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  1. just wasnt our day, nearly everything went against us. onto next week. Miami is not the better team.
  2. haha such a Browns type play.
  3. that might be the game right there. 1 touchdown wins it.
  4. Chubb just cuts and goes, i remember Thurman doing that alot, one cut, and gone.
  5. either the OC feels that Mitch cant actually pass the ball downfield, or the OC is a moron. im still undecided as to which it is. im seeing some terrible playcalling atm. bubble screens with WRs missing key blocks, check 3rd and long pass play with 2 guys running free at Mitch, check.
  6. some big names on that list, obviously hope Dane is ok, the Phillips hamstring injury worries me. hes been so disruptive these first 2 games, makes me a bit worried.
  7. id like to see Cook get a TD here. give him some confidence.
  8. holy sh@t i hadnt seen that in real time. that needs to be addressed by the NFL asap. thats friggen terrible.
  9. if you think being poor lets you get away with crime more than if youre rich, im not sure what planet youre currently living on.
  10. i love Poyer, i have zero issue with him wanting to get paid, he deserves it. id love to keep him around as long as possible, but you just cant overpay for an older safety anymore in this league. team friendly deal so u can win, sign me up. overpay and hurt the team in the process, pass. nothing against Po, hes a dog no doubt about it, its not just about him though.
  11. i dont need our mvp getting hurt up by 21 with 5min left....
  12. Bease was a beast. was. couldnt stay on the field enough. i loved him, best ability is availability though.
  13. giving Kupp a free release at the line is just asking for him to get an ez catch.
  14. sadly, we've seen this before. happens far too often. gotta make them pay when u can, just cant seem to do it.
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