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  1. Totally agree, and add what Green just said to it. Yeah, I'll pass. nfl
  2. These refs are SO BAD. I hate Landry as much as any Bills fan but that was a clean block.
  3. Clowney and Ansah are quiet. Thats a lot of $$$ to not be heard from. So glad we have Beane
  4. LoL, is this guy for real? I have yet to see a Bills fan upset by this move. Disappointed it didn't work out maybe but not one PISSED about the move. raider-forum
  5. So Baker won't even shake hands before the coin toss? Sherman said it rubbed the whole team wrong and disrespected the game. Baker still has a boys mentality playing a mans sport and it shows. Opposing teams are going to take extra pleasure making sure he is put in his place. I for one am enjoying watching it. nfl
  6. I noticed the Browns message boards get very little traffic and are generally boring.
  7. I sure as hell won't miss Zays family.
  8. BWAHAHAHAHA Wonder if Browns fans want Baker benched? Who is their backup?
  9. The kid is learning and improving. He has played a whole 13 games.
  10. Didn't you know it's not Zays fault, the problem is Josh not 'feeding' Zay the ball enough. At least according to Zays mom and brother. https://twitter.com/ManeeshaJones If only Zay would get more chances maybe he would eclipse that 50% catch rate. Its all Allens fault, if only Zay had a better QB. Zays family does him no favors.
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