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  1. not a fan of Baker, wasnt interested even if we'd had the 1st overall pick. that being said, he's a good young QB, who has played reasonably well until last season when OBJ got back on the field, and Baker got banged up. he had all sorts of injuries and tried to power through them last season. if the Browns are looking to move on mbe theres more to it than what we as fans can see, ill give Baker a pass for last season tho.
  2. Metcalf is a talent, a physical specimen. when hes involved he plays hard, when he gets discouraged he dogs it. if he dogs it too much that affects the team, regardless if its his fault or not. this kind of personality can become a cancer in a lockerroom. dude may be the best guy ever, he's got to do his job and be professional consistently, even when its not working out in his favor. i dont see it with him yet. pass.
  3. dont disagree with any of this, just thought mbe he'd end up in NY with Daboll or in Indy with Frank. thought the Steelers would go with Rudolph and draft a QB. most likely a bridge QB until the QB they draft is ready. like i said tho, good for Mitch and gl.
  4. not the place i saw him going, and tbh i wish he'd gotten no offers and stayed here with us. good luck to Mitch tho.
  5. is he actually physical, in his routes, true blocking, or is he just physical when cheap shotting people? imo he's a lesser OBJ, with the same problem, his mouth. if he doesnt get the ball enough, or doesnt feel like hes part of the offense, or gets shut down too much, is he going to be a problem? i dont want that near this team.
  6. want nothing more than for u to rethink your snark response. beyond that im done with u
  7. sorry but thats the kind of oh well attitude that keeps things broken
  8. we arent winning SBs right now cuz of the Chiefs, and the fact that the AFC is loaded with good young QBs. if we were in the NFC right now i believe we'd be in the SB every year. we need homefield throughout the playoffs, mbe a tad bit more impact on the defensive line. beyond that there really isnt much to do. nobody can really stop the Chefs when they dont let them. terrible thing is, its only gonna get worse as the arms race heats up in the AFC, already seeing it with early FA moves. there is no room for error next season, every winnable game has to be won. we cant have an Indy or Jags loss type game next season. as much as people want to load up the D, i dont think yer gonna stop the Chefs, best u can do is hope to outscore them offensively imo.
  9. tired of the ultra wealthy needing "help" so they can save money and make more. i understand the leverage NFL owners have over their areas, but cmon, this has to stop. the wealthy in this country hate socialism yet take that free money whenever and wherever they can. tired. we are a unique situation being a small market team, still shouldnt have to "donate" a dime to keep the team here. all we should have to do is support the product by watching, going, and buying merchandise. the rest should be on the owners, just like the other 98% of business in this country. also, not a big fan of the explosion of legalized gambling lately. i dont partake so i guess it really doesnt affect me all that much, but it does affect society negatively overall. that being said, no, the gambling business' should not pitch in towards another business owners need for free money, neither should the state. that gambling money should be put towards all the real problems that need correcting, not towards an organization that just needs to make more $$$$ by cutting their own costs. what happened to pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps, or free market, or all the other bs slogans we've been fed for years by our corporate "leaders" ?. what they really mean is, shut up, give us money, u do the work, while they profit, and wait for them to trickle a little $$$$ down to u.
  10. how refreshing is it to not be the team thats always in desperation mode. Commanders fans must be crying. ty, Beane, McD, Terry, and Kim.
  11. ya im betting Frank likes the look of Mitchell.
  12. man i would love Garrett Wilson or Chris Olave.
  13. well, that sux. i kinda liked him out there more that Edmunds. least Klein had pass rush skills. mbe we can bring him back later on.
  14. not against grabbing Lockett, can he play the slot?
  15. ya sorry, i dont want Metcalf, hes a quitter. add to that our receiving corp is just fine. work on the oline and dline, and find another decent CB. guarantee u wont hear much about Metcalf now that he doesnt have Wilson.
  16. really dunno how this will work out for the Broncos, from what i gather most Broncos fans think theyre again just a QB away from being relevant. now they have that QB. if this allows Denver to beat the chiefs once or twice every year for the next few, and helps us get home field easier, im all for it. Go Denver!!!
  17. how the Packers have been able to field a team that gets to the playoffs every year, while overpaying Rodgers is beyond me. the Packers fo are wizards. imagin if he took just a bit less so they could surround him with SB winning caliber players. remember all those years that Brady was taking discounts so he could win Super Bowls? guess he's getting what he really wants, the $$$$$. im sure he'll win another regular season MVP and crap out again in the playoffs. working as intended is suppose.
  18. rather have Mitch back, dont see that happening tho. id be ok with Darnold as long as its as cheap as it can get. need the $$$$ elsewhere.
  19. well, they won a SB. luck, timing, hell even the refs can make a team miss out or win. they mortgaged the future for this title. it will eventually come time to pay that mortgage off. we shall see if its harder to pay for this win than they expect.
  20. one of the least interesting Super Bowls i can remember. found it hard to root for either team, play was sloppy. meh. although was fun watching Ramsey get burned a coupla times.
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