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  1. Morse back in for that last play. must have been minor.
  2. he does need to start sliding. he needed to start years ago tbh. those shots will add up eventually.
  3. theres the Allen magic. hope Kincaid is ok, if its ribs, ouch.
  4. think mbe Harty walks in there if he gets the ball. its fine, like the call. make em go the full field in 3 minutes.
  5. now this is what Cook can do. amazing how much easier things are when you use your players correctly.
  6. yep Adams is too good, too savvy to completely shutdown. stopping the running game is more important imo.
  7. was really happy when they brought in Murray. Cook cant do that. Murray should be the workhorse imo. dood brings it.
  8. if this gets out of hand its going to get ugly around here this week. the team does not look good in any phase.
  9. only one way to stop small quick receivers. you play press, get physical knock their timing around. thats it. then they start the rub routes to try and negate that and make you play off again. its all about ingame adjustments.
  10. cant turn the ball over 4 times, end of story. team as a whole played bad, but the D kept us in it like usual. all the O had to do was not be dumb. we know what happened.
  11. meh, was a blitz, and they got caught. happens all the time. thats the chance you take with sending extra guys, thats the difference in Frasier and McD. Frasier was more careful. both styles of D have their positives and negatives. everybody wanted more pressure, well, sometimes long plays happen from it.
  12. can we plz just play smart. ffs. Jets are reeling. no Rodgers. we dont need Josh running into their D LIne and getting pounded. we dont need hail mary throws. just play football.
  13. great atmosphere, fans riled up because the Jets are the biggest offseason topic, 9/11, Monday night, Rodgers. thanks NFL. 2 years in a row you've done this to this team. plus we get to play in Arrowhead for like the 10th time. just seems, unfair.
  14. so Hopkins wanted to chase his last chance at the $$$$$, over a possible Super Bowl ring. whatever. glad hes wasting his last years in Tennesee, and not wasting our time. im sure he wanted both the $$$ and chance to chase a ring tbh, but hes shown what matters more. no hate, get what you can.
  15. sure im tired of the Jets hype. suppose its how everybody else felt about our team the last 2 seasons. its a nothing really. just tune it out.
  16. not reading this entire thread, so apologies if i repeat something from earlier. Why arent we winning Super Bowls? we play in the same conference as, Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid. thats it, its just that ez. Chefs have a hall of fame offensive coach/QB. we have a defensive coach. so Billsy for us to finally get rid of Brady, find a once in a generation talent at QB, and we get stuck playing 2nd fiddle to the new Goat, and his unstoppable offensive genius coach. its the same way the rest of the league felt during the Brady/Manning era. if you werent fans of the Pats or Indy/Denver, then you might was well just call it a season from week 1. least we get mostly entertaining football in the regular season. if only we were in the NFC right now.
  17. cant ask for much more than that start right there. ive seen enough, get the starters out.
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