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NFL WEEK #4 - Bills at Ravens - 1st Half Thread


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2 minutes ago, Chuck Schick said:

Stifle yourself - that ball was perfect.  You lead him AT ALL and you get your WR killed


I understand the desire to want to defend the QB. Allen is my favorite player too.


But he is not playing well. He threw that behind Crowder. It still should have been caught but it was a bad throw. Throwing it to his hands would not get him killed at all. 


Allen looks off lately. He is missing open WR’s and he has thrown a ton of interceptable balls the last couple weeks. 

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Just now, Boyst62 said:

Doesn't matter who I think is better.


McDermott is a chump. He showed he was unable to get the job done as early as Houston in the playoff game. We didn't have a good roster - we had no reason to run other than poor coaching.


McDermott preaches he is responsible for the team and coaches.


This team under him has always been soft, never shown discipline, propensity to have blunders.  Just a bunch of excuses on why we can't win close games or seal the deal. 

Change for change sake isn't always a good answer. Just saying.

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4 minutes ago, london_bills said:

I thought he was unlucky the ball was tipped. I don't think Allen is the problem so far

I rewatched that pick, Knox could have made the catch, he pulled his hands back thinking the ball was intended for diggs. Allen is not the problem, I think the count is 5 dropped passes that hit recievers in the hands or chest

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1 minute ago, finn said:

Here's the plan: Allen snaps the ball, blocks the charging d-linemen, and snags the pass for a touchdown. Then he intercepts Jackson to get the ball back. 


This is a one-man team. Is there anyone else, besides maybe Diggs?

Don’t worry…we’re great at drafting and developing late-round DBs.

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