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NFL Week #2 - 9/18/2022 - 2nd half thread Titans at Bills


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Just now, stosh64 said:

This post on the titans board has to be the most ignorant post in the game thread there, and that is really saying something...

The stupidity over there is really over the top.



If that was the case then surely defending him would be easy? As you stop the first read, and Josh wouldn't be able to adapt.

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Would love the stat on “starter” QBs that get yanked next to the Titans stat line. 

Of all the dumb stats that get rolled out….how about one

Tannehill becomes the 12th known starter yanked due to poor performance since some random time selected to make it sound interesting.   

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Hard run by Cook to get the first, and bring us to victory formation.


Solid solid win, and still a lot of meat on the bone for the offense to be honest. The defense and special teams played complementary ball and won their matchups so convincingly that it shows on the scoreboard as offense.

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