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Aside from Tom Brady, name a player in the NFL that you just can't stand/don't like...

Special K

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Mayfield (all hype with a big mouth)

Vick (retired) (animal abuse.. Enough said)

Brady Yea... you know why

Gronkowski  WWE Elbows our players with a sinical excuse

Watson ( Has no right being in the NFL in my opinion. This is what the NFL represents?)

Ramsey (big mouth and cant back it up against top Quality QB's)

Rodgers (mr rodgers neighborhood) (the dude cries every mistake someone makes but rarely blames himself) ***WHINER***



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Tedy Bruschi.   Remember his last game vs the Bills?  They made up that stupid stat.  They counted how many hits he gave or was in on.  And every time he would hit someone the announcers were drooling and saying.   "OHHH Bruschi, on another hit, that's 24 for him tonight"   Plus he sucks as an ANALyst.  


Jalen Ramsey.  He's overrated.   Same with Dak and the Ewok.  


Mahomes.  He walks like he dropped deuce in his diaper.  And his wife and brother need to go away


Deshaun, Tyreek, and Richard Sherman.  Never liked him.  


Dishonorable mention..  Both Harbaugh's  


Edit..  Kyler Murray





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Deshaun Watson - Serial predator who has no business in the NFL. 

Joe Mixon - Punching women in the face, especially when you're a 220lb football player, is about as cowardly as you can get.

Kareem Hunt - See the above.

Christian Wilkins - He's been caught on video grabbing and fondling dudes multiple times now. Keep your homosexual tendencies off of the field.

Kyler Murray - Arrogant, throws everyone he can under the bus, and is about as overhyped as they come. 

Mac Jones - He has the douche attitude of Tom Brady without any of the success to come close to warranting it.  

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