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  1. Joe Mauer was on the cover of MLB the Show 09 and 10
  2. The defense last year wasn't even bad so idk why people complain about it so much. I guess I understand we're used to being some alternate version of the Bears, but it's not like the defense was below average.
  3. What I noticed in watching both is that, though they counted Allen having two more, many of Allen's were nearly uncatchable or 50/50 balls or simply an amazing play by the defender (the Colts DB laying out). Almost all of Mahomes' drops were basically in the defender's breadbasket. I can't believe that many were dropped. Unsure if I'm being biased here.
  4. This comment is severely underrated
  5. Where was this implied? It's common sense. Should he have been shot? No. Could he have helped the situation by complying? Yes. Scum like Rashida Tlaib declaring this was an intentional shooting just to raise the tension in the country (and other countries, too) when it clearly was an accident/case of police incompetence is absolutely despicable.
  6. Mr. Statsman, can you give me the figures of violent crime and robbery broken down by race?
  7. Don't strawman me. I didn't say we shouldn't worry about it, I said the response was a massive overreaction. The numbers I got were from Britain because I had trouble finding them for the US, but I forgot that Covid has a more drastic effect on obese people. The point is that the vast majority of people who die within what is it, 28 days? of a positive test are near the end of their life expectancy.
  8. That's what I find appealing. Imagine a guy like that surrounded by 3 of the best route runners in the NFL? I don't know how true it is that players learn from one another, but I know John Brown's route running got a lot better when he started playing with Beasley. Or maybe Chad Hall is a wizard, I dunno. But Schwartz is exactly the kind of WR i want the Bills to target: later rounds, crazy athletic, pretty raw. I'd take my chances while we have this receiving corps in place. I'd be disappointed if they went for a guy like Dazz Newsome instead.
  9. I very much like Anthony Schwartz as a later round pick.
  10. https://www.ft.com/content/879f2a2b-e366-47ac-b67a-8d1326d40b5e I know it doesn't fit your preferred narrative, but maybe sometimes entertain the idea that you might not know everything. No, I chose age. Are you dyslexic?
  11. Speaking of detaching from reality, the average age of someone who dies from Covid is over 80 years. The average life expectancy is a little over 78 years. This whole thing has been a massive overreaction.
  12. Do the ticket sales not go to the Bills/NFL? I believe this policy decision would fall to the Bills, but could be wrong. Anyway, it being government owned makes it worse, not better.
  13. No, that's not even close to the same thing. The government has no obligation to foreigners, unlike its citizenry.
  14. Countries can reject entry to anyone they want for any reason, and they always could. That's the essence of sovereignty.
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