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  1. Cletus. Better? You don't like being called stupid? Don't be such an #######.
  2. Right. Billions are typically morons, barely smart enough to breath actually. Good call cletus.
  3. CoudyBills

    Amazon HQ2 Decision - NYC & VA

    What does your depreciated capital investment look like? Several hundred million dollars? Invest more.
  4. Is he in prison? Oh wait, the rumored one? Yeah that one.
  5. Well played. I like it.
  6. Like the hall of fame wr Marvin Harrison? One of the hands down greatest that ever played Marvin Harrison? I like it, unfortunately Antonio suffers from a case of OLD so I would pass on that.
  7. 1998 huh...need some Metamucil grandpa?
  8. CoudyBills

    Super Bowl Ratings Hit 10-Year Low

    Boy asshats are asshats to the core aren't they?
  9. CoudyBills

    Great Job by Wade Phillips

    Nonsense. Old white guys are stupid wastes of skin. Everyone knows this. If you want to win you have to employ young people because only young people know the "right" stuff. Don't believe me, just ask one. Oh and btw, I'm only in my mid-thirties.
  10. CoudyBills

    Defense wins championships

    Don't be obtuse.
  11. CoudyBills

    Defense wins championships

    Yep. People act like defense wins championships means defenses pitch shutouts. It simply means defenses make some plays to slow the other offense down. 2 high powered offenses face off, 1 defense makes 4 stops while another make 2 who wins? I meant to type wasn't but apparently typed was, or my phone auto corrected...not sure. I edited it immediately, you're quick.