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  1. I wouldn't call any Bills turnover down the stretch flukes. They were routine.
  2. Imagine Motor's TDs if they could hand it to him at the 3 and watch him score. That's part of the point really.
  3. Isn't he an oil billionaire? I would be shocked to say the least.
  4. That is not true. You can put different animals together and the mothers will nurse the young of a different species. I know what you mean though.
  5. Exactly. Frankly, ladies need not reply in this case.
  6. In what adult world has this ever existed? That whole scenario is crazy.
  7. That man was something else. You just knew if the Sabres could come up with 2 early goals you could turn out the lights. 1 would often due, 2 and the fat lady was singing.
  8. 43 games played vs 27 and missing a year to ACL. These 2 are not comparable.
  9. Serious question, what does the RAS score we heard so much about measure? His feet are slow and he has no bend. Is he just fast for his size? That's just not a good reason to consider someone.
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