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  1. Are we talking water "water", or ***** "water"? Save it for next week if the latter
  2. The local sports radio carries Rome 3 hours a day here. I'll listen if he's doing an interview. Otherwise I change the station without hesitation.
  3. I'm rooting for the Jets tonight as I feel confident in their eventual implosion. The Browns could theoretically put it together, and I feel a loss tonight lessens the chances of that significantly. Plus, we want Gase to stick around.
  4. 4. Rivers 5. Luck 6. Carson Palmer Honorable mention: Cutler, Fitzpatrick, Pennington, McNair
  5. Although he said both deflections came off the receivers hands
  6. I remember seeing this live and I was pissed about the lack of roughing the passer penalty when we had been flagged for a low hit on the QB earlier in the game. Isn't the one ref's only job to watch the QB?
  7. I also think 97 out of 100 times that the receiver doesn't catch that it falls harmlessly incomplete. (I am not posting my statistical analysis) 😉
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