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  1. You mean the pass that actually led to a big reception from his tight end?
  2. I feel like the years of scars of "offensive penalty, drive is over" are finally healing. We get an offensive penalty and I expect the offense to overcome now.
  3. Wife: Touchdown Bills. Why aren't you celebrating? Me: Waiting to see if it's called back like the last two.
  4. But unblocked on Sunday ticket at least. Last season they switched us to a different game late but it was still blacked out on Sunday ticket.
  5. Thought that was supposed to be the strength of that team, but perhaps my expectations are out of date.
  6. I was impressed with Gaskin last week and picked him up on my fantasy team this week as a long term/keeper type prospect. He's on my bench this week but I'm liking the usage and production on that first drive
  7. Deja Vu? Kraft illicit massage parlor encounter results in DA blown job
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