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  1. The amount that the Ravens are getting coddled while the Broncos didn't get any postponement and were forced to play without a QB is frankly disgusting.
  2. Beat the dolphins+2 other wins and we win the division no matter what, right? As for potential matchups give me the browns. They're going to be the worst AFC playoff team imo. I definitely don't want to have to try to win 3 games in 1 season against the dolphins, that almost rarely happens.
  3. Who cares? I'd rather play all of our games at 1pm sunday anyway, national games usually end horribly for us. e.g., all 3 of our losses this season have come when we didn't play at 1pm.
  4. It's time for Disney to put the cable version of ESPN out to pasture and just go online-only or ESPN+ streaming service only. Considering the main ESPN channel is failing I can only imagine how much money ESPN2 and ESPNU lose.
  5. Out of Feliciano, Williams, and Milano I would want them to keep Williams but I feel like he's the one they'll let go. His price tag will just be too high.
  6. Another year, another superbowl halftime show without Metallica...
  7. Nothing says "Buffalo Bills fanbase" like having the very first reply talk about Allen taking a hometown discount. If he keeps this level of play up the whole year and we win a playoff game, pay the man whatever he wants as long as it's less than Mahomes.
  8. As someone who used to watch ESPN all the time, I definitely don't do that anymore. Now I just watch MNF and read the NFL articles on their website.
  9. Jefferson looks great for the Vikings so I would say the trade worked out perfectly for both teams.
  10. I'm going to be living in fear of Murray throwing to Hopkins on bootlegs all week. Hopefully Tre is healthy.
  11. Great writeup as always. I feel like you're selling AJ Klein's performance short though.
  12. Cards game is absolutely huge. Go into the bye 8-2 with time to rest up for the easier part of our schedule.
  13. PFF is owned by Collinsworth who is an admitted Bills hater.
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