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  1. Cant see it being more than a quarter. Maybe hes looking for a td, get a lead, and then everyone sits
  2. Theyve been going for a strip all game. Could see it coming. Backbreaker. Waste a timeout and then that happens. Unreal
  3. Had to have been mutual so he could go play for a contender. Guessing he wants to go back to baltimore. Watch him end up in new england
  4. A win there wouldve been huge but honestly we cant get that upset today. Proved we could hang with the big boys. Ravens have a great d and run game and both of those travel. but they are just as likely to get beat in the divisional as they are to get to the super bowl imo. Somebody is going to get a lead and make jackson a thrower
  5. Allen had simple checkdowns a bunch of times in the first half. I know we hate that word but first downs in this game are at a premium right now. Josh has to see what theyre giving him and get it out
  6. Well montana did nearly take kc to the super bowl before they ran into us
  7. I almost feel like the real turning point was when we got a stop when we were down 7-0 already and they had the ball at midfield. If we had went down 14-0 that could have been crushing. Then we had bad field position but managed to flip the field, and we settled in and imposed our will after that.
  8. That what the great ones do. Mcdermott is a schemer. Belichick does the same thing. People forget that our coach is growing too
  9. Josh allen put on a clinic tonight. Controlled the game at the los. He got dallas to show their hand all night. We just saw him come of age tonight big time. Buckle your seatbelts
  10. Josh has gotta hit that second down throw. Wide open brown wouldve been a huge chunk play
  11. Yeah id love it if we had dalvin cook. Always feels like we have a bunch of Jag's while other teams have real impact players.
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