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  1. Yeah, add 23 more turnovers...that's gotta put him firmly at the top of wtf mountain.
  2. Literally you and a few others are screaming into the void that everyone should leave Brittany alone.
  3. Agree to disagree on the 1st half. Certainly no fortune teller, not happy it turned out correct for damn sure.
  4. Is this where this comment goes? "188 yards 13 points On pace for 376 and 26. Train wreck, God some of you are dubious"
  5. Time will tell. Sure hope not, but results are results.
  6. It really sucks, but the Josh Allen from the halftime of last year's Green Bay game through last night isn't him.
  7. So was Harty. This offense is a train wreck. Don't worry though, they are on pace...
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