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RD 1, Pick 30: Greg Rousseau, Edge (Miami) Public Poll Added


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Not a fan of this pick. Would've preferred Samuel Jr, or JOK, or a trade up for Harris/Etienne.


He is talented and may be a great long-term pick. Too much risk for me and I don't think a major contributor this year.


However, I am happy to be completely wrong.😊

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I’ll refer to the draft gurus here. He was a guy in my peripheral so I don’t know a ton. 

Given the fact we’ve spent our first pick 3 years in a row on Oliver, Epeneza, and Rousseau, I’m not totally sure that’s a dominant line when you factor in the cost. 

Everybody is young and it’s still very wait and see. I have faith Oliver can be a player so we will see. 

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3 minutes ago, Coach Tuesday said:

That is EXACTLY the right approach with a pick at 30.  Take the high upside athlete at a premium position.  

Agreed. Unless you have a plug and play guy that fills a major hole, go get a rare specimen and see what happens 

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1 minute ago, Southern_Bills said:


I'll have to second this, it's hard to jump through the roof for a guy at pick 30. If he was that great in college he wouldn't be there at 30.

If he had played last year, he wouldn't have been there at 30.

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Definitely seemed like they were trying to find a partner to trade down with how long Beane took to make the pick.  They were kind of stuck in no-man's land with the talent on the board so I'm okay with drafting a high ceiling guy at a position of desperate need.  I don't feel any worse than I would have if they had taken Harris or Etienne anyway.

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