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  1. Talk &%^$, get spit? I agree it's totally gross and uncalled for. But in the real world real people react crazily to relatively normal stuff. Gotta watch who you mess with, or, better, just don't mess with people.
  2. I will say one thing...Miami gets up for us, at least for a half, every game. Did somebody say something about somebodies mama or is this all back to the Landry block a while back? I mean they were fired up from snap one.
  3. Haha I almost joked about having him play a quarter of warm up ball.
  4. I'm willing to give him time (what choice do I have, I know). Is inexperience the issue here though? I'm not gonna say he is Jekyl/Hyde 1st half to 2nd....but some games it seems that way. I like that we're making adjustments 2nd half, and that he is able to adjust. Good sign. Just seems inexperience would rear it's head MORE in the second half (where a young guy maybe couldn't adjust, but the other D could). I dunno. Does seem too that his long ball accuracy and mobile game have decline a bit from last year, not grown. The mobility, hey maybe they're trying to smarten him up, i get that. But the long ball at least SEEMED better to me last year.
  5. How do we get 2nd half Josh for a full 4 quarters? That's my concern.
  6. lets do this i want to see bad fitz. go bills
  7. My eight year old loves Miami games more than any other. But even I get sick of hearing "squish the fish" after the 547th time.
  8. Feel bad for Fitz???? What? Release the hounds on his ass!!!!
  9. May have already been mentioned "Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane" Not sure you can say that one on TV any more tho! XD
  10. It's a game of inches followed by other favorite cliche that's what she said
  11. It was the wrong call, period. We should send him Christmas cards.
  12. Go git it Josh figuratively of course...maybe slide a little more .
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