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  1. wasnt a step back, or forward imo. the team is still SB caliber, but we need to win more and grab that homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. i do not want to play the Chefs in Arrowhead for a playoff game ever again.
  2. well if Kamara is guilty of all this, i hope he has to pay out his ass to make it go away, money and the loss of it is the only thing alot of people understand as punishment these days. hit him hard, make him rethink his life choices.
  3. crappy deal for Flores, this is on Ross tho. Flores did the honorable thing standing up to his boss, but in the end, the boss, is the boss. Boss wants to cheat, u dont, yer probably getting replaced. then if u go loud about it, no other boss will ever hire u. song as old as time. can only do 2 things, keep your mouth shut and take it, or do the lawsuit and mbe get some shut up money out of the NFL. gl Brian.
  4. Miami's problem is the owner, hes impatient. he thinks that he can throw money at the problem and if he throws enough the problem will go away faster. rarely works in the NFL. u can add him to the list, Snyder, Jones, etc. they wont win, and neither will Ross unless he actually takes time and lets his employees build a team.
  5. when i watch Murray, he seems, disinterested. he may not like what hes seeing in the organization, how the owner acted at the end of their season. i wouldnt blame him if he ditched the NFL for baseball.
  6. my take on this is, the Texans are still screwed. Watsons situation wont be changing anytime soon and any coach coming in knows this. Hiring Smith may be the Texans trying to appease Watson on some level, try to bring him back into the fold. Hey, we hired an african american coach, who went to the SB, that kind of thing. Texans arent getting what they think Watson is worth, not even close, they cant move on with him on the team not not playing, and they cant move him. Any coach coming into the Texans knows that this will be another throw away year for the franchise. Lovie Smith isnt a hot commodity by any means, hes much like Culley, coming in to see if he can make a difference knowing all too well that most likely wont happen, grabbing that NFL paycheck while he can. until Watson is gone, the Texans are a dead team.
  7. im not against a lottery, until it bites our team in the ass like it did the Sabres. i dont see this being a Bills problem for quite some time hopefully, but still. Lottery doesnt prevent tanking imo. teams will still do it just for the chance to land a "generational" talent. if they get unlucky they still draft high, if they get lucky boom jackpot, mbe. picks dont always work out.
  8. if there is a starting caliber CB at 25, thats who we take imo. if not, u move back. mbe a top end guard falls but i doubt it. the more cover corners we can put on the field, the better chances we have against the Chefs, etc.
  9. Steve Young was a pretty good running QB, until he got smashed in the head a coupla times and couldnt play anymore. every player is one injury away from the end. depends on the injury. for longevities sake, he'll have to give up the physical stuff, sooner rather than later.
  10. passing game is more than fine, keep putting resources towards making both lines better.
  11. imagin this will eventually be settled out of court like Kapernicks lawsuit. NFL will take its time, make sure everybody has forgotten about Flores then cut him a check to go away.
  12. hows Dorseys run game philosophy? im not worried about the passing game, im sure that Josh and the WRs could call their own plays and still be successful. i want to know about the running game.
  13. so many favorite Brady moments, ahhhhh, i guess the one where he retired is probably at the top of my list.
  14. doubt it was an fu to us. more like, the right call at the time. showing KC, hey guess what, we can and will actually squib a kick to u.
  15. Washington Commanders sounds like a 2 bit Lacrosse team. better than nothing i guess.
  16. 17 is the number of the Qanon's. Q=17th letter. crazy deep, i know. bad vibes maaaan.
  17. funny thing about that Pass Jimmy doesnt think is Pattys fault, Patty still threw it into double coverage...
  18. glad Cincy won, ngl tho, kinda mad that our D Line didnt play like Cincys. rushing up field and letting Patty run around the entire game shouldnt have been the gameplan. u watch Cincys D Line, they rushed, held contain, didnt fly up the field taking themselves out of the play, closed the pocket slowly, waved alot of arms to disrupt Pattys line of sight, made him indecisive. thats how u stop running QBs. make them find throws they arent comfortable with. harass them.
  19. find it interesting that a Michigan booster, would steal Jim away from the Wolverines just as he finally beat OSU. why would the both of them willingly want to draw the ire of the entirety of University of Michigan. i think if hes hired down there, he'll continue to be sub par like he was for nearly the entirety of his Michigan tenure. unless he suddenly lucks into a QB that can rival ours, which i dont see happening. college is a different beast, if u have a meh QB, u can cover it up with surrounding talent, NFL, not so much.
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