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  1. I was too, then I just read the rules...PDF rules linky So lesson to self, read rules before wasting 30 min a day thinking you are voting...
  2. Bump for Tre. Come on people, we can do better than 5th place!
  3. But whats their DVOA?? They are several tiers better than Josh is...
  4. It better be $28,000 at least! Oh wait, this is the NFL, award the pats*** a pick.
  5. It would be so nice to have a Kittle! Here's to hoping Knox develops...
  6. You just said exactly what I was thinking all year and culminated on that pass to Dimarco on Sat. Throw in the final "Gore Up the Middle" and I can't take anymore. Its is baffling to me that anyone, let alone an NFL level coordinator would think this would be successful, over...and over. Well said, Thank you
  7. I said in another thread that all season I have felt talent and experience wise we were not 'there' yet. Remember how many rookie and 2nd year starters we have. Our HC is still learning OTJ. There are many places we need to upgrade, that has been known all season, WR, DE/Edge, OL, RB, etc... Many predicted us missing the playoffs, yada yada. You may say we overachieved for the level of talent/experience we have here. Our Defensive QB is 21, that's Twenty One years old... He may not even be completely finished growing yet. All that said yesterday was tough to watch. Allen looked like he had a stroke at some point in the 3rd Q. Our receivers showed just how lacking they are when compared to other elite WR's, our OL was horrendous at times, tackling, I could go on and on. Coaching was my biggest concern yesterday. Daboll has been a thorn in my side all year, I will be happy if he is signed by another team. I had hoped for considerable growth from McDermott compared to last year, I didn't see it. I almost always love the way he runs the D but he needs to hire an offensive specialist and let him do his thing. From personnel to play calling to game management. McD's ultra conservative O is killing us IMHO. His commitment to certain players, we all know who they are, is baffling. His time management, especially late in games is atrocious. Look, I am a HUGE homer, especially when it comes to Allen, But yesterday concerned me a LOT! I get why people are pissed off, they should be after what we watched. That being said I still have high hopes for this team going forward. If you would have told me back in Aug. where we would have ended up this season I would have said yep, sounds about right, maybe even a little better than I expected. I still look forward to what Beane can to for this team this off season between FA/draft. I hope to see McD do a lot of self reflection and focus the 'process' on himself. I pray Beane is a level headed influence on McD and can tell him what most of us see as his shortcomings. I will lose no sleep if Daboll is lost/let go. I still have high hopes that this team learns from that HOT MESS yesterday, I will give them my full support next year. If problems we KNOW about still persist at the end of next year I may join the pitch fork brigade though...
  8. I said the same thing to my wife during I think the 3rd Q, "it looks like Josh had a stroke". I can't remember at what point it was but it was like someone flipped a switch and "it" just didn't make sense for him anymore. Was very weird to watch. This is from one of the biggest Josh Allen homers there is. Someone else mentioned up thread about hoping McBeane has some 3rd party guru come in and blatantly tell EVERYONE what they see. I was always of the opinion that we were at least a year away yet, but after watching that mess I am having a hard time keeping such a bright outlook. I hope they prove me wrong early next year. Tough day to be a Bills fan, but we are used to that...
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