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  1. BillsSbSoon

    Divisional round, Eagles at Saints, 4:40 pm on FOX

    Im really baffled by that too. Made no sense. Let it hit the 2 min and regroup. They had more than enough time
  2. It wouldve been awkward too with kubiak there when he won a sb as hc and some of those players remain. Cant imagine fangio really wanted that no matter what he said
  3. Part of that ypc was because of bortles.
  4. Yeah the ppl saying he sucks are crazy. The guy was a beast his rookie year. We also could NOT tackle him a few months ago. Jags fell off as a whole this year and bortles is garbage. That is the real problem there
  5. BillsSbSoon

    Updated: Flores new Phins HC

    Wouldnt worry about lawrence or lee. Lee is shot and i doubt they let lawrence go
  6. BillsSbSoon

    Arians expected to be TB HC tomorrow

    Winston has played well before. That doesnt mean he wont trade for someone though. Flacco or foles could be a possibility
  7. BillsSbSoon

    Arians expected to be TB HC tomorrow

    Come on. I said "do well" as a general statement. Hes 67 years old and this qb class isnt great. Might not want to start over with a rookie
  8. BillsSbSoon

    Arians expected to be TB HC tomorrow

    Arians is good with qbs. Prolly thinks he can do well with winston. Plus its florida. He said he was good friends with the GM too
  9. BillsSbSoon

    [Incomplete Title] 1 year ago today...

    It was bad but the playcall was awful. We werent that type of offense to throw a fade on 1st and goal. Run the damn ball. That was end for dennison right there
  10. BillsSbSoon

    What was your favorite Bills game or moment last year?

    Wow id actually forgotten that was ramseys celebration. That just made that ten times better for me lol
  11. BillsSbSoon

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    Yeah and then they get ruined by new england. I agree it starts with the qb but the reason the colts are back where they are is that oline being rebuilt and luck being healthy. Marlon mack has looked like a solid back because of that line too. I dont think theyre beating kc either.
  12. BillsSbSoon

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    This year? Im not sure about that. If their oline was still bad i really dont think theyd be where they are right now. And he would prolly be hurt again
  13. BillsSbSoon

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    He was getting killed behind that line. Not sure what you think you were watching
  14. BillsSbSoon

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    Yeah he was running cause their line couldnt protect him
  15. BillsSbSoon

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    He did, and then he eventually started getting killed and injured to the point there was doubt he would ever be the same