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  1. It doesn't matter whether you "see" this team as an elite passing offense. There are many ways to measure this, and all of them say you are completely wrong.
  2. Yeah but only one of those teams acted that way towards the Bills on route to getting there.
  3. I guess that's a tougher situation. If the defender just stopped because of the whistle, I'd rule it an incomplete pass or replay the down. I dunno, I just feel like those are two different situations and the goal should be getting as many calls correct as possible. Or maybe I'm dumb, who knows.
  4. Seems more like an issue with NFL's archaic rules on what can or can't be reviewed than Al Riveron tbh. Bottom line, they got the call correct, so who cares if it was technically reviewable or not?
  5. They got the ball at what, the one or two yard line? Sure, technically it was in the redzone but they were given a tap in.
  6. If there's one thing I've learned the past week, it's that if you mention anything that could come even close to being perceived negatively about the Chiefs on the internet, one of their fans will find it and sort you out. Super touchy fanbase.
  7. I am avoiding seeing anything put out by that doofus like the plague
  8. I get the disdain for Singletary, but Moss was good this year. He averaged over 4 yards per carry and was improving as the year went on. He's a great Gus Edwards-type of back. It sure would be nice to have a guy who can just explode through gaps, though.
  9. He almost threw 4 INTs yesterday. He overthrew a lot. He made bad decisions. He took 3 really bad plays (almost 4 that set the Bills back like 20 yards each. I love Josh, but he was not regular season Allen yesterday. Clearly the moment got to him, and that's ok as long as he can overcome it.
  10. Idk if I'm just telling myself things to feel better, but I honestly feel like Knox made marked improvements throughout the year. Some of the catches he's capable of making are incredible. I think it seems he gets into trouble with easy catches when he has too much time to think, like he's thinking about avoiding hits or how he's going to run after the catch before securing the ball. In the last part of the season, though, he became Allen's go to for dumping off short passes and succeeded in that area.
  11. They went 13-3 with a tough schedule. Not sure how much better you can be. Chiefs are apparently just capable of opening the points faucet any time they want against anybody. It sucks but the Bills were widely considered a top 2-3 team by the end of the year. What more can you do?
  12. Ok, I understand now. Some of you have decided to hate him a long time ago and cling to any justification for that stance.
  13. That's pretty weak. I don't really know how deflategate is on him, he's not an equipment manager. I don't know why he gets lumped in with Belichick's shady schemes.
  14. Why do people hate Brady so much? He's one of the most incredible stories in all of sport. Now, he's going to take an also-ran team to the Superbowl in his first season at age 43. He is incredible. Just feels like some people miss the forest for the trees. What we are watching will almost certainly never happen again.
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