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  1. My list…. 1 Buf. Best all-around team with best player. Only injuries could stop them, imho….just a loaded roster, including STs…. 2. SD. Similar to Bills but not quite there. Allen > Herbert, a little weaker defense in the middle… 3. Cincy - Joe B and his weapons are for real. Good roster. 4. KC - Crazy hard schedule and too much reliance on rookies this year. Beware Mahomes always. 5. Ravens - not a fan when compared to top 4 AFC QBs. Allen - Mahomes - Burrow - Herbert. 6. LV - Great team with new HC. Just doesn’t quite measure up with SD or KC, but might beat out KC for playoff spot. 7. Colts - Are they Bills kryptonite? No, not again. Colts have nice talent though… I absolutely love Taylor, Nelson, Buckner… 8. Denver - Great team with new HC, just doesn’t quite matchup with SD or KC….also could overtake KC due to KC schedule. 9. Tennessee - this is the year the colts take them. 10. Miami - Crazy to think they’re way down at 10 but…. 11. Pittsburgh - Dangerous DL, run game. 12.Cleveland -another loaded roster and their at the bottom over here. The browns are not ready again. 13 pats - If jets weren’t the jets….. 14. Jets - the jets…. 15. Jags - gave contract to Zay Jones. 16. Houston. - it wasn’t that long ago they were good. Now? WTF?
  2. Right now it’s definitely Khalil Shakir. On our first drive in which Shakir caught three passes, he lined up outside on every play…. I think he definitely can do it. He looks like a NFL already. I expect him to have a year similar to the one Gabriel Davis had his rookie year…. We’ve got this! Go Bills!
  3. And on our first series he lined up outside and dominated…. He is going to be another Gabriel Davis this year…. He’s going to get 500-600 yds. working from the outside and resting both Diggs and Davis at times…. Khalil is OUTSIDE WR option #3 for us this year! Go Bills!
  4. But how will it look with Keenum and Barkley throwing the ball? We might have to wait till Shakir get in in the regular season…. See Shakir pop open and the Ball will be there, right in his hands and we’ll see a bit of RAC….
  5. Unfortunately, the Bills and their fans aren’t lucky enough to live in a two QB world…. Herbert and Burrow are simply too good to ignore…are they as good? No, but they are true franchise QBs on good teams. I will say I think the Bills with Josh Allen are going to beat the rams because Josh is better than Stafford and because most fans are completely underestimating how much the rams lost this offseason. Yes, our secondary won’t be ready on opening day but either will their’s.
  6. It’s the Bills! I’m fired up! Let’s Go Buffalo!
  7. I think there are a few small surprises on defense. Bernard being #2 at MLB…. Nick McCloud being officially a Safety. …Neal being officially the #2 slot corner… So McCloud’s path to the roster goes thru Hamlin…. Tough. Was Bernard always drafted to be our backup MLB this year? And, signing Neal doesn’t look so strange now… And the Bills have both Cook and Shakir working on returners as I have hoped….
  8. I’m excited to see if he can play outside. Surpassing Kumerow and Hodgins in the process…. Having the kind of year Davis did as a rookie….
  9. It would be interesting to see how our offense would function with a mediocre QB…. I mean, how good is the offense without JA? if we have our five starting OL I think the OL is pretty good. I think our weapons are pretty good too… might be missing an OBJ might not…. I just rewatched the chefs playoff game and Josh made so many plays being Josh… Although Davis was on fire…. Diggs was doubled mostly I guess? Beasley was injured and ineffective…. Sanders caught a couple…. Singletary looked OK…. Probably a bit nervous… I think he missed a huge cutback… I think he matured in that game though and will be better this year…. I have to watch again but I’m thinking Brown got taken to school most of the game but Allen knew the pass rusher was coming and avoided him…. Allen was so freakin good. Mahomes as well unfortunately…. I think our defense played better than I thought initially. I couldn’t admit that Mahomes is just that good and blamed the D…especially when you consider Tre and Star did not play. Finally, I think the refs favored KC and that could be seen as the difference in the game and that’s why you want home field advantage….
  10. I don’t know but the eagles are going to make it tough for anyone to do t….
  11. So you like to allow other teams to score TDs on kick-off returns and punt returns; is that it?
  12. What about Bills that had their career cut short? Derrick Burroughs, Shane Nielsen, Shane Conlan (sort of), Sam Cowart, Stupid Will Wolford would have been on the wall and in the HOF if he just took a little less dough…. Jeff Nixon I think? Wasn’t he great but couldn’t play long?
  13. I think we stay the course…. Our current CBs are going to step it up…. No need to panic. Now the OL, on the other hand…. We need a better sixth OL…. Someone who can push Quessenberry to 7th and Doyle to 8th…. imho, that is…. That is where we need the most help….the OL….
  14. I’d say the biggest difference between the two is that Donald always took to coaching and Ed did not. Being from a small school and not really liking his coaches and having tremendous success without coaching sealed the deal for Oliver who needed a couple years to realize how good the NFL is… way behind Donald at this point, he has been learning for a couple years now and training harder than he used to….He’s getting better now but is still far behind Donald in a lot of ways…. Perhaps hand-fighting is number one? Though, I recall, Ed is Abendextorous…. He should be very good at hand fighting…. And it is something how good of a one-tech Ed is but at the same time, a complete shame on us he had to play one-tech for us….
  15. You could go Go Biells in our of the one color man whose name escapes me….
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