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  1. So glad we have Josh especially after watching that Wilson interview!
  2. How long do you think until Jacksonville is actually "on the clock"?
  3. Just watch this video, start at about 42:20 for the Josh part, but the whole Palmer interview is good. Then just remind yourself that we have THAT GUY! We have Josh Allen. It doesn't matter who they have!
  4. Just saw this Josh video. It is BY FAR my all time favorite, it shows the lighter side of our franchise QB. There is no other QB I would rather have. I love this kid like he was my own.
  5. Did you notice how upset Josh got when he got that one answer wrong? He tried to hide it but couldn't, it really bothered him getting one wrong. He is ultra competitive in EVERYTHING. God I love this kid! Thank God he is a Buffalo Bill. I watched the whole hour, it flew by.
  6. Kyle: Josh, what do you relate to your time during covid this past year? Josh: "I got a lot better at football"
  7. If you have Spotify ETA: Watching now, thanks for posting! Any JA17 content during the offseason is ******* AWESOME!
  8. This is all I can picture anytime one of his videos gets posted. Except Julian from TPB is performing a comedic role and that guy is serious. His whole schtick doesn't work for me.
  9. Remember this? Kelvin Benjamin Zay Jones Robert Foster Andre Holmes Isaiah McKenzie Incredible strides this TEAM has made in 3 years.
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