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  1. dunno why some here are jumping on the OP about this. its a real thing. defenses look for this stuff hard during film study. everybody does it. it even happens during the games. tendencies are real and astute people will always look for them and try to exploit them.
  2. Shaq was always good against the run. if we get any kind of pass rush out of him, he was worth bringing back.
  3. its all fun and games until a star QB or RB gets hurt for the season in these push piles. when the injuries start to pile up, it'll be removed from the game. are these piles in the spirit of the game? or are they just something thats unfairly skewed towards the offense, and some find exciting. trust me, it wont be exciting when it goes against us and costs us a game. one thing the NFL isnt, is being proactive when it comes to things such as this.
  4. very good weekend for the Bills. perfect would be the Ravens losing as well, ill take what we got though. Go Bills!!!!
  5. gonna need a big game from Oliver and Phillips. i hope if Tre is pressed into major duty tonight, hes fully ready.
  6. ideally we win the AFCE and get at least one home game. at this point id settle for just making the playoffs though. this was the year we were supposed to lock up homefield and not have to play at friggen Arrowhead yet again. not looking good for that. too many injuries too key players and the rest of the AFC has caught up unfortunately.
  7. Lions arent worried about Josh going deep, they know he cant right now.
  8. bang bang play my ass. dude made contact before the ball got there ez.
  9. cmon man, depth at OL is ridiculously tough for every team. we're down 2 players right now. both at critical positions, LT and C.
  10. for everybody bitching about our CBs this game. go back and watch how many times the Browns WRs could have and should have been called for offensive PI.
  11. remember when pushing off with arm fully extended was pass interference? ya, me too. 2 throws in a row.
  12. im f'ng done. my father has been calling the NFL rigged for years. i guess hes right.
  13. bury this cheap ass team. i want to see the score run up on the Browns. tired of late hits, cheap shots. you want that crap to stop? go make them pay for doing it. Go Bills!!!
  14. that Browns DB who cheap shotted Allens arm out of bounds needs to be fined by the NFL. i have zero tolerance for that kind of bs. if that was Brady it would have been an ez 15yrd penalty. friggen ref standing right in front of it, does nothing. f the Browns, their ***** organization, and most of all their ***** owners. Allen is clearly not right, the elbow is worse than we're being led to believe. his passes are either high or low, hes stumbling after throwing hard. hes not smiling at all, looks like all the joy of the game has left him. something more here than just pain management. i think hes worried.
  15. at least Bass doesnt suck. maybe he can kick 8 field goals today so we can have a chance to win.
  16. if u cant get off the field on 3rd and long, u dont deserve to win games. end of story.
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