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  1. Josh is an exciting QB to watch, probably the most WOW QB in the NFL atm. im sure id tune in to watch most of his games if he were on another team.
  2. nah im not ready to have to subscribe to yet another friggen streaming service just to watch what i used to watch. getting tired of all this exclusive garbage that just ends up sucking even more money out of each of us, just for the access. i dont enjoy having 10 different content providers to wrestle with. also, not everybody has top of the line access to amazing internet. the US is one of the absolute worse when it comes to internet accessibility and speeds.
  3. there is a reason Sammy is on his 5th team already.
  4. meh, gl with him Colts. havent missed Gilmore since he left. didnt care that he played well for coupla seasons for the Pats. didnt care that he did nothing with the Panthers. there are times where the player just isnt worth the money.
  5. we already know its a bad deal for taxpayers, everything is a bad deal for the people who actually pay taxes in this country. Bills had all the leverage. i didnt want them to move, so this Governor did what she had to do. really isnt much more to say about it. we dont have to like it though.
  6. i just cant stomach Edmunds at 14 mil per season. shop him imo. hes not absolutely terrible, and mbe he does exactly what the coaches want him to, i dunno. he still doesnt pass the eye test with me tho. hefty salary for a guy who appears to miss many many plays.
  7. depends, if hes that good, or the Bills value his versatility enough that he can play corner now, and one day he can replace Poyer or Hyde. sadly, they wont be around forever.
  8. i stopped reading after i read "Keyshawn's List". not sure how he still has a job tbh. he's terrible as an analyst. his takes are beyond bad. he's not well spoken. most of the time he looks disinterested in whats even happening. meh. putting away my bills fan hat, id still take Josh over anybody on that list. Brady is almost done, Rodgers is a regular season hero only, Burrows is one dimensional, Watson was ok, who knows what he is now, and Mahomes is right there with Josh, but i think id still rather have Josh. left off Herbert cuz he's not in that tier yet. hes close tho. still take Josh.
  9. PSL = pay for a seat twice. its a great scam.
  10. thing about that "peace" sign was, it wasnt really about peace, it was throwing 2 fingers in the Bills' faces, as in, we just beat u twice in the playoffs. thats a douche move by Hill. should it have been called? by the letter of the law, yes.
  11. 4,000 yrds 20 TDs last season, with basically zero help. mbe Ryan isnt fully done, hes close though. gl INDY. INDY fans seem to think its SB time now....
  12. if, in some alternate reality, Watson had become our QB yesterday, i personally would have a hard time rooting for my Bills regardless if he wins or not. at some point u need to take a stand. the Browns, in giving Watson the largest fully guaranteed contract ever, lying about actually investigating the off field problems, and making the contract so that Watson will barely pay for any suspension time, have shown us that they are now a win at all cost franchise. rewarding this person is low class. i feel for the Browns fans that have morals. i honestly hope Baker plays well and rebounds on his next team. not even a Baker fan, f the Browns owners. Watson is going to need every bit of the 230 mil to pay for his behavior.
  13. Watson better come out on fire, be a choir boy, or the Browns fanbase will riot and send that FO packing. should be an interesting show. kinda feel bad for Browns fans.
  14. Beane is not going to forget about Stefon. no way he can. just has to be the right time.
  15. when he played, he wasnt terrible. not worthy of that contract tho, and he needed to be on the field alot more than he was. bye.
  16. if i was a browns fan right now i suppose i'd be, tab bit happy, and really worried. if Watson doesnt pan out or the team around him continues to be less than great, have fun in cap hell for the foreseeable future, with zero outs. also kinda funny that the Browns said they needed a more mature QB, haha have fun with Watson.
  17. love to see it, the more brutal the AFC West is to play through the better it is for us. i hope they knock the crap out of each other all year, and in years to come.
  18. gl Levi, u werent as terrible as some here made u out 2 be. sure hope theres a plan to replace him. Levi had a tough job as the opposite CB to Tre, he got alot of work thrown at him just because nobody really wanted to throw at Tre. Levi was a flag magnet, some his fault, most not. alot of phantom calls against him. he was a fine #2 for us.
  19. Judon should spend less time on social media and more time trying to figure out why he disappeared in the last 2 games vs the Bills.
  20. kewl, Minny gets to keep Cousins who is good, but just not good enough. good for them.
  21. not a fan of Baker, wasnt interested even if we'd had the 1st overall pick. that being said, he's a good young QB, who has played reasonably well until last season when OBJ got back on the field, and Baker got banged up. he had all sorts of injuries and tried to power through them last season. if the Browns are looking to move on mbe theres more to it than what we as fans can see, ill give Baker a pass for last season tho.
  22. Metcalf is a talent, a physical specimen. when hes involved he plays hard, when he gets discouraged he dogs it. if he dogs it too much that affects the team, regardless if its his fault or not. this kind of personality can become a cancer in a lockerroom. dude may be the best guy ever, he's got to do his job and be professional consistently, even when its not working out in his favor. i dont see it with him yet. pass.
  23. dont disagree with any of this, just thought mbe he'd end up in NY with Daboll or in Indy with Frank. thought the Steelers would go with Rudolph and draft a QB. most likely a bridge QB until the QB they draft is ready. like i said tho, good for Mitch and gl.
  24. not the place i saw him going, and tbh i wish he'd gotten no offers and stayed here with us. good luck to Mitch tho.
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