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  1. more proof that money and status doesnt cover up thug. idc what the issue was, thats not how a civilized human being handles things.
  2. i have zero problem with Warners critques of Josh. i watched this before it was posted here, and ive watched Warner previously break down Josh in other vids. he's fair imo. i agree with Warner in that eventually Josh is going to have to make those easy mental throws and not rely on the amazing play when things break down. i understand thats Allens game as of right now, but, as time progresses, and injuries or just age catch up with Josh, he's going to start having to take those "layup" passes and play a more mental game. Josh is fine now, he'll continue to grow hopefully and become just as deadly with his field reading as he is with his feet/school yard run around make a unicorn play. Go Bills!!!.
  3. lol i tried to tell Packers fans to not get too excited before Sammy even played a real game for them. they told me i was wrong. fun.
  4. i love how getting to the commercial break is more important than taking another look at whether or not he broke the plane....
  5. and of course it goes right to Wilkins........ffs, this team is cursed.
  6. its still a game, D seems to be stepping up now. gotta score on this drive.
  7. if its another concussion, thats really worrisome, Mitch has had alot of them
  8. hes been in sporadically. not enough to really get a feel for the game though.
  9. well......least our punter isnt ass. so theres that i guess.
  10. wasted challenge, gonna say the ball moved just enough for no catch, just to cover their asses.
  11. the book is out on the Fins offense. bully their receivers at the line, Tua cant find them. what do we do all night. give them free releases..... also, if i ever have to watch another NFLN production of a Bills game, ill shut the damn tv off and just listen to the radio.
  12. as soon as i saw Tua make the change, i knew he was going to HIll. smh.
  13. we always seem to make some guy on the other team look like a HoFer
  14. bonehead plays, missed tackles, stupid penalties. not how you get to the Super Bowl.
  15. there was a throw to Beas there. probably couldnt see him on the run.
  16. missing Phillips in the middle big time. every year we seem to miss key guys due to injury. now Morse as well. there are certain doods on every team, when they go down, it gets really rough and alot harder to win.
  17. i know youre trying to keep Hill and Waddle in check, thats fine, figure out how to get Milano some help on the right to stop the run.
  18. must be nice to have a run game. watching Milano get destroyed by linemen 5 yards downfield as they run to the rightside every friggen time.
  19. Beas did a very particular thing, something that we have lacked all season. he was near the tops of the game doing it. Beas' problem was availability. bringing him back now, rested, healthy, for a limited amount of games, perfect. im sure hes motivated to play hard and keep his mouth shut for the limited amount of time he'll be back here. agree with him or not off the field, if he can be even 80% of what he was 2 years ago, it will massively help this offense. imo this is Beane seeing enough of Isiah dropping balls because he doesnt want to get hit. also shuts the door on OBJ. you dont bring back Beas and Brown if yer gonna sign him. Go Bills!
  20. at this point, looking that way. the fact he doesnt want to work out for teams is a red flag. he wants to get paid, he wants to be on a winning team, not too many of those with cap space willing to take a flyer on a twice injured old WR that wont prove hes healthy. if he cant play, its a waste of money. 4 games left, mbe he gets up to speed for the playoffs in 2 games, if hes not still injured. id pass personally. not worth the risk.
  21. i will defend Isiah a tiny bit on the first drop, he was interfered with by Sauce, and for the life of me, i have zero idea why its never called on Gardner. he does it all the time, its not even sneaky. as a rookie ive never seen somebody get away with it on such a regular basis as Gardner does. the other drops, well one was terrible, other was a tough grab if he made it, still should have though. we definitely miss Beas. he was the slot guy who got open every time, and wasnt afraid of getting hit. that isnt Isiah. we dont have a replacement right now for Beas and what he did to open up the offense in the middle. i guess thats what Crowder was for, didnt get to see it though. i know Beas and Kelce are different animals, but imagine how much the Chefs would struggle without Kelce owning the middle of the field, the threat he brings. it opens things up on the outside. i love Knox but we havent been using him all that much in the passing game, he has to help block now because the OLine is banged up or just playing poorly. its rough right now.
  22. wanted him to play himself out of the job? who knows really. stuff like that happens though
  23. Dane made plays, McKenzie didnt. ez. bigger question is, who had a worse game, Tre, or Isiah?
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