on Tre was worse. Not saying that what Garrett did wasn't horrible but from a suspension standpoint if Gronk didn't get the season I doubt Garrett will.
  5. Was at this game in SA. He was running right at us. Couldn't believe he got tripped up. So close.
  6. You had me until Matt as starter. He's proven to be a backup. You know who I think deserves a shot at qb? Logan Thomas. Let's bring him back and switch him from TE to QB.
  7. This. He's a rookie that will have ups and downs. Can he at least play one season?
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