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  1. That catch by Duke was better than any reception last year!
  2. Another 1st down for Cole. Get used to hearing that this year!
  3. Exactly my first thought. Of course it benefits the Cheatriots.
  4. Not sure whats worse... Me NOT knowing Rex has a foot fetish or, People KNOWING he has a foot fetish. I will revel in my ignorance on this one
  5. stosh64

    CBS week 1

    My wife agrees too. I could really give a #### if a woman announces the game, but please FFS, not Beth.
  6. stosh64

    CBS week 1

    Its simply the voice, like nails on a chalk board IMHO. Has nothing to do with her being a woman, there are male voices I can't stand as well.
  7. stosh64

    CBS week 1

    As long as we can avoid Mowins for the season
  8. Someone called him Fredo and he hasn't been the same ever since...
  9. I'll just leave this here... Can't wait to read ours.
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