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  1. Probably because like running with the bulls or holding a firecracker so long it blows up in your hand (often involving alcohol) jumping through a table is just a dumbass thing to do. I don't know that it being lesser by degree or comparison to another dumb thing makes a difference. It's just stupid*. *Said by a guy who did tons of stupid ***** when he was younger, and still occasionally does. But come on. Some stuff in the Bills lot is about what I would expect to see at an ICP wrestling event.
  2. And it didn't take long., and he wasn't that great to begin with. But I still think his mobility makes him the best short term spot starter, and I still think he is quite a change of pace from Josh, even though Josh is indeed mobile.
  3. Just based on his mobility factor. I think that is hard to adjust to short term. That's also why I think it is at best a flash in the pan advantage.
  4. I think Tyrod would be a good back up as he is a major change of pace, both from what WE do and what most NFL qbs do. Yeah that is hard for our guys to adjust to as well but I tend to think it is harder on the other team. Now, that advantage, is there is one, lasts all of maybe two games. Once they prep for him....meh. But as an IN game replacement, like Josh hurts his hand Q1? I think it'd HAVE to be Tyrod. As a more than 2 game solution? Well at that point it doesn't really matter IMO. They'll all be exactly what they are. IMO only Tyrod has the kind fo game that throws anyone for a loop, albeit only temporarily.
  5. I was kind of thinking this myself. Philly sure wanted Shady back for a while.
  6. Any channel with it on, with the sound off. Ever since they stopped tipping picks I see no big reason to choose one channel over another really. The coverage is all the same stuff to me.
  7. Yeah, I think it's fugly too. Shoot I buy NOS Bills hats on eBay. That used to make me feel better when I really didn't want to give Ralph any more dollars for a while, but I realized you can find some cool old Bills stuff on there, brand new.
  8. They got a playoff bracket for these accolades or what? Who are the Wild Cards? Be in the running for the Superbowl (that is, make the playoffs). That's what matters. 9-7, 15-1, get in.
  9. My only embarrassment, if it can be called that, having to do with Bills gear is how much I have of it. Do I need 7 Bills Starter jackets (listen, they are dirt cheap on ebay and I LOVED Starter as a kid) or that helmet phone I just bought for my desk? Nope. I'm in CT. I rock my Bills hat and jacket every day. Come at me Pat-bros. I've heard it all.
  10. I think it would be pretty interesting to have all three major Qbs of that draft in one division. And I ain't afraid of no Josh Rosen.
  11. True but I''ve seen southerners react to weather we all think is a normal in say, March...they act like it's snowmageddon.
  12. I agree with this. I've often thought Miami gets a lot of guys who I think go there for nightlife first, football second. With Buffalo, you either came to play, or came for the money. Beaches and babes weren't a factor.
  13. Winning will help but only Pats like ring-cases are going to be actual decision changers vs. bigger contracts or nicer weather or both. Wins vary wildly year to year. I assume the weather on Miami beaches is always nice.
  14. 4/5 got them rust belt blues. Oh and, winning some more games would help.
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