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  1. AFC is going to be a bloodbath this season. Bills have to win out in the division imo. have to win every game that should be won, no Jacksonvilles this season. im hoping the AFC West just obliterates each other and they all have to fight for a Wildcard at the end. i do not want to play the Chefs again in KC. im tired of it. we need homefield throughout. Bills/Chiefs Ravens/Chargers/Bengals Broncos/Raiders/Colts/Titans Dolphins/Patsies/Browns/Steelers? 6 feet of crap Jags/Jets/Houston
  2. Edmunds is a physical freak, tall, lanky, fast. mbe hes great at clogging up the passing lanes in the middle of the field. hes not great in run support though imo. hes not a threat rushing the passer either. ya he makes tackles, are they impact tackles though?. most of his tackles are 5+ yards downfield and hes rarely sticking a guy and pushing him back. i said this last year about him, somebody needs to teach him about leverage. so hes good at pass D average at best in run support below average pass rusher hes a leader i guess not an impact tackler is this a pro bowl linebacker? somebody you give a bag of money too? with how much our new D line is hyped up, if they deliver, Edmunds has zero excuses this year to not play lights out. im not against him, i just want him to play better, be a bigger impact. hes still young. i want to see improvement though.
  3. better series for the D, what you should expect with startes vs backups. Shaq playing with violence.
  4. ive seen enough, Allen looks great. get him outta there.
  5. pretty simple really, vote with your wallet. u dont like something, dont support it. the corporations in this world only care about the $$$$$, u show them enough people arent happy with something by pulling those $$$$, then they start to think a bit.
  6. lol that Colts huddle, 2 O lineman next to each other, one named French, other was Fries. now im hungry.
  7. if Elam was struggling so very badly, i think we'd see Beane trying to make moves right now.
  8. ive heard this about Allens first few seasons before. people did doubt him in the media, alot. the fans, coaches and his fellow players didnt. sure he was rough around the edges, made mistakes, but we all saw more than enough WoW plays to know we had something.
  9. hes not wrong though. you may not like what hes pointing out, fact remains, hes throwing truth out there. its a rough schedule this season, the AFC is going to be a bloodbath, and we play a number of very good teams. really have to sweep the AFCE this year, we need homefield throughout. i never want to have to play another playoff game at Arrowhead, ever!!!
  10. honestly stopped reading at the first mention of Keyshawn. he, by far, has the worst takes out of anybody on tv. hes a joke.
  11. not a fan of Lamar, think he lacks in complete field awareness when it comes to the passing game. he's a terror with his legs though. healthy, he and Josh are the 2 biggest threats in the league. Josh is consistent, runs like a linebacker, can use the whole field in the passing game. Lamar is a highlight reel TD waiting to happen on any given play with his legs. if i were a defender, id be scared of both of them. if i had to pick a young QB to build a franchise around, id take JA17 over anybody else, everytime. ive seen more than enough.
  12. F the Titans, and their coach.
  13. Tyrod, good guy, below average QB. wish him the best, glad hes gone. couldnt read the entire field, either chucked it long on low percentage passes or took off running. hard to win with that combination.
  14. not a fan of Von saying he would have taken less to play in Dallas when its his first season with a new team. he better ball out and not just be here for the $$$. makes him look like a Merc. we dont need those kind of players here. like i said, ball out.
  15. i like Poyer, id like him to retire as a Bill. he's gotta take a team friendly deal though, he's too old to break the bank on no matter how good he is. just the reality of the situation.
  16. im trying to watch this, everytime Mahomes talks, his voice makes me want to find something else to watch.
  17. i feel bad for Browns fans. i hope the Browns owners get exactly what they deserve, nothing. youve made your team look like desperate and low class. clap. again, sorry Browns fans.
  18. somehow we have to play at Arrowhead yet again. smh
  19. the correct answer for this player would have been, no answer. its really that easy. he's already failed his first test. mbe he smartens up. confidence is fine. hubris isnt.
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