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  1. OK, i gotcha. I just didn't like potentially getting lumped in with Josh Haters....I'm not one! But I do agree with them on the lateral. Don't they really practice laterals....specifically for last ditch plays though? That's the stuff you do at the END of practice you almost NEVER expect to need isn't it?
  2. On another note, as a QB, I am 100% willing to live with him forcing the ball in with his arm where he maybe it shouldn't be. That to me is the right kind of risk you have to take as a QB.
  3. Why would I hate the next dozen years? I don't expect Josh to lateral like that often and there is absolutely no reason to expect him to. An improvised play that was nearly a disaster is incredibly unlikely to get added to the playbook. Kind of the opposite. You seem to assume a lot about people you don't know. I'm not Anti-Josh, and I wouldn't think a lateral was a smart play simply because it worked, so no, no poster "hanging on my living room wall". Sheesh man. There's no hidden agenda here. Laterals are stupid, risky plays IMO. They fall into almost any other trick/exotic play category IMO....looks great when it works, "WOW! HIGHLIGHT REEL! AWESOME!" and looks idiotic the other 98% of the time it blows up in your face. It's exactly why even though there are HIGHLIGHTS of great lateral plays, they are without a doubt the exception to the rule, and you can go weeks and weeks and months and months in any given NFL season without seeing one, barring last second desperation plays. Because no coach worth his salt wants his QB treating the ball like an impromptu hot potato (especially in a playoff game). If you feel like responding, that's wonderful. Just try to stick to the point, and please save the assumptions about my motives for somebody else. I think laterals are stupid. That's my point. We could talk about designing an offense around laterals/extending plays and lots of other things. But for crissakes, the point is the lateral itself, not who was doing it. Josh is MY QB, so I want him to grow out of it...it's not something I am trying to pillory him for.
  4. Anti-Josh gang? I'm not one of those, but they are right. Laterals (short the have to end of game plays) are totally stupid and risky. This isn't some big conspiracy or part of any grander theory. Hold onto the ball, don't do stupid *****. Simple. It was a dumb play he shouldn't repeat.
  5. I winced watching that dude getting hit by the statue. Oof.
  6. What do you mean? he was good. Then he was bad. Then he was good again. Then bad. Then he got worse. Then he got good again. Then we he was bad. And that was all one game.
  7. I'll take doing too much all day long too. Just no laterals.
  8. Jeez I'd be most embarrassed to have people make me dig up my FOOTBALL posts from here (or BB.com, really). So much wrong.
  9. I don't keep my car clean enough to do that....I'd lose it or my son would blow his nose on it or something! 🤣
  10. See I used to do that too, then I figured, why lean over to the glovebox or go into my pockets (looks suspicious I guess, I get it, could be grabbing a gun/hiding contraband etc).
  11. Yeah the ask for get your license/tell them before you do it, is stuff I picked up later too. I certainly get the idea of putting the cop at ease and keeping every interaction as easy and friendly as possible. I make no excuses for bad cops, but the way I see some people, of all colors, start off a law enforcement interaction...wow.
  12. Good point. We have strong coaches with a strong culture (though I cringe at that word in coach speak, I do get it) and they've brought in, it appears, players with character. Can only imagine how Rex would handle something like this.
  13. Sometimes libertarian dads also kind of give "the talk", but from a kind of different angle of course...as soon as I got my license dad told me "Cops have the ability to end every argument or disagreement with a gun. You will lose that argument every time. Don't start it. Be polite, do what they say." And honestly I seem to recall learning the windows down/ engine off (AND STEREO, always blows me away to see people keep cranking tunes as they walk up) "rule" in driver's ed, but maybe the guy at Sears was just dropping his own knowledge, I don't know if that was actually taught to others in driver's ed.
  14. I expect ESPN to somehow tie this to Josh's old nonsense and a "culture" at the Bills in 3....2...1....
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