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  1. Somebody find this please. I watched 20 minutes of Nascar on Sunday for crying out loud!
  2. A statue behind that o-line does not scare me one bit
  3. Much happier with Diggs (age). Although I don't remember what kind of compensation SF gave up for Sanders...
  4. Pics please. And if you could crop yourself out that would be awesome
  5. I feel like very few TEs have gone. Is this a weak TE draft?
  6. Can you imagine how stressed we would be if Buddy Nix was our GM for this draft...
  7. I fondly remember T.O. being one of the guys helping Eric Wood to the sideline after his gruesome injury
  8. Thank you for reminding me that Adam Gase is the head coach of the Jets. Things I don't think about during tax season, but you just brightened my day.
  9. Can you really say "Forever a Patriot" when you are going to sign with another team?
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