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Aside from Tom Brady, name a player in the NFL that you just can't stand/don't like...

Special K

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Jarvis Landry is #1 for me. 


Made me think of the 2021 Browns.  That was a really unlikeable group of D-bags, 

Myles Garret -  didn't like that he lied about the Mason Rudolph incident to make himself look like less of a lunatic. 

Baker Mayfield 

OBJ - not a fan. 

Kareem Hunt. 


They got rid of a few of those guys and  replaced them with  D. Watson to make sure they maintain their position among the most hateable teams. 

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7 hours ago, Steptide said:

Mason Rudolph. There's always been something about him that just screams huge douche. He's probably a great dude, I just get that impression whenever I've seen him 

I think you may find ol’ Mason sexy and it’s driving you crazy deep down inside. 

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Came here to say Kelce, but many of you beat me to it. He is cocky arrogant d-bag, but honestly would probably love him if he was a Bill and laugh at all the haters. 

Gronk is also a tool, but I kind of feel sorry for him because he is just so very very dumb…total cement head. 

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57 minutes ago, BUFFALOBART said:

Lamar Jackson

BB, I don’t mind him, just the sports analysts who constantly pump him up about being the most dynamic QB in the league, when PM, and JA are clearly superior in almost every aspect.  He’s a great athlete and a solid QB, but even Burrow is better than him.

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I'm going to set aside the obvious players that make the list due to SA or DV reasons. They aren't even worth mentioning. 


The guy who tops my list is Jack Fox, Punter of the Detroit Lions. His name sounds like a 70s adult movie star., first off. And 70s adult movies were just so cheesy. So I assume Jack Fox is cheesy as well. Also, he is a Punter and if he somehow sees this message board and comes looking for me, I feel I would fare much better in a fight with a punter than an Aaron Donald or Myles Garrett. Also, as well...he is a punter. Punters aren't likeable. I think the punter off the Super Bowl winning team should get a ring from a gumball machine, rather than an actually ring. Because F punters. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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