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  1. What an amazing story and family. As others have said, couldn't be happier that he's a Bill. Hope the concussions are a thing of the past and he's a Bill for a long time.
  2. Yup, makes absolute zero sense to me.
  3. The guys gonna be thrown to the wolves on his second team and doesn't have a chance.
  4. What really helped Allen was getting some veterans in there to show him how to prepare for games. We all saw a totally different player once Barkley and Anderson were added.
  5. Was about to say the same. As a Bills fan I'm never going to assume a win. This is their home opener and they are underdogs. These are the games the Bills need to win though to make the playoffs.
  6. Hey Matt has 10 1/4 inch hands. Who do you think he is? The small hands guy that used to be in the burger king commercials?
  7. I feel like this is the one preseason game I'd be ok with it. Edit, didn't answer first part. Yes they should've gone for 2. Can't think of a reason they didnt.
  8. Yup has Pat's written all over it. Trade for player that will leave for a big contract after the season and get the compensatory draft pick.
  9. Show up and play and prove to other teams you're worth trading for. Too much money to just leave on the table.
  10. The Allen pick wasn't good but I think his numbers look much better if Beasley doesn't fumble the ball. Allen only had six throws and one thing that has become clear to me is that he gets better as the game progresses. Without the fumble I bet he would've had a decent drive. McCoy looks like his old self which is awesome and I'm glad Gore came back in after the hit because it looked bad at first. Duke just makes plays and they need to get him on the team.
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