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Bills 2022 defense - better or worse?


The Bills Defense in 2022  

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  1. 1. Overall is the Bills D better in 2022?

  2. 2. If they get better, which of the following applies?

    • Will be statistically better but not a “feared” D - “Bend but don’t break” and the offense will need to win games
    • They will be a “feared” D that can win games on their own
    • I chose, “they will be worse”

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20 minutes ago, Ed_Formerly_of_Roch said:

On the second question, I chose "Not Feared" but really think the answer would be somewhere between the two.  They will be feared, but not like Steel Curtain or Purple People Eaters feared!

Yeah I wouldn't say "feared" either, but I guarantee they will be respected more this season. While they were respected for most part last season, teams knew and felt confident they could run on Bills D. 

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I chose better and like some others I wasn't thinking in statistical terms. In my mind if the 2022 defense played the 2021 schedule, they would still be #1 in scoring and yardage but force a ton more turnovers.


My prediction for the 2022 defense is that they'll lead the league in takeaways. Several aspects of the defense will contribute to the upcoming turnover fest... improved pass rush, better play at cornerback, a higher level of athleticism, and much more QB confusion driven by the Bills ability to change and disguise looks from play to play.


It might take a few weeks for the defense to gel but there are enough veteran holdovers that I expect this adjustment period to be pretty brief.

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21 hours ago, Awwufelloff said:

We finished as the #1 ranked defense last year, so going to go ahead and say we won't finish #1 this year. It's very difficult to do. The teams we face this year are much better than last. 


this is why "rankings" mean nothing.  Look at the QBs that gave us that ranking last year.  I think our "ranking" will be lower, but we will have a better D.  LA had a better D and won the Super Bowl, but was "ranked" lower.  That is hopefully us this year.  (although I'd love to be a truly ranked 1 D against good competition) 

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Rankings are meaningless year to year.  Teams faced and the quality of each team are all different and vary each year.


But this defense is better without question today than the team on the field against KC in the playoffs.


1.  Tre will be back and we added Elam

2.  Von Miller has upgraded the pass rush
3.  Interior DL has been significantly upgraded against both run and pass.

This is going to be a better all around defense.  Doesn’t matter where we “rank” this year compared to last years ranking, our schedule is going to feature more potent offenses this year.  

But this unit is stronger today than when our season ended no doubt about it.  And I would say significantly stronger.  

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We're basically adding three high end pieces in Von Miller, Kaiir Elam and Tre White to the Defense that finished the year.  


Also upgraded the DT room with a true run stuffer and more talent in the rotational guys.  


DE room, outside of Von & Shaq, is comprised of 3 guys who are all at the point where big jumps are expected.  Should 1 or 2 of them make that jump... this Defense will be absolutely dominant. 


I've been pretty consistent that we are investing way too much in the Defense at the expense of the Offense... and I do still feel that way while looking at an OL that's decent, but could use another piece or two and the lack of a true Outside WR3, but I have to admit that this Defense - on paper - looks absolutely insane.  

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people who said better might be overestimating Von Miller's impact as a 33 year-old rotational pass rusher.  if he's on the field he is probably getting double-teamed just like Hughes was.  the pass rush will need to come from the middle or the other side.  I voted PUSH and I would take the under on 10 sacks for Von Miller

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"Statistically?" The Bills likely will not be better. Not many defense in NFL history have been better "statistically."


But they are better set up to make a stop or a big play when going up against the elite offenses they'll see in the playoffs. In that way they should be better. And that's what matters to me.


Though during the season, I think they're still going to be a top defense. More physical and fast than last year. Statistically, they'll take a step back. 

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If the defensive line finally produce a real pass rush (not just pressures but actually finishes) then there's no argument this defense will be much better in 2022 regardless of the overall yards numbers which were always misleading last year despite finishing #1 overall.


I still worry about the secondary overall though and feel a lot of fans aren't understanding that White is likely not going to play until midseason and may not have the same impact again until 2023 given the nature of his injury and historical data that show you typically need at least one full season to regain form.

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Tough to say they haven’t improved, at least on paper. Miller is a huge addition, I think Rousseau is gonna take another step forward, Ed should be good, Settle is probably better than Butler and Jones is just as good as Phillips. Contract year for Tremaine, maybe it finally all falls into place for him and he has a monster run. Tre will be back, Hyde and Poyer are still one of the best safety duos in the league, Milano is solid, etc. 


I’ve no idea if the numbers will line up like they did last season but we should hopefully see an uptick in sacks and better against the run. 

Not that they technically need to but Josh and the offense should still score 80 points a game. Just to be sure. 😄

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Overall, I think the Defense will be Top 5 in scoring and other metrics, but it might take a few games to gel.  Tre White might not play for the first month, Dan Jackson might play against WR1, Elam is a rookie and the DLine might need a few weeks to figure out the right combinations. 

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On 5/2/2022 at 12:45 PM, BuffaloBill said:

Many here would say that the Bills defense was not as good as the statistics indicated.  Probably most would agree that the Bills 2021 D did not generate enough sacks and was too porous against the run.  


You might argue that the defense cost the Bills 3 of their six losses (TN, IND & Cheats*) and there are those who will say the Bills D lost the game in KC. In many ways this metric is meaningless as it takes all three phases to win games. The phases also play off one another.


However, for purposes of discussion in this thread - does the Bills D get better in 2022?  If so, Does the D truly become elite in that it wins you games not just plays statistically well?


There is talent all over this defense and now adding  the future hall of famer Von Miller only makes it that much more lethal imo. If Tre White comes back to form with Elam, Taron Johnson, Hyde and Poyer? That looks like a solid secondary. The big thing for me will be Groots progression from his rookie season, if he can be an 8-10 sack player then watch out, a stellar pass rush with this secondary will be a nightmare for every team.

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On 5/2/2022 at 2:01 PM, Koufax said:

Miller, White, first round pick added.

Young DEs on the upswing, Oliver on the upswing, LBs in their prime.

Best safeties in their prime


If healthy we will be better in the playoffs than we were in the playoffs (without White) and give up fewer passing yards in any particular 13 second span than we might have last year.


As for the 17 game season, I don't think we will be ranked higher than #1, but probably just as good.

A Sandy fan and Bills Fan. Much respect. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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