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NFL Week #2 - 9/18/2022 - 2nd half thread Titans at Bills


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1 minute ago, Watkins90 said:

Kind of. You are simply down where your first body part touches. So if you can dive and not have your knees or other body parts touch the ground for two yards, you get the two yards. 


That's my point, he hit a yard short of the first.  Not quite as bad as 3rd and ***** Orton....

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1 minute ago, TFBillsfan said:

Can we start the postgame thread early 😎

Could have started it part eay into the 3rd when the game was over

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This post on the titans board has to be the most ignorant post in the game thread there, and that is really saying something...


Yes the offense is built to make Allen not have to think. Nearly every throw is determined before the snap because they are designed to scheme a particular guy open and their play caller is great. Allen does a great job getting rid of it fast. 

The stupidity over there is really over the top.


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