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  1. we didnt get anything for Edmunds? sure we did, 5 years of LB on the cheap. he played ok, not worth that contract he got from Chi town though, imo. i still remember him launching into the wrong gap in his rookie year against the run, letting a team that was backed up on their own 2 year line, break a 60 yard run. i thought, well mbe he'll learn from that, hes a rookie. still shot the wrong gap all the time. still couldnt tackle with leverage. he was good at clogging up the middle on passing plays, not good enough when it mattered, but good some of the time. beyond that, what did he bring? mbe im wrong and and my eyes deceive me. we'll see. you cant pay every position top dollar. when it comes to Ed. is he sought after? are teams salivating to get their hands on him? doesnt feel that way. Ed has been lackluster tbh. if we get nothing for him as you say, oh well. again, got 5 years of him on the cheap. not every guy is actually worth something.
  2. meh, Pack had to let him go eventually. got what they could. good for them. one less headache in the lockeroom. if the Jets dont make a run this year, its a waste of their picks.
  3. not giving up more than a 3rd rounder for DHop with that contract. youre doing Zona a favor just taking his contract away from them, let alone give them picks. im betting nobody bites on trading for DHop and Zona just ends up releasing him. contract is gone, then teams with tight caps can have him at a discount.
  4. i so hope this bows up on the Jets. i honestly dont care about Rodgers being their QB tbh, i think hes just about done. never been a fan of Rodgers, think hes an entitled douche. hope he has to go back to GB with his tail between his legs, or just outright retires. every friggen offseason is the ARod show and its boring. hes pulling the same crap Farve did at the end of his career. it was tiresome then, and its tiresome now. ARod and Farve held GB for ransom every offseason, leveraged as much money as possible. while some might think thats smart, it is, for Farve or Rodgers. not the team, or the fans. GB is a small market team, paying outrageous amounts to the QB hamstrung them in being able to build a team. both of them could have had multiple SB wins if they hadnt been so greedy. then they shift the blame to the FO everytime the team fails. its not about the team or fans though. its about them.
  5. guy played great when he wasnt injured. best ability, is availability. Lions have had enough apparently. doesnt mean he cant still be a good player, if he stays healthy. was thinking the same thing. ive never seen a rookie CB get less calls while being blatantly obvious. almost felt like he paid all the refs off.
  6. only on a 2 year restructured team friendly deal, and only if giving up late round picks. other than that, no.
  7. i dont know if its that easy to quantify positions like this guy does. ill say one thing though, that OLine number doesnt shock me one bit. its the reason, always been the reason, why we cant get over the hump, and fall short each year.
  8. cheating? bending the rules until they nearly break? underpaying Tom Brady? funneling money into Tom's charity to make up the difference? i cant really explain how they managed to stay so good for so long tbh. Belicheat has never drafted particularly well. they bought a few decent free agents over the years but nobody world breaking. mbe it was just the system with a HoF QB, mbe it was more. before a late round QB who was terrible in college became the best ever, Belicheck was a middling coach who even the Browns thought was garbage. suddenly a light bulb turned on somewhere for Bill. mbe he just got lucky. seems like hes back to being a middling coach now.
  9. the answer at RB is, a better friggen OLine. any RB is hard pressed to get much going behind our usual OLines. Devin routinely has to dodge guys 3 yards in the backfield. its not because hes just sitting there waiting for them to tackle him. has been an issue for awhile. one of the biggest reason we cant close out games and get in so many shootouts. even Josh running around is usually due to guys in the backfield immediately. people looking for that magic RB thats going to cure all our running game problems. he doesnt exist.
  10. hope the Cowgirls get exactly what they paid for. nothing.
  11. Macaroni Jones is still the Pats QB right? snore, wake me when the WRs have somebody to throw to them. Pats have been throwing money and picks at WRs and TEs since Brady left, none of them stick. theres one constant here, bad QB play.
  12. this makes the Jets a contender for the east imo. b4 Breece Hall got hurt the offense wasnt terrible, and their D is Legit good. comes down to whether or not the Jets can protect Rodgers in the pocket.
  13. never been a fan of Rodgers tbh. he def talented, one of the greats skill wise. i like him even less now after the ramp up to this announcement. ill give him credit for telling Schefter to lose his number though, thats top tier right there. Jets are getting a guy who will kill their cap, said he was 90% retired. has mbe 2 or 3 years left, didnt play great last year, and will have to give up something valuable to get this trade done. unless they go all in on the OLine, and try to win a SB next season , i dont see this being good for the Jets. then again, anybody will be better at QB for the Jets than what they had last year. whatever.
  14. love it. i wanted Po back more than anybody. now go get Lavonte David, and add to the OLine.
  15. DLine was never the same after Von and Phillips went down. early in the season both were tearing it up. Phillips played sparingly most of the season mostly while injured. really think that last season came down to alot off the field adversity and injuries to key guys. seemed like the team was just spent at the end.
  16. lol ok. find somebody else to argue with then. suits me fine cupcake. nothing i said isnt a fact. i know nobody gives an f about actual facts nowadays though. for somebody that was just looking for a fight, you sure gave up easy.
  17. mbe because Cincy was calling plays that allowed Burrow to get rid of the ball in under 3sec. u know, that same infuriating stuff that Brady did if a D played a certain way. Frasier and McD have always played this D as bend but dont break. so with the terrible footing, were damn well playing dont break. so if u adjust to the short stuff to stop that, then the long ball opens up. our O didnt adjust, thats not on Frasier. this banged up defense relied on the other team screwing up, it just didnt happen, not many dropped balls, etc. of course the conditions favor the offense when its slippery. ask Dorsey why Josh had no time, why we couldnt run slants or short stuff. ask him why we havent been able to run a screen since Thurman and Kelly. fact is, the conditions do matter.
  18. Ooops what? why dont you tell me the answer to your question.
  19. idc if Frasier stays or goes, but that man, did more with less, than any other D coordinator this season. guys were missing all over the place. rookies trying to fill in. 3rd string guys playing. its a miracle the D played as well as they did all season. Frasier held them together with duct tape and scheme. yes it didnt work against an offense with 4 legit weapons on a day where it was so slippery the D couldnt anticipate and break on throws. stuff happens. we won games because of Frasier.
  20. im fine with Diggs acting like that, showed at least one person on the team was fired up due to that abysmal showing, that at least one person gave a damn. ive never watched a game where a team showed like they cared less what was happening. it felt like the majority of them didnt even want to be there. what looks bad imo is Josh flat out ignoring Diggs when hes in front of him. thats troubling. if theyre so close, such buddies, then Josh knows Stefon is emotional, fiery, and you at the very least acknowledge him and say, ya man, i know, lets work at it. just ignoring him?? thats a wedge right there in the making. especially for a guy like Stefon.
  21. not so sure thats the real crowd noise. ive noticed a few times this year that the same Bills chants that we hear are the ones they used as the canned crowd noise during the covid year. i think the networks are using it alot. its easier to control whats heard, ie, nobody swearing or saying something stupid.
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