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  1. glad i was wrong, gj D. run this clock out O.
  2. this is the point in the game where Belichick nickles and dimes us with short throws and screens, runs the clock down, scores, wins. ive lived this too many times.
  3. what a great jersey grab by Jones. fantastic job. smh.
  4. has been for over a decade sadly. fun fact, we havent run a successful screen play during that time either.
  5. and thats why you have to capitalize on the turnovers. cant f around in this league, the other guys get paid to play as well.
  6. ah, Murray is this weeks whipping boy. got it.
  7. no place for Murray to go there. not sure what everybody is expecting.
  8. gratz Kincaid. good to flush anything that had Watkins attached to it with this team.
  9. thats a back breaker if it hits. dont mind the call. something wrong with Josh imo.
  10. ya Von clearly isnt himself. Phillips has his moments though.
  11. gotta respect Zeke. Cowgirls wore him out, and hes had his issues, guy is always 100% effort though.
  12. he tried the ole wipe it on the sleeve but act like youre blowing yer hands cuz yer cold move. sneaky.
  13. dahell was that? full on run play and 3 guys in the backfield before he can even get the ball?
  14. i want that fake on 4th to go away. been trying that garbage for 5 years and every single person in the league, at home, in this galaxy, knows youre not going. just punt the stupid ball.
  15. nice, miss. need a double dip here. put this game out of hand so Zappe has to pass every friggen play.
  16. inactive due to poor production. coaches decision.
  17. that only works if the other team cant stop it. Cowgirls were dumb. Pats arent on D.
  18. very well could be, he hasnt looked right throwing in a looooong time.
  19. i think Josh should be the MVP over anybody, 40+ total TDs x4 straight seasons, NFL record, but then he does stuff like that and i see why many dont think he is. zero idea what he was looking at there, and this pass offense is atrocious now. if they cant figure out a way to open up this passing offense again, getting into the playoffs wont matter.
  20. go Ravens!!. ugh i feel dirty. nice that the Ravens have a reason to actually win. destroy Miami, plz, ty.
  21. should we the fans cut Miller some slack? on field? yes. off field? remains to be seen. asking a guy of Vons age to come back fully from yet another major injury to his knee, was a pipe dream. took Tre more than a year for the first injury and i dont think he was still fully back before the most recent one. Von needs leverage and speed, that knee wont allow either atm. guy was playing crazy before he got hurt. stuff happens, its not on Von.
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