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  1. If I were the dolphins I would keep trading until I own the entire first round in 5 years. Except the Bills, Pats, and Jets picks of course because you don't trade in the division.
  2. They definitely needed more WR talent, but I don't think that was their biggest problem on offense...
  3. Well we can't seem to cover TEs so hope Cam implodes and score 40+ points is the plan.
  4. Fitz represents the best of the sport of football, a guy who's just having fun out there like the ol' Gunslinger did (although he sadly lacks his arm strength). Always glad to see him play another year.
  5. I know people hate the idea of drafting a guard in the 1st but I'd be down letting Mongo walk and picking one at 30, it's late enough. Hopefully Ford comes back strong and he and a rookie can do well together.
  6. The topic title is still confusing, since it makes it seem like there are only 11 teams and that the Bills have the lowest cost of them all. It should say the Bills are the 11th cheapest...which actually isn't that sexy of a topic now that I think about it. I would expect us to be at the very bottom with the Ohio teams.
  7. Amazing depth guy, but I don't want him starting. Both of our guards need upgrades.
  8. This woman has successfully made Bills fans defend Tom Brady, which is a much greater accomplishment than designing the Lombardi trophy in the first place.
  9. Feliciano is a fan favorite, which doubtless weighs heavily on Brandon Beane's mind when he considers how he got absolutely mauled in the AFCCG.
  10. I think Watt is phoney as heck but he's a great competitor and he would be a huge upgrade, git 'er dun OBD.
  11. Singletary is not good, or at least not good enough. But our Oline is utterly incapable of run blocking which means that any potential new RB would also struggle until that gets fixed, so cutting Singletary is pointless since the cap savings are so small.
  12. Rex's defense is complex and very effective...if you have the perfect personnel for it, i.e., two lockdown corners and rangey DEs and OLBs. But if you have that kind of personnel you can be just as effective running a simpler defense.
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