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  1. Feels like this era of the Bills is going to be the team that almost got there.
  2. Why do people fail to realize this? They always want to argue that the guys he played against were not full time modern era players...duh, neither was he.
  3. God forbid those quick to judge have to deal with some of their own medicine. Might do them some good.
  4. She should still be charged. The trial experience would be a good lesson.
  5. His oline in green bay was nothing to write home about. Great left tackle though, all 3 games he plays every year.
  6. I take PEDs. I used to be against them, but, as I've aged, I'm all for it if you can afford them.
  7. We are talking about our options, from Tennessee on south.
  8. Is Naples still a place to be down there? I gotta get out of the northeast...I've become soft over the years. I hate snow.
  9. There is a legitimate reason for the growing buzz around the lack of skill position players beyond Diggs.
  10. I wouldn't call any Bills turnover down the stretch flukes. They were routine.
  11. Had to read that 3 times...need more coffee maybe
  12. Imagine Motor's TDs if they could hand it to him at the 3 and watch him score. That's part of the point really.
  13. Isn't he an oil billionaire? I would be shocked to say the least.
  14. That is not true. You can put different animals together and the mothers will nurse the young of a different species. I know what you mean though.
  15. Exactly. Frankly, ladies need not reply in this case.
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