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  1. It would not surprise me to learn he is looking for a fully guaranteed deal, a la Cousins. And Baltimore wants to hedge their bet by not doing that
  2. Conan the Barbarian is a great movie
  3. You are allowed to do that if you call it TB12 Sports Therapy Center
  4. This has gone on long enough in this thread... Dude kneeds to learn to stay healthy
  5. "The Siberian tiger hails from Russia. In 2022 this seems tone deaf at best." -Florio, soon
  6. I'm enjoying a delicious mod pizza at the moment
  7. Sounds like he's zoning it out super well 🤣
  8. Logically that means that those that pay are not "in the know". Or perhaps they are "in the know" but are trying to fool those who are not. My head hurts.
  9. I was going to say something about this tryout but then
  10. Nothing wrong with that. Players do that type of thing every few months when they have Deflators working for them.
  11. Also love seeing New England all the way at the bottom
  12. Okay. I love Milano, but what's the soonest we can get out of his contract cap-wise? This feels like a "medium term groom Milano replacement due to future cap management needs" pick. In the near term he can fill in for Milano for the game or two he misses each year and bring physicality to our special teams
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