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  1. That'd be where that "if true" part of my post comes into play jughead.
  2. Hell yeah, why not right? My Battlehawks hat is already on the way. My buddy (and my son) wants one too but man finding XFL stuff is near impossible. I had to get mine on ebay. (Unfortunately my wife, who puts everything on hold to watch any Bills game at any time, has made it clear she isn't having any of this nonsense. The XFL is apparently a bridge too far. Oh well. We just go "KA-KAW" in the basement to annoy her during games)
  3. man my beloved BattleHawks were ROBBED on that uncalled Offside where Ta'amu chucked it up...but didn't get the flag, so whoops, pick. It was the worst loss in the history of the franchise!!! (My Giants fan buddy decided to pick a team to root for for a laugh....thank god we picked St Louis over NY. I saw Guardians fans wearing Jets gear. Eww. St. Louis got the nod due to not having an NFL team, plus the Qbs nickname is "The Throwin' Samoan".)
  4. Yeah cuz those Johnson bros are pretty hard up right now. I feel for them. Jeez this is just cheapness right? I mean, coaches don't count towards the cap do they?
  5. guys used to cork bats and the same thing could happen...they still did it. To me the plus of having the bat wired up is some kind of (VERY low) level of plausible deniability. If you have a wire taped to you...that didn't happen on accident and you know why. If it's part of the equipment, you could always say I didn't do it and blame a bat boy etc.
  6. I learned Ryan Tannehill will turn back into a pumpkin whenever he gets treated like a princess (I know he played ok most of the day but when they needed to come back and a lot was on his shoulders, I just felt like....there's the Miami Dolphin QB I use to love to see twice a year.)
  7. The MacDonalds' lawsuit alleges that an allegedly inebriated Bills fan from Canada shoved a female fan who was standing in front of him. The female fan tumbled forward, landing on people sitting in front of her and colliding with the back of Rodriguez-MacDonald’s head, the lawsuit alleges. CLASS ACT If true I hope they take him and to the cleaners.
  8. https://www.the-sun.com/news/250900/std-map-us-cities/ STD map ranks Baltimore as worst US city for sexually transmitted diseases XD
  9. MLB makes very clear what kind of cheating is ok and what isn't. Old school gamesmanship and sign stealing? Fine. Just don't use tech. They've been very clear. The NFL on the other hand tires to act like cheating doesn't really exist in the league at all.
  10. texans be out I'd like to see Ten out past that I'm good
  11. Anything could be anything but this reads more like a warning to fellow sports writers than to fellow fans. Most EVERYBODY in the press seemed to think the Bears were destined for big things, then ending up looking like schmucks. Whoops. When they need a story next spring....we will be "the next big thing" again. But it'll be all couched with "coulds" and "maybes". They just won't bear down on the declaritives so much. Think the Browns will be good next year guys? Press told me they were gonna be hot hot hot this year....
  12. I think this is a pretty fair point. "let them play" and not wanting ticky-tack bullcrap to decide a playoff game should go BOTH WAYS.
  13. jesus christ at this point I wish Ford had Sapped the guy.
  14. Somebody buy that man a cheeseburger for me.
  15. Yeah, Garrett. My buddy is all in on Bienemy right now. Have to say tho...if NYG did hire Garrett, and they got good? Man that would KILL Jerruh and that would be pretty awesome.
  16. Agreed. My Giants fan buddy is just praying they don't get left holding the bag and hire the Clapper!
  17. guaranteed ring? Give it to me. As long as we aren't out and out cheating, I don't care if the guys were FAs, Canadian football players, even former hated Pats.
  18. I have to say,....I will actually enjoy it if Brady leaves, and the press will jump all over Miami or the Jets as the heir apparent. I like our team being under the radar.
  19. I have a hard time arguing with some of it. A lot of it, actually. Josh farted.
  20. Um...it was awful and it never should have happened.
  21. Well that's the thing though. He DOES look like a trained killer sometimes! But the bad is SO baffling. People keep saying it'll go away, but this was about the dumbest thing he's ever done. Int he biggest spot. I just don't see how that is in his head, at all.
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