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  1. Damn. Recognize the cap need but maybe he’ll consider coming back with at a lower price. If not - seemed like a great dude and definitely helped show JA could be that dude!
  2. This is bias and not subtle racism
  3. This Bills team is real! I get a Manning/Brady feel coming between Chiefs/Bills for years to come
  4. Anyone willing to let 2 go or trade for LV Raiders tix let me know!!!!
  5. Anyone willing to sell or trade tickets (LV Raiders ticket- come out to Vegas and have some fun) get at me!
  6. Ultimately the Bills are (now) a 9-3 team playing a 3rd string QB on a below .500 team. Definitely awesome work by the “O”, but we should dominate a team like that.
  7. It’s great to FINALLY have our franchise! Go Bills!!!
  8. Tremaine is having a phenomenal game! I hope it’s a sign of games to come (over shoulder injury, trusting his reads, and/or scheme of blitzing more)
  9. I will have a full blown meltdown if the Bills lose this game...how they let up a 3rd and 20 is just disgusting 😑
  10. Edmunds has been HORRIBLE!!! Missing gaps looking confused...making 100 tackles don’t mean snot if it’s 7 yards downfield
  11. Josh gotta loosen up and start hitting some throws...maybe Daboll get some screens and easy passes next possession
  12. What’s going on with Edmunds? He’s making zero plays: out of position, dominated by lineman, getting carried by CEH...it’s brutal to watch.
  13. I’ll tell you this, from a standings viewpoint I’m happy LV beat the Chiefs - they considered the Raiders a “fly they’re going to flick away” leading to the game - but I’m worried they’re gonna be on the warpath after the loss. I’m excited to see us take it to em at our best but still! 1. Chiefs 2. Ravens 3. Bills 4.Steelers 5.Colts
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