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  1. Yup--big chance for a rested D to set us up nice lets go!!!
  2. Man we need to come out and just show them again we're more talented. We are big time. Goddamn! Always has to be stressful.
  3. A little something to give me some pre-game heartburn...plus...the kicker...
  4. I was walking around the house yesterday AM and heard the kid humming some random tune with the lyrics under his breath "squish the fish, squish the fish".
  5. I can't get into mechanics etc, but how does Darnold scramble out of bounds and take a sack on Sunday and not get rid of the ball? How do you take a delay of game coming out of a TV timeout? Why bother doing 31 flavors when you can't get vanilla right? I don't pretend to be able to see anything but AWFUL footwork, or recognize anything but the worst "bad habits"....but I know taking a sack you don't need to, or taking the dumbest of dumb penalties, isn't something you want or expect a 3rd year guy to be doing. Maybe he's just....completely lost and ruined at this point?
  6. I dunno about cinch but it'd be a big help for sure!
  7. hate that we allowed them any momentum they are going to go to Bell again a lot in second half.
  8. Seems like a tryhard pick. I get the league changes every year....but come on.
  9. Part of me is still kind of in shock that there will be football. It all feels really mirage-ish still.
  10. Did said marketing department have anything to do with the Toronto games? ANYTHING? If so, I can get on board with this.
  11. I was gonna say....if there is ANY stadium/team that gets to have fans whereas we don't, I'd choose Miami. Always tons of Bills fans there. God they must LOVE that!
  12. Oh no I'm not going there. That's old Wheels. I don't start trouble just because any more.
  13. You'd have to ask the guys who run the board. It is not a decision I made.
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