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  1. Wow so many great starts for so many players as reported by non-biased KC reporters
  2. Hyde's talked about it. He felt the Packers disrespected him. I can't help but think that Rodgers really sounds a lot like LeBron James. He wanted to "recruit" guys and have a say in free agency? That's not your job. If you think your front office is bad at their job, go play somewhere else.
  3. I respectfully disagree. I don't think any player, no matter how talented or tenured, should have any say in personnel decisions. It isn't his job. Also, what if they said "ok Aaron, what's your suggestion?" and then they decide to do something different, do you think Rodgers would be cool with that, or would he spaz out like a 13 year old? I'll even give an example: the loss of Jake Kumerow, whom Rodgers somehow views as a WR2. If Kumerow is Rodgers' idea of an ideal second option after Adams, yeah, don't let him influence anything.
  4. From what I remember, Mitch is one of those QBs that always looks amazing at practice.
  5. Players don't know anything about constructing teams. I am glad that Josh's stance is that it isn't his job and he trusts Beane completely. We need a lot fewer LeBron James and Aaron Rodgers types who think that being skilled at a sport suddenly makes them some kind of supreme front office mind. The vast majority of the time a former great player is put in a GM role, in any sport, he ends up as a complete failure.
  6. Sure, but the trend of inconsistent standards applied to Josh are very interesting.
  7. Latest news on Ertz is that he bleached his hair and he reported to the training camp for the team he plays for. That's a big deal! Watch out for the Iggles, everyone. They are going to do damage in the NFC East. Maybe even finish third. I literally can't find anything else.
  8. Ugh, Goodell is really going for the worst commissioner crown. He really has to juice it up to catch Rob Manfred.
  9. Just wait for the narrative over the first 6 weeks where people exclaim how they simply can't believe that Wilson has never received an MVP vote before the Seahawks' offense falls off a cliff.
  10. Well, that's kinda what I'm worried about. Will unvaccinated guys become convenient fall guys for the NFL even if they follow protocols to a T?
  11. So I'm curious: since the vaccine doesn't prevent infection and just reduces symptoms/makes it harder to contract, and since vaccinated players face fewer restrictions than unvaccinated players, AND since the NFL has stated that if an unvaccinated player causes an outbreak, it will cause his team to forfeit because the league isn't adding an extra week...what happens if a vaccinated player causes an outbreak? Seems like this could be an actual concern.
  12. Didn't Mahomes set a record for lost yardage on a sack last season? Boy, the selective memory is interesting. Who is taking Brady, Wilson or Watson over Allen next year? Did it not matter that Brady threw three interceptions in the second half against GB with the game on the line? I don't care much about the rankings but the thought process is interesting. Lol yup. Maybe this is the "30 yard sack" that guy was thinking of: https://www.si.com/extra-mustard/2020/12/14/chiefs-dolphins-patrick-mahomes-sack-video
  13. I'll believe the impact of OBJ when I see it. Dude can't stay on the field.
  14. Yeah, he's all speed and agility. Not very good technically. Personally, I think Allen Robinson got the most disrespect on that list. Not his fault he plays for Chicago.
  15. No, I think the Bills are top 2-3 and the Browns are probably 10-15, probably closer to 10.
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