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  1. I had never heard of him until a couple of years ago when his cancer made the news. The chefs, Elvis, wing hat guys, etc. are who I think of when I think of our stadium staples. I think his struggle and tragic death are terrible, but like many other people in this thread, I never understood why he got so much attention while there are thousands of other Bills fans going through the same thing. Heck, his cancer fight ended up eclipsing Kelly's as far as media attention, and he's the most famous Bill of all. I'm not saying that Kelly didn't go see him for such a silly reason or anything, but I think the idea that he should be obligated to meet Pancho Billa is bizarre.
  2. Unless the Bills drop 40 on the Giants and they go into full garbage time mode with Daniel Jones coming in and throwing the entire second half, Barkley is going to outgain Singletary. I'm very optimistic about Singletary but Barkley is arguably the best back in the game right now, come on.
  3. Did this thread really need to exist? Something something blue collar something something no respect. To answer the question, Tre White is the best option. If people care about kickers, Hauschka is pretty well known from his Seahawk days.
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