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  1. Who said first? He hasnt even signed the franchise tag yet. I prolly wouldnt give a first either, but its also a move we can make while not having to pay allen yet
  2. Gaine wanted to sign clowney long term and o'brien didnt. Its more than possible gaine pushes for us to make the trade.
  3. It really is great. Its like our own hard knocks but with multiple seasons
  4. Us going 6-10 had more to do with having a rookie qb than if the team was tough or not. I want to see fight from my team and i do think it matters
  5. For now maybe, but eventually he will be a hc if he starts getting opportunities. Im just really glad weve got him back and the same system for a second straight year. That is huge. If allen really gets going and daboll ends up leaving we should be ok by then
  6. Only if their gm has no ties to gase. a new gm with a coach he didnt hire almost never works. Gase could have pulled a move ala mcd and has someone in mind though
  7. Exactly. If they picked up the option and then tried to resign him the starting point would be 10 mil a year. Hes not worth that right now. This gives them flexibility and they will prolly offer him an extension lower than that, if he gets a better offer elsewhere he prolly takes it. Oh well. Maybe he really breaks out and has a ten sack year, doesnt seem likely but who knows. Hes been more of an edge setter than anything else since clemson
  8. I think we will try to be more balanced for now as allen keeps developing. Look who we have at rb, were going to run the ball. I see a lot of PA this year too.
  9. Brandon beane is a cool customer. Were in good hands here guys.
  10. I like calls that have man and zone beaters combined. And then you get to the line and adjust from there if needed
  11. This is exactly how i read into it as well. They are preparing everyone for the new stadium
  12. Oliver on 3rd down in nickel pass rush is going to be a nightmare for other teams to deal with. Can put lawson next to him too in there
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