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  1. I think so too. We underachieved last year and looking to be on our way to doing it again this season.
  2. This coaching staff has already cost Josh 1 SB…I fear they’re gonna do it again this year
  3. Damn that sucks. We really took a beating yesterday.
  4. I definitely think there's some legitimate reasons to be concerned with McD. I think we can still win a championship with him here, but I do think a better in-game coach could possibly win more. But there is a contingent here that never wants to hear anything negative about him. It's almost a cult-like following. They don't really even debate half the time.
  5. That’s McD ball. He’s never learned and probably never will unfortunately.
  6. 1st and goal at the 2 and 1:30 just to get in Fg position…tough to take.
  7. The end of game coaching there from Hackett made McD look like Parcells
  8. I’m glad Beane was up there for this. He’s much more conversational in his approach than McD in this type of setting and it makes him seem more real and genuine. I think it helps dismantle a media that’s trying to lay blame or get a reaction from them.
  9. I just saw the way McD spoke after the game, I would agree with the people that have said his tone didn't seem very optimistic about how this is going to end and the implication was that whatever new news he says he got in the last 24 hours wasn't great.
  10. I don't necessarily care about that part, it's that some of his posts weren't even coherent. If she was raped, it's way too important for him to present himself like that.
  11. Not simply for spreading an STD, but knowingly spreading one is really messed up. If this lawyer is being real about this supposed phone call where he said that, that I obviously don't know. That's why I prefaced it with IF.
  12. He's not representing himself well in this specific instance though
  13. Wait he had sex with her knowing he had an STD? Or he found out about it after? If it's the former I'd probably cut him on that alone.
  14. If she lied about being in college that could be different, if she said she was in high school I don't think it's that simple.
  15. I think it's different when they're adults. This girl was a kid. It's different if she lied about being in college, but if she told him she was in high school that's sketchy to me.
  16. It's still gross that as a 21 year old that he had sex with a high schooler. And it's bad judgement on his part, if I loved the game I would not risk it on a banging a high schooler even aside from it being sketchy in it of itself.
  17. Yeah I'm pretty skeptical here of Araiza even on just the possible sex with a minor...but this lawyer seems like a total clown
  18. Cut him. He still had sex with a minor either way. He's human trash.
  19. Do what ya gotta do, I would never look down on someone for working. I don't think the OP was doing that. But as some people mentioned here, I've also taken Ubers from people who are retired and don't need the money, they actually just enjoy it.
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