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  1. think Gilmore pulled both arms back as Diggs was trying to put the ball away. happens.
  2. i so very much want Gilmore to get torched for 2 or 3 tds today.
  3. was very happy when beane signed him. low key sneakiest signing ever. guy always shows up.
  4. Cowboys punter has some, Anger. ya ya i know. lol.
  5. watched the play a coupla times, not sure if Rapp had already started his dive before Dak went down. really close.
  6. "Cowboys like to move Parsons around" every play he lined up over Spencer. targeting him.
  7. old dood, probably doesnt want anymore concussions or leg injuries.
  8. lol great start, Cowboys with the stupid penalty, Gilmore with the bad coverage, Bell throwing Gilliam into Parsons knee, Bills pushing the pile and running on them, good stuff.
  9. nah theyre used to it, better draft spot now.
  10. yep we knew before the season that the AFC was going to be a bloodbath this season, there was little room for error. its on the Bills.
  11. jebus, Fields has pissed the football gods off somehow, cant catch a break.
  12. i dont think so. the NFC is still devoid of superstar QB play imo. the AFC has just been a gauntlet this season, add in the injuries and its about what most of us figured the AFC would be, a blood bath. mbe Purdy is up there, dunno, hes sitting behind mbe the best OLine in football, with tons of weapons around him. Dak is playing well, at home, thats it. still not impressed with Hurts, he gets pressured, hes bad. thats about it for NFC QBs atm.
  13. he also threw 3 picks. u usually dont win those games. hes doing, just enough.
  14. lol sending Edmunds and a corner on a blitz and having a DT try and cover Njoku in zone. classic. gj bears.
  15. Flacco had all day to throw there. nice pass tho. friggen Bears.
  16. i dont miss Edmunds much at all. i surely dont miss watching him get trucked by smaller players regularly. i dont miss watching him make plays 6 yards past the 1st down marker. i dont miss watching him take the wrong hole or gap and let a RB gash us over and over. i dont miss watching him play without understanding leverage. i dont miss him falling backwards on every tackle. i possibly miss watching him cover guys, but thats only because Milano is down.
  17. right? Texans is a dumb name. imagine if we were the Buffalo New Yorkers, or the Giants/Jets were the New Jersey New Yorkers. Houston Texans, meh.
  18. actually going to the Super Bowl, as a fan of either team, doesnt really matter anymore. SB has become a wealthy meet and greet for the most part, for people who couldnt care less about the actual game and have oodles of money to throw away. so not getting a SB in Buffalo even with a new stadium doesnt matter much to me tbh. we're a small market team, part of our charm, much the same as Green Bay, who will never host a Super Bowl either. LA, the city where their team won the SB, and barely anybody from LA cared, gets another SB. not surprising.
  19. Diggs is still near the top in most receiver metrics this season. not worried one bit about him.
  20. expecting Von to do much of anything this season was a pipe dream. his age, the injury history, was asking alot there. im not done with Von, we saw Tre not be Tre right after he came back last season. it takes time for most. if he doesnt show improvement in the first half of next season, then its time to take the hit and move on. luckily Beane made the best low key offseason signing in quite some time, Floyd. hope we can keep him around next year.
  21. Mahomes was irate with the side judge for not making sure Toney wasnt Offside. its usually on the WR to look over to the side judge and ask, appears Toney didnt, so instead of helping the Chefs out by warning Toney before the snap, the side judge just let it happen. theres no rule there that the judge has to help out in that scenario, but Mahomes is so used to the refs fawning all over him and his team, i guess he just lost it because he didnt get help. was funny tbh. i get frustration, Bills D held him in check pretty well most of the game, but taking it out on a guy just doing his job, low class. you really learn about people when the adversity hits them.
  22. injuries happen. yep thats alot of cap space, you cant prognosticate injuries though.
  23. he was a waste of space for the Giants, just who he is. hes definitely gone after the season.
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