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  1. What they HAVE to do is guarantee each team at least one possession at least only for the playoffs. The chiefs absolutely should have gotten one more chance with the ball in the title game last year. Everyone knew the pats were going to end it as soon as they won the coin toss. Its bs. Its a simple and easy fix really
  2. Yeah because we play a lot of zone. More than not though the other teams #1 is lined up on tres side
  3. I started to think that today too On the other hand tre goes up against the #1 wrs and levi doesnt
  4. I like them later but after today it has come at the perfect time really. Its hard to argue against that. half the oline went out and then milano and murphy. We need the rest right now
  5. Murphy out too? Please god why. Just let us get out of here with a W and intact
  6. Holding call was absolutely pathetic. These games are fixed against buffalo and it continues, probably until we build a new stadium to make the league happy
  7. I think so. Its def a problem with him now. I fully expect him to be out weeks with this one too
  8. Could be something he always struggles with. Hard to believe a guy with that strong an arm would have issues hitting a deep ball. Ryan tannehill was horrible at it and never got better. Tyrod threw a great deep ball but struggled underneath. It always seems to be one or the other for us anyways
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