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NFL WEEK #4 - Bills at Ravens - 1st Half Thread


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2 minutes ago, Einstein said:


I understand the desire to want to defend the QB. Allen is my favorite player too.


But he is not playing well. He threw that behind Crowder. It still should have been caught but it was a bad throw. Throwing it to his hands would not get him killed at all. 


Allen looks off lately. He is missing open WR’s and he has thrown a ton of interceptable balls the last couple weeks. 

Maybe his throwing hand is more hurt than they want to admit

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1 minute ago, McBean said:

Thank GOD we let Daboll leave.



Not on Dorsey. Our guys can’t catch or hold on to the ball. Our D has been soft. 

And literally everything that could be going wrong for Buffalo is. 
This is a gut check game… and one the media is going to absolutely love. “The Bills aren’t who we/they thought they are.”


And they’re right at the moment. This team needs to get back to being focused and playing with that chip on their shoulder. 


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