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  1. I was just thinking about Josh yesterday and today…. What if those last three games last year are now what to expect from Josh Allen game in, game out? what if Josh Allen is way better than Brady or Stinky foot, Aaron Rogers? IMHO….If McBeane can keep our OL very good (like it was towards the end of the year, last year) and supply Josh Allen with the weapons he needs, aside from a unlucky game here or there, I think this IS the new norm for Josh Allen. This year, our OL appears to have a fantastic starting five but iffy backups right now. Our weapons are deep and varied but we might have only two weapons that can win on the outside, we’ll see…. We’ll see how lines up on the outside when Davis or Diggs is resting and can that player make plays for us…. Having said that, I really wish we got Christian Watson somehow in the draft this year…. I think I’ll lament it for a long time. What could have been…. The two of them would have set so many records…. Why it bugs me so much is because I don’t think the Bills get another chance at that much talent at the WR position. Could have locked him up for five years….
  2. Crowder can play outside some but just some….Shakir is an unknown oh the outside as well…. There was a contingent of fans that wanted Christian Watson at 25 pretty bad. I was one of them. I loved our draft though… we need both actually. If Davis and Diggs stay healthy we’re fine… if not…???
  3. I’d advise you to subscribe to the Buffalo News and read their Friday magazine that comes with it called, “Gusto,” ang you see schedules of things to do and places to go and learn a lot about Buffalo. Buffalo has a lot of “affordable” restaurants that offer really good food and portions much better than big city offers. They also have a few restaurants that have adopted pricing from other cities and they’re good but expensive. I can’t really afford them so I go to the restaurants that are priced for most Buffalonians. Buffalo has a lot of beautiful architecture to see and they are expanding and improving on-line tours all the time. Just google them. unfortunately, two of the things I’m most excited about in Buffalo aren’t built yet. We have one of the top modern art museums in the country but it is being totally remodeled and expended. the other thing is Lasalle park. It is also being remolded and expended. It is undergoing a name change as well… it is changing to Ralph Wilson Park. I don’t know when either will reopen or how it is going right now. Buffalo does a nice, Shakespeare in the park. It is located in Delaware Park. It is a beautiful in the city park that also gestures Hoyt Lake, which is pretty. There is also a good restaurant in the park. It is called the Terrace and it is one of the very good, affordable restaurants and I recommend. It is a seafood restaurant mostly. It is a nice park too to exercise or walk around. I reccomend all of it. It has public restrooms as well. The history museum is also there so there is a lot to offer there. A rose garden…. It’s a nice place. Go see the Shakespeare. It’s free, take some fruit cheese and wine, etc…a blanket…. A babe…. Used to be my favorite date about a hundred years ago….oh! The zoo is in there too and it is decent as well. Lastly, I’d like to recommend another park…. It is about 90 minutes outside (and is close to another park that is truly gigantic and I highly recommend that one to! Allegany State Park. Allegany has three beautiful lakes two to swim and is in the Allegany mountains. I love it look into it!) but the park close to is Sculpture Park. It was helped to expend a lot by the 100000 Maniacs. They live close to there. Sometimes sculpture park has concerts. Look into it. Go to both parks. Spend a some time there. A very unique park. I hope this helps you and you guys have a blast!
  4. Some people know how to live…. Sounds like you two are two of them…. Enjoy!
  5. Honestly, I think all 3 make it…. who’s going to beat our Ford? Moss will win because he’s drafted. AJ is in no trouble atall….
  6. I like our odds this year. We have the best player at the most important position. We have a very solid top 5 OL. We have plenty of NFL level weapons. Best of all our top ranked defense from a year ago was correctly highly upgraded and it should return its best player in Tre White. Barring injuries, I’d be very surprised if we don’t have the #1 defense once again. And this year, we’re not going to attempt to bottle up the QB in the pocket. You hit him and knock him down and that’s exactly what we’re going to do…. PS - We also have very good Special Teams units that also have been largely upgraded this year.
  7. The Bills DL will always be graded unfairly as long as we run that conservative D…. No Bills lineman has had a lot of stats since Leslie took over…. The LBs and Safeties make the tackles… and the secondary makes the plays…. It is extremely difficult to evaluate Bills defenders. Especially the DL…. Sports writers understand our D less than I do so they just ignore it. I am hoping the signing of Von Miller heralds the coming of a more aggressive defense. We’d be morons to sign Miller than have him play that D where you push the OL into the QB (instead of trying to get around the DL…) Also, Ed was doubled all too often last season yet held his own. He was doubled because he was our best DL….
  8. Gentry vs. Hodgins vs. Kumerow vs. Stevenson vs. Austin is going to be an epic battle. It’s got to be tough to be one of the guys below that group… I hope all that competition produces a superior player. And that’s IF we decide to keep six WRs… I’m hoping it is a fast guy that makes it. Someone to take the top off the defense. I guess Stevenson or Austin. Although Hodgins is interesting as a always open big target. I read today a quote from Knox. Saying how big and huge Howard is. He makes Knox feel small he said. I didn’t know Howard was that huge. I sure hope Howard is a great blocker…. Knox also said Howard is a worker. That’s good….
  9. But…. but…. Poyer was maybe the only Bills defender with impressive stats across the board…. He was all alone as our second leading tackler… 3 sacks, 5 ints, 9PD, 8 TFL, Hyde had 5 ints too but less everything else…. Though I think Hyde plays deep more often… They’re both really good…
  10. I think Josh’s OL and Weapons are fine for this year save one exception. Josh doesn’t have that huge, Uber-talented WR…. That’s why I wanted to go with Christian Watson in this past draft. But you give us Watson, and I put our weapons up against any one’s. I love our starting five OL this year but I am really concerned over the depth… So, not perfect, but maybe a few players show up in camp? I think we have room for a sixth WR but someone has to show he worth the roster spot. On the OL, perhaps Aaron Kromer can unlock Cody Ford’s game? If not, someone else’s game hopefully.
  11. But Hyde was a third rounder and Poyer was a seventh…. The good teams get players that weren’t drafted high and they are good. It is imperative for the better teams to stay better…. The Bills have a lot of young guys in the secondary this year. Maybe a couple of them can play safety to our requirements? Were going to find out anyway… Along the same thinking, IThink this is Milano’s last season as a Bill. It depends how his contract works. If the Bills can get out of it at the end of this year it sez here we will. We’ll use his money to pay other players like Knox, Davis and Tremaine.
  12. Meh…The Bills have to draft the more important positions…. The lines for example….
  13. I have no idea what we’re doing? We should have drafted a guard in the third, imho…. We had better sign a guard that can beat out Ford…. That’s what we need, a quality backup… I sure hope Saffold holds up….
  14. I wouldn’t have guessed he is still that good. My bad, but I’m very happy that I was wrong…. Billieve me though….the rest of our DL has to really elavate to get us that Super Bowl…. I don’t want a team that has to have the ball last to win…. Beane was able to almost totally rebuild the DL and I’m hoping it is much better than last years version. Combine that with Tre’s return and Kaiir’s addition, and we should have the #1 defense even against the great QBs…. The three young DEs and the three new DTs must combine with Von, Ed and Shaq to form one of the top five DLs in theNFL… We have a modern, extremely athletic yet big DL…. I wish we could add Jordan Davis or better yet DeForest Buckner….
  15. I think Roger Saffold is a top ten LG…. Also Ed Oliver is a top ten three tech… I’d remove Tre until he proves he is back though…. .Dawkins and Morse are around 9-13 as well I think… Milano IDK? LBs ain’t what they used to be…. He is a real specialty player. Great at some things awful at some things LBs are historically supposed to be good at….
  16. Can Kromer fix Ford? I think we’re lacking depth otherwise….
  17. And ipso-facto…Tre comes back from that injury and win the Super Bowl! Will Kaiir Elam be in the top five next season?
  18. But…. But…. Josh Allen! The Buffalo Bills! ???
  19. Lotsa new names along that DL. I hope it marries and that Von can be a leader and having that top nine play as one come September.DaQuon is a huge part of that line. We need him at his best.
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