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  1. I'm starting Allen, but my other QB is Brissett. Edit: I lost Roethlisberger earlier this year.
  2. What does "no later than following week 10" mean? 2020 is later than following week 10.
  3. Make them pay the $650 million relocation fee again for being morons
  4. The stupidity around here is truly baffling at times. Don't you fools realize the Dolphins are in their Super Bowl window? https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/07/02/super-bowl-window-opening-bears-colts-browns-49ers-dolphins
  5. I think we want chiefs to win division and broncos to implode
  6. But not actually overturn any of the calls after review
  7. I would like to feel bad But it's the fish we speak of Die, Dan, Die (Die, Die)
  8. What kind of sick ***** likes banana ice cream!?
  9. All of the "concussionites" were listed as full participants today. Was thinking that might indicated a walkthrough only, but Foster, T. Johnson, and Singletary as listed as limited.
  10. I had a dream last night that Josh Allen threw a TD pass with 20 seconds to go to pull the Bills to 27-28. But then the extra point snap was fumbled. Was left wondering if Bojo would be cut out rallied around.
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