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NFL WEEK #4 - Bills at Ravens - 1st Half Thread


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2 minutes ago, The Jokeman said:

Who do you think is better?

Doesn't matter who I think is better.


McDermott is a chump. He showed he was unable to get the job done as early as Houston in the playoff game. We didn't have a good roster - we had no reason to run other than poor coaching.


McDermott preaches he is responsible for the team and coaches.


This team under him has always been soft, never shown discipline, propensity to have blunders.  Just a bunch of excuses on why we can't win close games or seal the deal. 

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1 minute ago, colin said:

If a d can take diggs away, we basically can't play.  Davis is OK, knox is kinda OK, beyond that we have nothing.


And our total zero production from the running back position is insane!  Fumbles and drops, but also not fast

This is why people wanted a WR last year.


There is a lack of speed on this team. 

Davis and the ankle.


The Bills just haven’t possessed the ball long enough to see much of anything else.

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3 minutes ago, Joe Ferguson said:

Drop..drop…drop…drop..meanhwile ravens can’t drop if they tried

Man if you asked anyone last year how the Raven's pass catchers stacked up against the Bills..


Also how many targets do Gabe Davis and Diggs have?

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4 minutes ago, Real McNasty said:

His players are flat out not executing.  How many dropped passes do we need to see?


Throw the F'ing ball to Diggs non stop.....


Yeah it's ridiculous...Singletary, Cook, Crowder twice...probably more I missed.

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