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  1. I agree with you and I'm a fan of Singletary but look at the photo and those calfs..... Looks like Maybe he has been missing leg day....LOL, I really doubt he's doing anything wrong....
  2. It went so poorly for us I still haven't rewatched that horrid game. The bad new is there is no excuse for the defense. The offense had excellent excuses that being ALL our WRs were injured to the point of loss of effectiveness. So, should the Bills find a way to keep their receivers healthier (by running more) or get more receivers (to better share the wear and tear) I think we can match up with them much better offensively. I was surprised the main thethe Bills did to better their defense was to acquire new defensive ends in Obama, Groot and Boogie. Most thought one-tech and CB were ob
  3. The saints were competing for Super Bowls for ten years. It wasn't until Bress retired that they decided to let the cap catch up to them.
  4. Well, first off, you have to figure out who is going to make the team.... Hmmm? Does freakin' Addison have a guaranteed contract? I don't f***in' know! I certainly hope the f*** not. Nobody sez it, I don't know why, While it's true Jerry Hughes had a fantastic playoff series in 2019 and couple very good games in '20, he fell off a cliff in the playoffs last year. So, what we really should do is cleanse the DE position and go young. That's what we have coaches for. So, what's young? Im going with five, Our third-string QB is going to have to have a procedure of some kind right around
  5. I think the Bills made out like a bandit with the Rousseau pick. Had he played this year he would have been a top 8 selection. i really like the other two as well. BPA and building through the trenches, baby!
  6. I want a WR, but IDK the one listed.... But the truth is.... We have one of the highest paid DLs in the league and they are mediocre at best. I hope Beane has hit gold this time but who knows? He sure swung for the fences anyway. The point is we could sure use more help at DL and one-tech is the biggest problem. Most of our OL becomes FAs next season so maybe it could be a wise place to add a four year contract. TE - we have no starter at TE, imho... CB - aside for QB, this secondary is our strong point. We need another solid outside guy though... I think
  7. The Bills need a WR in the top three picks, I would imagine that by the fifth, we're only talking about playershat cant really scare opponents.
  8. LOL, I'm telling you, we don't get another quality WR from somewhere we're idiots.
  9. I bleed Buffalo Blue But the fact of the matter is that the Bills are in their Super Bowl window right now yet are doing little to nothing to catch their current target; the chefs. TheBills need to increase depth and talent in the offensive weapons category. We need a real TE and either an elite RB or another very dangerous WR to last the season and match the chefs. Without enough true weapons for JA we don't have a chance. The Bills need impact players added to their nondescript defense. We need upgrades at DE, DT and CB. It doesn't look like we can get that DE in the draft, we need
  10. We had only one healthy receiver in the playoffs. That's why the fence collapsed. Do we need to run better? Yes, it will take our offense to a new level. Would that have made us the chefs? No f-fen way. We needed our WRs badly and our defense stunk up the joint. So, we need to improve our WR depth (because we have old, small, WRs and the season is very long at 20 to 21 games.) and to really improve our nondescript defense.
  11. We lost both battles of the line of scrimmage. That was the biggest thing. Especially their O-line vs. our defense. The most glaring difference was our lack of talent on offense. We had Allen and Diggs and KC just laid on those two heavy and we had nobody who could do anything about it. JB, Beasley were hurt and this crippled our O all playoffs then we even lost Gabriel Davis and that was it. Our offense as stalled. So, we have to figure a way, a little t of it is luck, but you have to be in incredible shape,take care of your body and Daboll has to scheme his WRs that can't beat one on on
  12. I don't think the need for skill players on offense is any news at all. We simply don't have enough special players on offense. We need another WR that can beat man to man badly and if the league is not going to take the talented RBs, we will. We need difference makers on defense as much as offense, even more in a way, but if they are not there, they are not there. Maybe we get one at the trade deadline? For me, the draft feels like it is clearing up.... We want other teams to take the RBs to push talent in other areas to us. I think the RB talk is mostly smoke screen.
  13. I'd go WR for sure and I see that it is a need as we go only three deep there with guys that can beat man. Im not sure which one would fit our offense the best. My guess would be Marshall. Who can play outside. He's different than anything we have but Im not sure why that is so. Is it because we simply don't have that talent or because Allen has trouble with those throws? Long and outside. Right now, one banana peel to Beasley, Sanders or Diggs and our offense is no longer special, imho. We need to both sign Ertz (or Jesse James) And Draft a premier WR in
  14. I guess I'm in the minority but I saw special talent in Singletary as a rookie and I think we can easily regain that look. In the right scheme Singletary is a 5.? Yd/carry back on the year and that's exactly what you want. He'll get a ton of ten yards plus carries for his career, we just have to be patient and run him plus run the tight plays for him. This Bills offense is still growing and we have to find the right run/pass ratios over a season still. We have to practice both the run and the pass to be good at both. With time, Daboll, Allen, their teammates and their coaches all working
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