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  1. No, we need them to slow the Dolphins down just enough so Josh Allen and the Bills offense can outscore them. Not shine, just don't vomit all over yourselves like the Ravens.
  2. I've watched them this year and they were a wagon for 1 quarter. They sucked the first 7. Not sure where this dominance idea is coming from.
  3. Phillips, not Settle right? I thought Settle was going to play maybe
  4. It will shut them all up for a while. They act like the Bills being down starters means they are only going to field 6 guys.
  5. I'm going ro be the most unsufferable bastard on Twitter after the Bills win tomorrow. These dolphin fans are just unbearable.
  6. Welcome back, you've been pretty quite lately...wonder why
  7. Do you guys know, is stat muse correct? Tyreek Hill has 1 TD against the Bills in his career? That doesn't sound right.
  8. Yeah Marcel is a pretty big Dolphin homer
  9. No, but apparently Tua is gonna kick the Bills ass this weekend so maybe you have some hope?
  10. Unless the Bills are dressing Kyle Hamilton, and playing him single high, I'm not worried about those deep shots happening.
  11. I highly recommend everyone watch the Everything DB segment with Darius Butler on the Pat Mcafee show today. Tua hit the big plays because they presented themselves, good on him. The Ravens colossally screwed the pooch in their back 7.
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