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  1. Everything is up to us. If we get healthy and gel and Josh gets hot we should win the Super Bowl. if we don’t gel, if we continually get hit with injuries and KD cannot help Josh we lose. Its all up to us….
  2. I think they were playing for next week and beyond…. let’s see if they win this week now that have their run game going….
  3. Definitely would add Ed Oliver and Jordan Philips penetrating for us….making plays…. We need great play from our defensive tackles and they looked healthy today. For the first time in since week one really for Ed and Week two for Jordan. Looks like we fell asleep at halftime - going to have to work on that. Both sides of the ball had an awful second half. The defense was playing the pass which explains how bad they were vs. the run but then they were bad vs. the pass too…. We did win by ten though…. Off tonight, back to work Tuesday….
  4. Why? What did JJ do? I always liked him but haven’t heard from him really in years…
  5. He is a big piece of our attack. Crowder is gone for who knows how long, we have Shakir but you need a lot of weapons… Can anyone imagine Hodgson or Kumerow in a big game? If I squint really hard, maybe I can… I can Kumerow catching a TD this Sunday in fact. Then the camera goes to a POed Rogers…. LOL…. is this year going to be us crossing our fingers every week that no one gets hurt too bad and we kind of easily roll to victory every week? It’s all about injuries for us now…. If OBJ gets really healthy and we work him out like a street free agent to really see if he can run his routes and he passes every test I say sign him. Can we do that to OBJ? I sure hope so…. Anyway, OBJ gives us another big time weapon and it also stops him from playing against us. It’ll hurt next season but we of all people know how hard it is to win a Super Bowl. And if we do win it maybe it breaks the ice for us to win more? Like, Allen just Billieves he is going to win it all every year after this year! That would sure make it worth it. we all just saw how the offense lagged when Davis just sprained an ankle so having insurance against injury to win that first big one is definitely worth it. Nobody seems to talk about it but we are thin at WR…. We’re thin at OT, G and WR imho… I think we’re good at RB. Cook is going to improve starting this Sunday and we have Moss in the garage. Singletary is fantastic, imho…. We can’t get an upgrade at OL most likely so OBJ is the target….
  6. That sucks about the chef-bengal game. I was hoping for a good one and just don’t see the possibility now….
  7. But I do love how intelligent the Buffalo fans are knowing where we need help…. I’m mean, we need a guy that can have success at both tackle spots and I’m not sure this guy is it but I think a good backup C/G would also help. Really surprised that Williams doesn’t seem to give a ***** about a chance at the SB… He must hate training so hard, IDK?
  8. Truth be told, we won’t know till the Super Bowl….
  9. I don’t know? Didn’t it used to be just the colts and pats? And the winner, usually the pats unfortunately, played the best nfc team… usually the giants? Didn’t it?
  10. Yes and no…. He was effective in that defense we ran, but if switched defenses to the big NT defense and got Jerry Ball (and a suitable back up for him) we would have beeen better, imho… And if we got a legit pass rusher to play opposite Bruce Smith we then would (with both changes) had one of the best defenses of all-time…. Only if…. ……….Phil Hansen - Ted Washington/Pat Williams - Bruce Smith Bryce Paup - Shane Conlan —————— Cornelius Bennet - Daryl Tally that would be an unbeatable front seven imho…. To change it to a modern defense all you do is take out Conlan and replace him with a CB….Though Talley would be a little slow…. Bennet would be a pro bowler still. No one could run on it so you are just concerned with the pass. Ted could collapse lines on occasions giving you a big play in opportune times.
  11. Regarding Josh’s growth I was wishing we could a roll-out RPO all game long. Particularly on third and short or in the redzone on short yardage…. I don’t get it. Josh is almost unstoppable on those plays, why forget about them?
  12. It looks like his best season yet, it really does. Everything he does seems to be a reason. He is as sharp as they come. Always plotting, planning his next move to make the Bills better…..
  13. Indy held them to 17 a couple weeks ago…. while I do think we showed everyone how to stop Lamar and it’s true he hasn’t been the same since I don’t think we were that great this game. We played KC at KC last year and that game we really embarrassed them plus we beat them up. The score did not reflect our utter domination of them….. I thought for sure we were going to do it again this time and I did not like the way we played till the end. I think the offense should have done better and the defense should have done better. We both played rookie CBs but ours are upper NFL level and theirs’ we’re scrubs. I thought Josh was going to kill them. We seemed to be screwing around on both sides of the ball to me…. We could have run more plays that isolated those CBs on our receivers one one one but it seemed we only did it three times. On defense we were screwing around too. I hate it when we play that let’s try to box him in and not actually try to rush him. You give him all kinds of time. At the end, we rushed him, and threw an interception, you rush Mahomes to beat him. You just can’t blitz unsuccessfully. If the chefs pick it up you’re done…You’ve got to be very intelligent with your pass rush. Sometimes Leslie drives me nuts! Yet he has those damn rankings, I don’t think you can really argue with his rankings….and this year we can stop the run. Maybe we were taking the run with those weird rushes? IDK? Gotta love Leslie’s rankings. You also gotta consider the whole braintrust that put this D together and developed it. McBeane has got a ton to do with it even though he states it is Leslie’s D I didn’t see Leslie looking intently at Ed Oliver at his pro day. It was McD….
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