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  1. Says she talks to angels Said they call her out by her name Oh well, she talks to angels And they call her out by her name, ooh yeah
  2. Pretty women out walking with gorillas down my street From my window I'm staring while my coffee grows cold Look over there (where?) There, there's a lady that I used to know She's married now, or engaged, or something, so I am told
  3. I was born in a cross-fire hurricane And I howled at my ma in the driving rain But it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas But it's all right. I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash It's a gas! Gas! Gas
  4. We are young Wandering the face of the Earth Wondering what our dreams might be worth Learning that we're only immortal For a limited time
  5. When I need you I just close my eyes and I'm with you And all that I so want to give you It's only a heartbeat away
  6. Sitting in the stand of the sports arena Waiting for the show to begin Red lights, green lights, strawberry wine A good friend of mine, follow the stars Venus and Mars Are alright tonight
  7. WTF. 147 pages in less than 22 hrs from people that know NOTHING about the situation other than what has been spoon fed through social media. 146 pages of ill-informed speculation, chest-thumping "I am right" takes with absolute certainty in support of both the victim and the accused, and no end in sight. 'Murica! The only absolute here is that we know nothing and will continue to know nothing until facts are established, cases (civil or criminal) are tried, and verdicts are rendered...and then we'll get 146 more pages of why those verdicts are either absolutely correct or totally BS. If I were in any position of authority with the Bills, I would push for NOT dressing him in light of this ***** storm...whatever the NFL equivalent of "paid administrative leave" is.
  8. Every mornin' there's a halo hangin' from the corner Of my girlfriend's four-post bed I know it's not mine, but I'll see if I can use it For the weekend or a one-night stand
  9. If I could read your mind, love What a tale your thoughts could tell Just like a paperback novel The kind the drugstore sells When you reach the part where the heartaches come The hero would be me But heroes often fail And you won't read that book again Because the ending's just too hard to take
  10. One step closer I have died everyday waiting for you Darling don't be afraid I have loved you For a thousand years I'll love you for a thousand more
  11. I remember standing on the corner at midnight Trying to get my courage up There was this long lovely dancer in a little club downtown I loved to watch her do her stuff Through the long lonely nights she filled my sleep Her body softly swaying to that smoky beat Down on Main street
  12. Anyone have Tasker’s cell number? Someone needs to let him know that he does NOT have to fill every second between plays with an exasperating combination of obvious observations and head-scratching misstatements. ffs
  13. I'm gonna tell you how it's gonna be 'Bop-bop-bop-bop You're gonna give your love to me Bop-bop-bop-bop I want to love you night and day 'Bop-bop-bop-bop You know my loving not fade away Bop-bop-bop-bop Well you know my loving not fade away
  14. The Magical Mystery Tour Is waiting to take you away Waiting to take you away
  15. It was long after midnight When we got to unconditional love She said "sure my heart is boundless but don't push my limits too far" I said "if love is so transcendent, I don't understand these boundaries" She said "just don't disappoint me, you know how complex women are"
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