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  1. CoudyBills

    Lorenzo is back

    Has media aspirations doesn't he? thought I heard that somewhere.
  2. Ah man. you took the bait. The op actually went out of his way twice to post that it can't be a bad thing but, "then again"...total trap. Though I do agree
  3. CoudyBills

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    YEAH! I mean look at Sean Mcvay, he would never waste time as a TE coach. Oh wait, he did? WTF? Assistant TE coach? ***** loser.
  4. CoudyBills

    Would Cordy Glenn be an option in FA?

    Which atheists did they legitimately pass on that would have made the team better?
  5. CoudyBills

    Would Cordy Glenn be an option in FA?

    Yes, yes it is. Probably the biggest drawback to the process. Hopefully this year we can start a new catch phrase..."The Results"
  6. CoudyBills

    Would Cordy Glenn be an option in FA?

    Another one that has no idea what the process is. You keep doing you.
  7. CoudyBills

    Baldinger on Josh Allen's Elite Athleticism

    Assuming this is at Line Backer U, that's Penn State not Pitt. JoePa wanted him to play LB, Jim said no.
  8. CoudyBills

    Josh Allen at #9????

    So you're saying there's a chance?
  9. A 22 year old Larry Fitzgerald. So, I guess a little more size than straight line speed, but work ethic, hands, intelligence, freakish talent are all priorities.
  10. Agree completely with the last 2 sentences. Buffalo needs to exorcise that demon.
  11. CoudyBills

    Speculation on Golic and Wingo that Rosen could be traded

    Is he as good a baseball prospect as football? MLB money would be really hard to walk away from, guaranteed contracts and all.